Thursday, January 31, 2008

I got up yesterday morning and started checking me email like I alwasys do and guess what?! I had no email, it showed that I didn't even have an account. It was reading something about yahoo id. So I had to set up a new email account. I lost alot of things that I had put into folders and I lost everyone's email address. Ain't that some #%&*! We are having some weird weather going on here. The other day we had temps up in the 60's and very strong winds had moved into the area. We had several limbs blown down. Then yesterday the temp never got above 33 and we were under another ice warning. I haven't been outside but the tv hasn't said anything about road conditions or anything so I'm taking it that we might have missed this one. Last night, Kasey, Brian, Lamar, BJ and me got in the hot tub. The temp was reading 102 and it felt very nice. I ended up staying for nearly an hour. My legs were like a rubberband when I got out. It looks like that for tonight it is going to be hot tub nite again. We have a full agenda for the weekend. We have a rodeo this Friday night in Coffeville then Saturday I plan on shampooing carpets, then Sunday, we are having a superbowl party for the kids. I have also been tagged by my friend Barabar over at www. I will do the tag this afternoon.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Brian rode the other night at Holly Springs. He wanted a boys night out so I didn't go. I made him promise that as soon as he rode to call me. And he did. He didn't score that good so that threw him in the last hole but atleast he showed the bull who was the boss. I was a nervous wreck until he called. I kept sending him text messages and calling. When I finally got the call, I honestly thought I was going to be sick, I guess it was all from being nervous.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is the drawing of my tattoo that my wonderful step daughter Tessa drew for me. She is the art teacher at Mrytle School. She is soooooo talented. I told her I wanted a horseshoe with my kids initials in it and this is what she came up with. One thing about it , it is an original. The horseshoe stands for my love for horses and also for my Grandfather, the rose is for the love that I have found, and the kids intitials are in order they way they came into my life. Starting with Jon Brandon, Micheal David, Emily Rea, Tessa Marie, Kasey Ray, and last but not least is Brian Lee. They guy who done my tattoo asked if I gave birth to all of them, I told him not all of them but just don't tell my heart for it doesn't know that. I didn't have any color put in it. It is black and gray. I plan on getting another one when JB leaves for Irag. It will be his military symbol. I was afraid some of the kids would laugh about the tattoo but you know what, they all think it's cool.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I've been tagged by beemoosie over at and by Stephanie over at www.mississippisongbird.blogpspot. I am to list 7 random things about me. Afterwards I'm to tag 7 people. Let's see if I can shock you all again with 7 more things about me.
1. I have a tattoo. I just got it yesterday. It is a horseshoe with a rose in the center and a banner running underneath with my kids initials. It has JB, David, Emily, Tessa, Kasey and Brian's initials in it. (Yes, I was a pansy ass and it hurt, only the outlining the shading didn't hurt.) I will try to post a picture of it soon. Yup, ya'll are going to see it
2. I use to live on a dairy farm where we milked over 300 head of cattle a day. My two boys were raised in the milk palor while I milked.
3. I use to compete in tractor pulls. I had a John Deere 1939 model that I drove.
4. I hand milk two of my dairy goats and we drink the milk.
5. I raise Boer goats, one time I use to raise Sufflock sheep.
6.I won a pageant two years ago. I done it as a dare, I competed in Mrs. Fairest of the Fair here in Pontotoc, got my heels hung up so I kicked them off went across the stage in my evening gown barefooted and ended up winning. Yes, there were other people in my category. I had to drink a couple of beers to calm my nerves but it was fun and really funny for I was the oldest one and beat alot of 20 somethings, that were really beautiful. Think the judges felt sorry for me.
7. I have had my nose broke twice from fighting.
Okay, so I could have went on and on but think I will hang on to those for a later day. Now, I'm suppose to tag 7 people but I am going to ask those of you who do read my blog to tag yourself and let's see 7 random things about yourself. Come, on it's fun. Don't you just love being nosey. I know that I do.


