Monday, July 30, 2007

this is Aunt Amye, JB, Abbye and his ole Momma. I miss my soldier boy but the days are getting better for me. As soon as my eyes open, I say a prayer for him and all the other military men and women. I just keep reminding myself that there are other Mothers who are feeling the same way. Purty nice looking bunch of rednecks, huh? lol

I have talked so much about Abbye so here she is. She is very precious to me. I thought that when JB found the one , I would be jealous but I'm not. I couldn't have picked anyone any better than her.Don't they make a darling couple.
This is Abbye(verynearfuture daughter in law) JB, Justin( the one who has goat problems lol) and his girlfriend Nikki. They are standing in front of my Dad's ole truck. '65 ford.

Here is JB and his cousin Tyler. Tyler is in the military too. He was home for a few days before he went out over seas. I was so glad that Tyler was here so he could spend some time with JB. Those two are very close.

Here is a picture of JB and little J.D. This was taken the night before JB left. JD thinks JB is something special. JD rode in the mutton busting the other night at the rodeo. Sure wish JB was there to see it.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

If I ever write and say I'm ready for summer again, would you please remind me of the summer of '07? It has been hot and humid plus dry this year. I usually don't do winters but for the first time I am ready for the cooler months. This year I have sweated in places that I didn't know you could sweat. lol Even the pool is hot. Hello, it's a swimming pool not a hot tub. Maybe the pool doen't know. I talked to my son the other day and it will be 3 to 4 weeks before I get to hear from him again. I am doing better. Every time I complain about doing something, I just think of what he is going through and that gets me motivated. I'm carrying the Army flag tonigh in the rodeo and riding in honour of my son. I ran barrels last night in the rodeo, I should have just stayed at home for I hit the second and third barrel. It was like me and my mare wasn't on the same page. Which isn't new for us. Half of the time she is already around the first barrel and I'm still coming through the gate.
My garden is drying up and nearly time to think about planting some fall vegetables. any good suggestions for vegetables to plant here in the south?
I also have to start getting the goats ready again for we have a show this coming Tuesday at Pittsboro.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It has been hot and humid here. The weather channel is saying we should have a cool front to move in later on this week. I sure hope so for the rodeo is this weekend and it always end up being hot hot hot during that time. We worked the goats for alittle while yesterday but just manily giving them some days off. goats can get stressed out real easily so we are just trying to let them regroup. I still have 3 more goats to clipped and trim before next Tuesday. We have a show in Pittsboro that day. Last Saturday we had 70 goats in the show. That was more than last year, we only had 27 then. Goats are becoming a big thing now days. It use to be that goats was only used for cleaning up brush and such. Now, here they are making the show ring and costing just as much for a cow if not more. All my goats are raised here in MS. I know that some people go out of state and buy their herd but I try to raise mine my own. No, their traits aren't as good as those coming out of state. I know that if I stay with it long enough, I will get the traits of a champion one day. My friend Justin couldn't figure out why his goats kept getting sick come to find out , they are in a pasture with ducks and geese and that is where they are picking up the diseases from. He is going to start feeding them the medicated feed for goats and keep on vaccinating them so maybe we can get the problem solved. They are drinking out of the pond where the ducks and geese swim, poop, and pee at so that is the carrier. He may have to look somewhere else to graze his goats. We will just have to wait and see. I try to worm every 21 days and it is time to worm. For my little ones, I go 3 ccs and my big ones I go 5ccs. It is better to over worm than under worm. I use safeguard for goats with a withdrawl time of 14 days. Whenever you give a goat something make sure you write it down and look to see what the withdrawl time is. This is for your dairy and meat goats. I keep a journal notebook and also have records on my computer. I try to keep it so if this computer fails me again, I have my backup. Also at shows, everything that goes into my goats , I have to show when, where, how much , how come, and so forth. Yup, alot of book keeping just for goats.