Sunday, March 23, 2008

What another fullfilling week this has been. The weather here has been beautiful and it is starting to warm up around these parts. WOO-HOO. The kids went back to school after their spring break so that helps being back into our routine. Thursday was my dear loveable hubby's birthday. He turned 50. Wednesday night one of his sisters fixed supper for us, his brother and the other sister for all of them have birthdays in March. That night when we was sleeping, someone decorated hubby's service station with black streamers, black balloons, and a gaint sign telling everyone that he turned 50. Thursday night I took him, Tessa, Kasey, and Brian out to eat to Santa Fa steak house in Tupelo. The other kids either had other plans and JB had to work. Also on hubby's birthday, our great neice was born. Alivia Lane entered the world weighing in at 8 lbs 7 oz was 19 1/4 in long. We all are very thankful to God for this little miracle. Mother and daughter are just doing great. I'm soooooooo ready to get my hands on her. Friday found me and Tessa doing some shopping for Easter. Saturday was an open 4-H horse show here in Pontotoc to help raise money for 4-H. Also that morning Emily ran in our local 5k race and got 3rd place. Was very proud of her. After the race we loaded up and went to the horse show. I ran in barrels and poles. I won the barrel race with a 15.4 . We didn't do that good in poles. haha I think we knocked several down but hey, it was all for fun. We did get $4oo dollars in donations for our local agent to ride a horse around the barrels. Later on Saturday night we grilled porkchops and had baked potatos to go with it. Me and JB's girlfriend colored easter eggs. The Easter bunny has made his stop here this morning with plenty of candy. I was awakened to little chirpping by the ducks that was left and a small little fuzzy white rabbit.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last night found us in Ashland at the rodeo. Brian and me both rode. I was up first in barrel racing which had 16 runners in it. As I was coming up the alley way, I had my mare in her little short lope and right when I got ready to turn her loose a girl rode right in front of me. Talk about letting some words fly, I did. I then had to pull Dass back and get her back in the lope and when I came through the gate, we wasn't really running. I was spurring all the way to the first barrel. I was turning those barrels like a twister in a trailer As we came around the third barrel I pulled a little too hard and we clipped the third barrel coming out of it. I then knew I had to really make up some time for I was getting a 5 second penality. So I grabbed my over-n-under and started slapping and spurring her. I ended up with a time of 15.0 with 5 seconds on that so I had a 20.0 flat. If I hadn't got the third barrel I would have gotten 3rd and some money. Yea, I was like a twister in a trailer park alright. Oh well, she gave me a good run and ran her heart out for me but I was the one to blame for the mistake not her. Brian drew that bull again that he has never been able to ride. He did ride him for a little longer but was bucked off. We both came home last night with no money nor points. I guess you could say that's the way the hat falls at the rodeo. lol The weather this weekend has been beautiful. We had some rain Friday night but other that just sun and warmer temps. Today will find us bucking some bulls here at the house for pratice and some training on the new young mare. I think my other little cowboy is ready to start back for JB said last night that he was going to the next rodeo and he needs to pratice so that's why we are bucking today. Afterwards we are going to grill out and chill. If you are out and about and start smelling those wonderful aromas coming from the grill just pull on up and join in the fun. You are welcome to join us here for a day full of fun and some chowing down . Just make sure you were your boots and high water pants for I know afterwards the stuff is going to get deep here with all the tales that will be

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have been tagged by Karen over at . So here are the rulesRules:In the 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.
1. I have an older sister that passed away when she was a newborn.
2. Before I got married the first time I was the wild child. Thank goodness I changed my ways for I honestly don't think I would be alive today.
3. I don't go to church like I should. I really haven't found a church that I'm comfortable with. I don't like labels, I'm not a baptist, nor a Methodist, nor a Catholic, or any of that, I am a CHRISTIAN.
4. I have a child that is in Special Education.
5. I get sidetracked very easily
6. I have a temper
7. I am a perfect '5'. I wear a size 5 in pants, shirt, shoes, and even my rings are a size 5.
8. I have a very bad potty mouth. Yes, I know shame on me. Those little words just slip out before I can catch them. I do apologize for them when I say them.
Ok, I'm not going to tag any of ya'll but if you want to join in the fun please feel free to do so.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't know about ya'll but I have been loving these past few days. It has been beautiful. Sort of weird tho. Woke up Saturday morning to snow on the ground and then it started warming up. I have been working 10 hours a day and finding the sun still shining when I get home has allowed me time to get some things done in the afternoon. I still don't like doing chores in the morning when it's still dark but soon I know real soon it will be daylight when I start out in the mornings. Now that I have Dass over her little foot problem I am back to rodeoing. I hit the circuit this weekend in Ashland. I will be chasing those cans and Brian will be riding those bulls. OOO LAA LEE LAA I'm loving it!!!! It seems that the whole clan is going to Ashland to cheer Brian and me on.
Things around here are getting done, slowly but surely. I have a huge list of things to do and I'm beginning to mark some of the stuff off and when I lay my head down at night it feels good. Knowing that I am getting things acomplished.
Every year here in my hometown we have a big PCA rodeo and this year it is the last weekend in March. I went yesterday and signed my paperwork to run in it. Just another little thing that I can mark off now. David also go the tack room cleaned, another one to mark off.
I know that I haven't been visiting lately and please forgive me. I do drop by and read everyones post but sometimes time doens't allow me to comment. I just wanted everyone to know I am keeping up with ya'll. Ain't it weird when sometimes I wish for more hours at work and when I get them then I'm wishing for more time at home. HMMMM.... seems I can't make up my