Yesterday turned out to be a cold and wet day. They were saying we were under a ice strom warning so all the schools were letting out early. It started raining about 1 and turning into sleet. By 4 we had,yuck, ICE. Tess, Jon Brandon, David, Brooke, and me went into to Tupelo, thought we had enough time to go before the roads got bad. On our way home there were two wrecks within a half-mile from each other. One of the wrecks wasn't that bad but the second one was. One of the victims of the wreck was killed. The scanner was reporting wrecks left and right. We made it home fine. Abbie, JB's girlfriend was working and it was late when she got off so we was all worried about her driving in but she made it fine and they both ended up staying here for the night. When I got up this morning we still have some ice but not like I thought it would be. Yesterday was one of my sisters birthday, Jennifer, she turned 36. Her and her daughter had district livestock show yesterday. They got through right at dark, so they ended up staying over at our other sister's house for the night. Sam, my niece, done real good showing her dairy cows. WAY TO GO, SAM!!!! Everyone gathered over here last night and we watched movies, well, I ended up falling asleep in the chair.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Woke up this morning thinking that we was going to be iced in. The weather man had reported last night that we were going to have rain turned into ice during the night but when I got up at 5 this morning the temps were reading 41 so we missed that one. We have rain off and on all day. Yesterday some real close friends of ours lost their barn, boat, trailer, hay, feed and all their tack in a fire. It seemed that some neighbors kids were in the barn smoking and set the barn on fire, they did get the horses all out. The two girls who were 13 and 14 were taken into custody. I rode down there and it was all gone. Nothing left. After we got back we started filling up the hot tub. Oh, I didn't tell ya that we got a hot tub. We got one that will sit 8 people. Hey, we have to have a big one with all the kids and such. When I went out outside just now, the temp was reading 87 and it is suppose to be 100. Me and Kasey has done decided we are going in tonight no matter what the temp is. Now we don't know exactly how long we are going to stay in but we are going in. lol So, is everyone gonna watch American Idol tonight.? I believe they are going to be in San Diego tonight. Who knows you just might see someone you know on there. lol Be sure to watch out for our little country farmer boy in the next few weeks. Let's see if he can tickle your fancy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Woke up this morning to a temp of 13. Yup, 13 , now I don't care where you are , that's cold. The animals were calling out wanting their breakfast, so out I went and feed then ran like someone had set my tail on fire back into the house. I cooked breakfast for us all. Kasey, Tessa, and Brian went and bought a movie and we all sat around and watched the movie, Good Luck Chuck. It was a good movie but not for young ones to watch. Had to close my eyes a couple of times. Then we all went to Books-A-Million later on this afternoon. Me, Tessa, Emily, Kelly and Brian ended up going. I told the kids that they had better not do anything to get us kicked out before I get my books. lol Ended up they didn't have exactly what I was looking for. I did find a book but it seemed to me that the picking of books was few. The day turned out to be nice but cold. The weather man is saying that the temps should start warming up later on during the week. Good, I'm ready for it. David took care afternoon feeding for me so I didn't have to worry about that. Since he is out of school tomorrow, he is going to take care of morning feeding for me. I will feel like I'm on vacation!!! Today has ended up being a day of rest and just kicking back. Believe me, the fast track that we stay on, a day like today is welcoming. It was nice just to run around in our pj's and just let the day go at a slow pace. Sometimes all of us just need downtime just to regroup.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is my daughter. Ain't she purty? This a little image of me when I was her age, well, okay, she far more pretty than I was at her age. Plus my hair was like a brillo pad. She is everything I always wanted to be at her age. She is a very smart student, me, I done good just to get passing grades. She has perfect hair, I have kinky hair. She is a very good at sports, me, I tried but wasn't for me. She is popular in school, me, I was just one of the guys and the girls made fun of me and made my school days hell! She can sing, me, when I have had a few drinks, I think I'm the next country singer.NOT!!!! She is very outgoing, me, well, at least I do have that. She is always the life of the party, me, OH YEA. She is everything I wanted to be and everything I want her to be.