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yesterday was fulling and exciting. We started our goat show season and we done very well. The two little girls that are showing for the first time this year did real well and enjoyed it. I had 4 goats to go into the ring for showmanship. My neighbors little granddaughter showed one of my goats in the under 8 showmanship, then the two little girls showed, and I had my cousins son to show. They didn't place but they all recieved a trophy so that was good. Nicole and Amber(two girls showing for us) was in the Light Weight 1 class together, they placed 3rd and 7th. David had one goat to go in the Light Weight 2 and placed 11, then he came back in the Middle Weight 1 and placed 4th. My neice was in the Light Weight 1 with her goat and won that class. I got home about 4 and had a few minutes to put things up, feed , milk , and load right back up to go to the open horse show. I ran in the barrel class and had some stiff competion and ended up in 3rd place, then I came back and ran in poles but my mare was cutting in on the pole, I believe she couldn't see that last pole. I had Chris to get on her and she done the same thing with him. He finally made her do the poles. We figured out they had the pole set too far apart. There was alot of horses cutting in on poles. It was like they just didn't see that last pole. We got home about 1:30 this morning and I didn't get up until 12. Whew, I haven't sleep that long in a LONG time. Today will find me cleaning house and doing things here that shouldv'e have been done yesterday. We haven't heard from JB , but I hope we will some time this week. I sure miss my little solider boy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tomorow starts our show season. I have 7 goats that I had planned on entering the ring. It looks like there will only be 4. I got 3 goats clipped and trimmed was fixing to start on the the 4 th goat when the heavens opened up. There won't be time in the morning to finish up clipping so I believe we will only take 4. I know I can clipp and trim one before the show starts. Then all we will have to do is wash and then get ready for the show. I have 2 little girls that will show in the under 8 showmanship. Then David, Nicole, and Alisha will enter in the weight class. Emily will not be showing tomorrow for she is at soccer camp and won't be home until next week. Right now, it looks like it will all be nannies that enter tomorrow. I know, I should have started earlier but my world has been turned upside down. I could have gotten through today but the rain has put a hold on it right now. I was inside the barn when it started raining but when the lightening started I got my little tail in the house. It thunders and I'm looking for a hole to crawl into. I'm terrified of storms. I will have a busy week , tonight I am going to watch two of my cousins compete in the Miss Rodeo pageant, tomorrow, the goat show, followed by the open horse show which I will compete in, tuesday, I will go and watch my cousin compete in the Miss Fairest of the Fair, Thursday, will bring the youth rodeo, where I have to be to watch my little cuz ride in the mutton busting, Friday night is the rodeo where they will crown the queens of the rodeo and then Saturday night, I will compete in the rodeo on barrels. This will be my last rodeo until Jon Brandon comes home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I thought I had my day and evening all planned out right up to the last minute before I went to bed. HA, that was a good laugh. I didn't get a darn thing done. My plans were to work the goats, start clipping and trimming, ride Dass, go and help the two little girls that are showing for me this year, clean house, wash clothes, feed, milk, cook supper, take a bath then go to bed. Now, here is what I did get done, watch it rain, dusted the living room, put clothes in washer but didn't turn it on, watch it rain, talked on the phone, watched it rain, go with Justin and Nikki and vaccinate two of their little goats that were born last week and they had another set of twins born today, came back home, feed the goats, had Nikki milking Lady , then I milked Ginger, sent them home with some fresh milk, sat outside listened to the crickets and frogs, came in and thinking now is the time for me to go to bed.
I had a lady to reach out to me yesterday. She knew exactly what I was going through with Jon Brandon leaving for her son left the same day and on his 20th birthday. I have gained a new friend now and someone who I can tell how I feel and know that she knows exactly how I feel.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Have had a busy weekend. With Jon Brandon having a going away party Friday night, to putting up vegetables , going to church and having another party last night for him.