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Talk about a wild weekend. We just had it. Brian was invited to ride in this weekend bull riding called Horns-n-Heros. There was alot of guys there from all around the states, and alot of them rodeo with the PBR and was big name bull riders. It was an honor to be invited to ride. There was a $5,000.00 added money to this event. So....Friday night found us at the rodeo outside with only a covered top with it snowing. One of the boys that went with us broke his hand riding so we left right after he rode to get him home and got home, GUESS WHAT, yup, snow. We woke up Saturday morning with snow on the ground. By 1 that afternoon it had melted. We left out early Saturday afternoon headed back to the rodeo. Brian done good both nights but was bucked off both times. He was upset for not being able to ride but these bulls are the ones that you see on t.v. on the PBR. They were very nasty bulls. Alot of these guys wasn't able to ride them. One of the guys that we rodeo with ended up winning the average and won a new 4-wheeler. Friday night was a concert featuring Crossing Dixon. They are the ones that sing Southern Comfort. I met alot of big name bull riders but they don't hold a candle to my two lil bull riders or so I told

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We actually had some snow the other day. It didn't stick but my gosh, it turned cold. Where did my sun go? Today was nice with the temps up in the 50's but the night has brought on colder temps again. Is spring going to come sooner or not?
Gas prices here also has hit a high. I believe the last time I looked today, regular gas was nearly $3.20 a gallon. I didn't even check and see what fuel was. If the prices keep going up, I'm afraid some of my rodeoing may be cut out. We all have been trying to find ways to cut cost but there is only so far one can go. If gas prices keep going up, I may just have to get the wagon out and start traveling in it. lol Now, won't that be a sight. Sunday we did hook one of the ponies up to my goat wagon and rode around in it. We had a lot of fun playing then Tessa and me harnessed both ponies up and worked them to the ground sled. Even my nephew Toby had a turn at driving them. We also shot some skeets that day. Can't really say who out shot who but everyone had a turn even Emily shooting left handed with a right handed gun. We work hard but we also play hard around here. It doesn't take alot of money for us to have fun. Next week will find the schools out for spring break. Little does my school kids know but they have no break. The stalls needs to be picked, the tack room cleaned and straightend, new goat pens built, the trailer needs to washed out with new shavings put in, new goats need to be tagged and have their shots, the other goats need to de-wormed, hoofs need to be trimmed, porches needed to be washed off, not counting the house needs to be cleaned. So see, my youngest two rather be in school than at home. Wonder Why???!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The past couple of days has been warm and nice then yesterday afternoon the weather took a turn. We had some high winds and alot of rain. There was a chance of some storms but thank goodness it never did reach us. It all stayed south of us. Today the highs is suppose to be in the 40's and the rest of the week cold. We have a big rodeo this weekend where Brian will ride Friday and Saturday night. Friday night there will be a concert after the rodeo with Crossing Dixon. This is a group of guys from around here that recorded the song,'Southern Comfort'. The place where the rodeo is being held is in a low place and with only a covered top and talk about it getting cold in the holler. I have a NBHA show Saturday so, I have asked that I be in the top 15 first runners and then I will head back home to unload and get everything ready for the rodeo Saturday night. There are some days when I pass myself and I can't remember if I'm going or coming. I am also looking at this 3 yr old little mare to purchase. I'm bringing her here in a couple of days and the guy that owns her is going to let me keep her a week and ride her and see if I like her. I know the mare for Brian is the one who broke her and done the ground work all I can say about her is she is FAST!! She has the bloodlines to be an awesome barrel horse but I guess only time will tell. I will start training her on barrels mainly just learning how to rate the barrels and such. I don't like to start really running them until they are 5. That's just me, other people start running them as young as 3. So see, things around here have been busy but are fixing to really pick up. You know, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The other day Emily and I was traveling down interstate 78 and got behing this truck. We couldn't figure out what was tied to the ladder until we got closer and realized it was a monkey. Talk about the monkey doing some dancing. He was fipping and flopping all over the place. We had a good laugh and followed the truck some distance just watching the monkey. Things have been busy around here but it's getting that time of the year when we do stay busy. JB went back to work and is working some long hours. They have people in two different buildings at different places and he said it would be a few months before they have the plant redone and ready for everyone to be back in the same spot. As far as I know they still don't have anyone who started the fire. Rumors were going around that someone had been arrested. According to the news and police no one at this time has been arrested, they have a few leads but that's all.