Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the day he left....I didn't want to let go

the day he left.....

Guess you can tell that I'm very proud of Jon Brandon and I love him


The other day when it was time for JB to leave out he called and told me to meet him in town for he had left his cap and wanted me to bring it to him. I only had about 2 miles to go to where I was meeting him. All the way there, Yes, I did do it, I smelled his cap.
You remember when you had your child and the moment the nurses laid that sweet bundle of joy in your arms and you lean down and that child has this sweet aroma? You just lay there and inhale that aroma like you are memorizing it. And as that child grows, they still have their own sweet smell. It doesn't matter if they have just had a bath or been outside and grubby and nasty, that smell their own smell is there. And as that child grows up and into adulthood that aroma is still there.
So see that day I was taken back to the first time I held my child and inhaled that sweet aroma. It brought back memories of when he was growing up and me just holding him to get a whiff of his smell.
It was like I was trying to get all his smell to last me through this next year till he returns. You know what? Sitting here, I can still remember his smell.