When he came today to say good bye, I knew that my little boy would be gone and in his place would be a man. It's hard watching your kids grow up. Watching them do things that you feel like is not the best choice for them. Yes, I'm talking about the military. I think it's just manily because I am selfish when it comes to my kids. I have to stop and remind myself that I'm not the first mother to watch their child go off to the military and I won't be the last. It takes a special person to do the honour of protecting our country and a special family to let that child go off and do it.

So, to the parents, whose place I'm in now, God bless you!!!! To the service men and women, Thank you and God Bless you!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This the mantle peice that my Mom made for me at Christmas. I have kept up all year. I thought it was too nice and pretty to put away for another year. My Mom makes such nice stitches. I wish mine looked as good as hers. I believe she called it the 'star of bethleham'. I may be wrong on that , but I think that is what she called it. We had a little going away party last night for Jon Brandon and his friends. It was good to see all the kids that he grew up with. Tomorrow night is when the family and some more friends come and wish him off. I have had a bad day today. I cry then I cry some more. It's hard letting your

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This week has been one heck of a week. My friend Justin had me to come and check out one of his goats. He didn't know what was wrong with her, after I went and looked at her, I told him it looked like she had coccidios. Wasn't for sure but she sure did have the signs. I told him that he need to get a sulfur drug and give her a shot. He called the vet and the vet told him the same thing and gave Justin some medicine for her. Yesterday when he called he said the doe was doing better. I told him the best thing to do was get her well and sell her and TO QUIT BUYING GOATS FROM THE SALEBARN!!!!!!! He also had two little one born yesterday and said they were doing great. I will go over there in about a week and vaccinate them with the cd&t vaccine. I also will vaccinate all my goats with the cd&t this weekend. If there is anything I hate doing , it's giving shots to the little ones. I also have to trim hoofs and clip for the show season starts next Saturday. Gosh, how time flies even when your not having
Spent a little time with Jon Brandon today. He has to be in Memphis Monday by 1. I told him I would go with him but he told me not to that Abbie Gail was going to take him. I don't know if he doesn't want me there or if he thinks it would be harder on all of us if I was. I'm going!!!! It's going to hard regardless and if he gets mad, well, it won't be the first time he has been mad at his ma and he can just get over it. All the family is going to get together Sunday and have some fellowship with him. Now that is what you would call a full house. Does anyone know how BIG my family is?
I hope each and everyone of you will have a great day and at the end of the day it will find you filled with precious memories and contentment

Monday, July 9, 2007

Yesterday, we went back to the waterway for the kids to play. This is Emily riding the kneeboard. She rode nearly the length one way. After a few spills and rolls she finally decided she was ready to get into the boat. She has really come along way this year riding. I still haven't learned how to master getting up on my knees on that thing. I think one reason is for my knees ain't what they use to be. I believe I can thank barrel racing for alot of my problems. Hitting those barrels really tears up a knee. We had a wonderful time and the kids and adults enjoyed their day out on the water. I was asked about how I do my squash. I just rinse it off real good. Then slice it , lay them down in the bag so the bag will lay flat and just stick in the freezer. I don't blanche this for the slices are to be fried later on. I have also cut up the squash with onions cover with water and put onto boil for about 5 minutes then put into bags so later on I can have stewed squash. When I take the stewed squash out I put in on the stove let it cook down then add butter, salt and pepper.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Uncle and Aunt came last night and brought me some squash so today has found me canning squash pickles.Here is the recipe. Very easy.
8 cups of sliced squash
2cups diced onions
2cups diced bell peppers
1 40z jar pimentos
4 cups of vinegar
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup salt
2 TB mustard seed and celery seed
Put the squash, onions, bell pepper, pimentos into a bowl, pour 1/4 cup salt on them and cover with ice water. Let sit for 2 hours, then drain. Put vinegar, sugar, mustard seed and celery seed and let come to boil. Add squash mixture and return to a boil. Let boil for 3 minutes. Then put into hot jars. After I put my into the jars I then turn the jars upside down for atleast 10 minutes after that I return to the upright position. These are good on vegetables or just to eat with crackers.
I also sliced some squash and put into freezer bags for this winter I can have fried squash.

Friday, July 6, 2007

This is the side of the barn/shed. I have been gathering up my Granfather's and Great Uncle old tools and been hanging them on the side. I had a pretty wreath hanging on the door but the wind and goats have manged to undo it. So, I plan on making a new one next week. I just love the old door. The wreath had a bunch of yellow sunflowers on them. My flowers that I had in the tubs also were a victim to the goats. Oh well, maybe next time they will make it.
I went over to Mom's this afternoon for I had two little girls that contacted me about showing so we went and picked two out for them. So now there will only be 4 goats going to the sale in the morning. I made some pepper sauce and canned it and also got a mess of peas out of the garden, just enough for supper. Looks like for supper it will be fresh vegetables, peas,stewed potatos, fried green tomatos, ripe tomatos, cornbread and sweet tea. Just something about the south with fried green tomatos and sweet tea. yum yum
Today was cloudy with a good chance of rain but it looks like we may have missed the rain. We are planning on going back to the waterway tomorrow. Let's hope the rain holds off for that.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

