Sunday, November 30, 2008

I don't know what the problem is but I can't upload photos. Anyone else having this problem? Can someone enlightlen me on how to fix it? I've got some photos of this past week that I wanted to share with ya'll but blogger wants to be a bugger. The other day, all my family gathered at my Mom's to do our annual Christmas candy, cookies, and such baking. Oh my, some of gals was not your Betty Crocker or Paula We had a good time and really enjoyed the time that we spent with each other. This is going to be hard on my family during the holiday times for we are short one family member. My Aunt that passed away in July always loved our little family gatherings. Thanksgiving day found us again gathered at my Mom's house and we had a lot to be thankful for. As always we ate too much, chattered too loudly, and laughed alot. Then Friday morning found us getting up before the crack of dawn to hit the stores for some shopping. I made a big dent in my shopping, but still have some more to do. I got home at 5:30 that afternoon, feed, then took a bath and hit the sack. Saturday found me at a barrel race. I had a real good run on Dass, ran a 15.6 but was out of the money. I also ran two new horses that day. My neice, Sam, and her dad wanted me to run their horses. So I climbed on and away we went. I rode the gray mare, Sugar, first, nice little mare. Then I climbed on my neice's mare, Bea, talk about a power horse. We came off the first barrel looking good, I got a little confused on how to do the second barrel, so I caught it with my knee,OUCH, then heading to the third I sorta got the feel of the mare and we wrapped the third. Then she blew coming out. I believe I put on a performance for everyone riding that horse. Everytime we came off a barrel I would Not a scared hollar but like a surprise one. My neice had a hoot laughing at me. Glad I could perform for ya, Sam.
I'm going to keep trying to get the pictures downloaded. I just wished I was computer savvy. lol

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'M GOING TO BE....................(gulp) A GRANDMOTHER

Yes, last night Kasey and his girlfriend gave us the news. We are going to be Grandparents. I wasn't really shocked just didn't think it would be Kasey who would be the first one to have a child. As you know, Kasey is my step-son, but my heart knows no difference between him or my own kids. Lamar had two kids when we married, Kasey and Tessa. The love I have for them is the same for my own. Our two families blended into one big loving family. Our kids get along very well, and I have a great relationship with Tessa and Kasey. I was blessed when Lamar, Tessa, and Kasey came into my life. And now, a lil one will be entering into our family with much love on July 28. How is it, I haven't even laid eyes on this lil one, and already I love him/her more than life itself? And the great thing about it, he/she will be living right here in front of me. All I have to do is step out my front door and walk just across the driveway to see my Grandchild. Oh, the fun we are going to have. I couldn't even sleep last night for being excited. And Lamar, let's just say that he is walking around with a smile on his face too. I'm going to be a Grandmother, and I hope I can be the greatest. I want to be the type of Grandmother that I was lucky to have growing up. I want to be the one to teach him/her to ride and enjoy the outside. To be there to love and cuddle with, to listen to them and for them to know that they are very much loved, even before they entered the world. Yes, I'm a little excited , heck, I am going to be a GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From the weekend.............

We had another rodeo this past weekend. Brian and I signed up along with my niece Sam. We were in Houston Saturday night and man, was it freaking cold. Me and Sam warmed our horses up outside for awhile and it was sleeting. Brian was in the first go of bull riding and was leading it for awhile with a 76 then at the second go a guy ending up with a score higher so B got second. I actually left all 3 barrels standing. WOO-HOO. Sam really rode the crap out of her mare and had a faster time than me which was okay, I just love seeing her ride and beating her ole Aunie.