We are home!!! We had a wonderful time playing out on the water and camping yesterday. Lamar and I are well-done. We both kept sunscreen on and still ended up looking like a lobster. We enjoyed the day with Tessa, Brian, and Kasey. We rode with them for awhile in their boat then got into our boat and cruised up and down the waterway. Lamar did try some fishing but wasn't able to get a bite. I sure would have liked to have freshed fried fish for supper but maybe next time. I believe we are going back this weekend. Emily wants to go and I have asked my Uncle and his family to go with us.
I got the new goats home today. I also put my two little ones in with them and seperated their mom. They sure have been doing some calling. After a day or two they will settle down and things will be back the same. I just don't know if I will keep them in the pen they are in now for it has put my milk goats in the back pen and away from where I do my milking. I may move them around tomorrow.
Here is a recipe for Goat Milk Fudge:
2 cups of sugar
2 1/2 squares baking chocolate
1 cup goat milk
1/4 tea salt
1 cup nuts, chopped
1 tea vanilla
1 Tbl goat butter( I used regular butter)
mix the sugar, chocolate, goat milk, and salt in a heavy saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring sonstantly.
Bring to 236 on a candy thermometer, or to soft-ball stage.
Remove from heat, add the nuts, vanilla, and goat butter. Beat until creamy and thick
Pour into a buttered dish and cool. Then cut into squares.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today found me just doing the normal routines here at home. I washed a few loads of clothes and hung them out and I was able to pick a mess of fresh purple hull peas. Lamar got the yard mowed and I guess I needed to run the weedeater but the rocker just kept calling me to come and sit so that is what I did. David ended up going over to his friend's house and shucking corn with them. Lamar and I went to the grocery store and picked up a few things for tomorrow. We are planning on going to the waterway with the boat and tent. We will play out on the water and then come back to our place and camp. I so enjoy going out there. It is very peaceful. We are right there on the water. We went out there and camp not too long ago. I imagine we will ride the waterway in the boat , find a nice spot to stop and he will fish will I bake for a while in the sun. Don't worry, I bought sunscreen. Funny, this will be the first time I can ever remember putting on sunscreen. That little scare I had with my ear got my attention. I use to be the one who layed on the tanning beds and layed out in the sun. I use to think I had to bronze and golden year round. This year, I lily white and the only thing that bothers me now is having to put on a bathing suit. So if you read or hear about the beached whale here in Mississippi don't worry, they have just spotted me.
I hope each and every one of you has a safe and wonderful 4th of July. I have only 11 days left with Jon Brandon before he leaves. When I stop and think about the days that I have left with him I get this awful feeling in the pits of my stomach and my heart breaks.
Until we chat again

As you can see in this picture, we are adding on to the goat pen. This pen will be where the little ones will stay. It will hold the 5 little ones that will go into the show ring this year. Lamar worked all day yesterday on it and finally got it finished. It has a two gates on it, one that goes from one pen to the other and then a gate that goes into the pasture. So, they will be able to roam in the pasture but come evening time they will go back into their pen. You can see my two little ones standing with their mom. They are boer cross. I bred my Nubain doe to a reg. boer billy. They have the traits of the boer and will be breeding stock come next year. I have found out that breeding like that throws out some of the best meat goats that come in the arena. I will show them this year but will not sale at the end of the season for I want to keep them. I believe Shelby will place highly this year. I like the way she is built and stands. She is deep in the body and stands perfectly square on her feet. Like you drew a box for her to stand on. Wheezer is a little on the small size and she may turn out to do fine but Shelby is the one who I'm putting my money on this year. She will also be the goat for showmanship. She holds her head up and stretches out. She is calm and that is one of the traits I look for to enter in showmanship. David doesn't show in showmanship for it makes him nervous but Emily can go into the class and either win or place next to it. Some have that kind of gift and she knows how to work a goat in the ring and how to keep her eyes on the judge at all times. She knows what he is looking for when she enters and she does it. A lot of judges wants to see if you have control of the animal, if you can set it up correctly, be prepared to go left or right at the drop of a hat, just a calm look on your face and that you enjoy it. Sometimes the judge may ask you questions and I just draw up when they are talking to her for you never know what she may tell. lol David does good in the weight class and there isn't alot of pressure in it. So he just shows in the weight classes.

Monday, July 2, 2007

This is 'Lady' who is a toggenburg. I get around 2 quarts a day off her. When I let her out of the pen she goes right to the place where I milk her. She just stands there waiting on me to put her feed out and hook her collar up and she is ready to be milk. When I get through she heads straight to the gate and waits to go back in. She is the boss of the herd. She doesn't like it if you start showing the other ones any attention. She is the hog attention getter. She is very loveable. The only trouble I have with her is she HATES dogs. She will run after them. Why, I don't know. She was first oned by the Amish but a friend of mine bought her and when she kidded this year she lost her baby. That is why I have her and milking her.
Had a barrel race Saturday and ended up winning the adult class. The show was cancelled after the adult for it started raining. Saturday was also our anniversary and we went out and ate and just mainly enjoyed the evening together and talked about the 4 years that we have had together. Some good and some bad but we survived and our love grew stronger.

As you can see my garden is doing pretty good considering what little rain we have had. One end of the garden does grow faster than the other. Which is okay by me, for it allows some time between matureing. I'm having trouble with my new blog. when I go to post it shows for my title and then that's it. Not able to post. Will have more later on.