As you all know, a couple of weeks ago, my truck got stolen. Since then, there has been a total of 6 vechiles stolen and all of them have been right here inside the city limits. I know I live in a small town but we do have street lights everywhere, and it is well- lighted. But every freaking vechile was right under street lights. Ok, what is this saying about our city cops? They aren't worth a crap. Only if you are a young gal, with a short skirt, with your lil girls hanging out(your boobies) and rubbing up on the cops is the only way they are going to notice anything and don't think I don't tell them that every chance I get. I bugg the hell out of the cops wondering if they have found a lead on my truck every time I see one of them. And the vechiles that are being stolen are older ones, not the ones with alarms or theft devices. Seems to me, someone has a junk yard and has an order for older parts. Plus, I trully believe it is someone right here in P-town. On top of that, someone is going around a killing other people's livestock. They are shooting the cows to kill not to main or just target shooting but killing and then leaving them where they fall. Over the weekend someone shot a friend of mine stud horse and then shot his cows. Okay, you jerk, just try pulling up in my driveway. Everyone in my house is a dead shot including my soldier boy(excellent snipper) . If you don't think we won't unload on your tail just try it. Makes me wonder what is going on here in P-town. How sick is this crap? To kill livestock. Does this person not know that here in P-town the by-laws still allow hanging? And where is our wonderful protective cops? Again, chasing the lil gals with short skirts. HMMMM.... and this is where my tax money is going. Like the saying goes around here,
Pontotoc, city of sin
2 old ugly women own the cotton gin
Want to get away with something not right
Well......... welcome then.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok, so it's really not that cold, yet. But tonight it is suppose to get cold, I think like 37 and we are going to a rodeo. Yup, I'm back in the saddle or at least today and tonight I will be. Today will find us at a barrel race here in P-town, then we are headen out o Coffeville for a rodeo. Brian and me are both riding tonight.
Last night B and me went to Scruggs to get him a new hat. He found a very nice black one . Got up to the check out counter, the girl rung us up, $150.oo, B looked at me, and asked how much was the over-n-under I bought, I told him $20.o0. He told the girl that he thought the hat was like $120.00 and she told him that was what it rung up to be. On the way home, he called a friend of his to see if the guy could shape it today for him. He was so proud of his new hat. We get home, everyone is wanting to see his new hat. He opened the box, Yup, hat not in there. We just paid $150.00 for a empty box. Let's see.........
Empty Hat Box............$150.00
Look on B's face to see hat not in there.................PRICELESS
So off to Scruggs we go for the second time. The manager was very nice about it, she told B that it was the check out girl's fault for she was suppose to look in every box before it went out the door and she didn't. I understand things happen but what if we had tried to sneak stuff out in that hat box, and she didn't even bother to check. The cost of the box and over-n-under was right at $180.00 the first time, just think how much it would have cost them, if we did tried to put some stuff in the box. After the second trip, everyone was checking to make sure hat was in box before we left the store and parking lot. The hat that he first picked out and the one we was finally able to make it home with cost only $112.00. Yeah, big difference. He found some bull riding chaps there and tried them on. I looked at the price $480.00. I nearly stroked. It seems as the kids get older, their toys cost more and more. He starts to college next fall on a bullriding scholarship, so maybe, just maybe, with fingers and toes crossed, he will have new chaps for school. Anyone want to help with donations....................

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today turned out to be a beautiful day so we decided to buck some bulls. Had about 11 guys to ride and we had a great time until this orney one decided he didn't want to play or shall I say, play well with others. There was no way he was going back in the gate. No amount of coaxing was going to lure this one in. OH, he played tag for awhile trying to tagged the guys to be it but they were a little too fast and quick for him. That just made things worse. He stomped around the pen, pawing the dirt, blowing snot, and stomping his feet but no amount of his little or big trantum was he going to get one of the guys to be it. They tried everything to get him back in the gate but no, he was going to get one of those guys to be it. He just knew it in his heart. HAHA he forgot we had to keys to the 4-wheeler. When that 4-wheeler came in, he pawed and snorted one last time and away he did run.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

WHAT A FUN DAY..........

I went to a roping the other day for this rodeo friend of mine who has cancer. Ok, I know, I chase cans not steers but this was for Scooter and I just had to do it. I haven't roped in like well.... a long time. It was okay getting in the box, then coming out swinging my rope, throwing, that's a different story. Then if you are heading, it's dally off and turn, turn, TURN, you stupid steer. I prefer coming up the alleyway going to my pocket, setting up for the barrel, WHOA, rating the barrel, getting that nose to the barrel, dropping your inside rein, squeezing with that inside leg, kicking with your outside leg with spur, throwing your reins to your horses head, kicking, going to that second barrel, praying it will stand too, going through the motions again, coming off, kicking and whipping, then it's the last barrel, you set her up, making your pocket just a little wider, pushing her past the barrel before you set her up, WHOA, dropping that rein, squeeze, kick like hell on the outside, then you grab that over and under and go to town with that and spurring, continue on until your horse's head is past the timer then it's sitting deep in your saddle and gathering those reins and pulling back with everything you got to stop and pray that no one is in the alleyway for you know she is gonna dart to the left when you come out. Yea, nothing to it ,chasing cans, but roping, HMMM..... too many people hollaring DALLY, TURN IT LAURA, TURN....T U R N........... too much trouble for me. But it was for Scooter, and Scooter and me go way back. I can remember hauling to rodeos with him and my Grandfather and the rest of my family when I was in grade school. Soo.... I done it for Scooter that's my story and I'm sticking to it.........(I prefer can chasing, I promise I do, hey, make sure my rope is in the trailer, ............