Awww, come on and show Mama some love. This was made at Ashland Rodeo. Brian had just got through riding his bull and was leading with his score. As soon as he hit the ground, here comes my little cowboy over to me to let me check him out and make sure he is okay. Plus for Mama to congratulate him. Brian and me have this ritual. He carries one of my Grandfathers buckeye in his pocket. He also comes and gives me a kiss and a hug and I tell him to stay safe and that I love him. Then afterwards he comes over to me. I even do this with JB. JB always carried the buckeye that I tote in his pocket and we do the same thing that me and Brian do. When JB leaves for his duty overseas, I will send my buckeye with him. That way, I know a part of Grandfather will be with him at all times and also my prayers.
It's hard watching someone you love climb on the back of a bull and ride for 8 seconds knowing that he could get seriously injured or such but it's also a joy and pride watching him do that. It's also hard knowing that your days are getting fewer and fewer with you lil solider boy and everyday you try to make memories to hold on to while he is gone. Whether they are climbing on the back of a bull or going into war, they know that Mama is on the sidelines, tears streaming down, praying that her lil boy comes back to her.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Last night watching American Idol they showed a young man driving a tractor and I thought I know that boy. I told the kids(Tessa,Kasey,David, and Brian) that looked just like Drew. David said Drew Popplerietter? And I said yes. Well, the show continued and then they showed some clips from his home and yup, it was Drew. I started yelling,"OH MY GOSH!!!! THAT'S DREW!!!" Drew is from Saltillo, MS. He grew up in 4-H. My kids have showed with him and his family for a long time. Drew has always been singing and trying to get a break in the business. I have a cd that Drew gave me a while back(think it was like 2 years ago) and let me tell ya, that little boy can make this 40 year old's knees go weak when he sings. He has an awesome voice that is a cross between George Strait and Randy Travis. At least that is my opinion. Drew is a very nice southern gentlman. It was weird and exciting to see someone I know personally singing on American Idol. He did make the cut to Hollywood but that's all we know right now. So, if you are a fan and even if your not, try to watch out for this young man. I know that one day, we will turn our radio on and there will be Drew, crooning on the radio. And just think, I knew him before he turned famous.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I got up this morning grab my cup of morning go-go juice(coffee). My mind is still a little fuzzy not completely awake, turned on the t.v. to hear the weather. The weather man is saying we could have a possiblilty of mixed wintery mix starting tonight. I nearly dropped my cup. Why is he saying this? This is the deep south. I live in Mississippi, we aren't suppose to see and experience that sort of thing. Sure, it gets cold but wintery mix, naw, not here. Sure enough, they are saying we have a good chance of seeing some of this starting tonight and tomorrow. Be my luck, we have ice. Now that's talking some bad stuff. We have experienced some ice storms and it's heck when you have animals. So that means tonight I have to put ALL the animals in the barn in case we do have some stuff. Like I don't have enough to do around here. I will have to make sure everything is put in their little room(stalls) and make sure they all have on their blankets. I'm telling ya, I don't know who stole my sun but I'm on a mission to find it.
I recieved a seed book the other day and I have spent my evenings just pouring over the pages and dreaming about getting out in the yard and the garden. I plan on ordering some things but the rest I just get out of my Mom's yard. I usually get my garden seeds from the feed store here in town.
Have any of you been listening to the news about the milk and cheese coming from cloned animals? What are your insights on this? Me, ain't no way, I'm eating or drinking from a cloned animal. I don't approve of this for I believe that is messing with nature and something bad will come from this. Just my thoughts on that but I would love to hear what you have to say on this.

Monday, January 14, 2008

BRRRRR..... it's cold here. Got up this morning and the temps are 26. I know some of you are use to the temps being colder than that but hello, this is the deep south, we aren't. Saturday was a busy day for us. I had a barrel race at Pontotoc which I didn't do worth a crap. We caught the first and second barrel then I left out heading to the rodeo. Brian was in the first round of bull riding. The bull he drew is one he has gotten several times and has not been able to ride him. The bull got about 3 jumps and he came off. Then my sport came up. We went wide on the first barrel , the second was picture perfect and the third was a little wide. I reached down and smacked her with my over and under and I felt her give to her left back leg. So I started pulling her up. We left three barrels standing but she was limping. I don't think it's anything serious for the next morning she was fine. Gonna give her a few days off and see what becomes of it. I know my mare and I honestly think she just stepped wrong and it was alittle sore. Gotta go and get ready for work.
My friend Karen, has had a death in her family. I ask that you all remember her and her family during this time. Her family just lives about 30 minutes from me. Karen, my prayers and thoughts go out to you and yours during this time. I left you an email this morning and my numbers, I'm here if you need me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hard to believe that we are nearly thru our second week in January 2008. Yesterday we saw storms after storms here in our area. The alarms were going off like crazy. I was running around trying to find a hole to crawl into. Mainly here in our county, we had alot of trees down, but some towns next to us wasn't so lucky. A high school was hit real hard. It all brought back memories of 2001 when the tornado hit our town. My parents and both of my sisters lost their homes. Our house was right in the middle of the path. It also took a hit. Just right up the road from us, their was 4 people killed. What normally would have taken me only 10 minutes to reach my family, that night it took me 2 hours to get to them. I didn't know if they were died or alive. That was a nightmare that I pray that I don't re-live again. That tornado that night left a path of more than 20 miles of destruction. I understand what those people in those neighbouring counties are going through. My prayers and thoughts are with each and every one of the victims of this storm.
Tomorrow I have a barrel race at Pontotoc, then afterwards I head out to Houston(Karen, it's in MS not to run at the rodeo that same night. My neice and me are running against each other again also Brian is riding. Jon Brandon won't be making this one for his unit left out this morning going to some Camp???? for some traning. It sure is quiet and lonesome without him around. I will be wearing one of his shirts and his belt so that way I will have a part of him with me.
The weather hear has turned cold and windy. Where, oh Where has my sun went? If you have borrowed my sun would you please return it kindly. I sure miss my sun and warm temps.


You've put it on the line. Just you and your mare.
Spin around those 3 cans, better than any man.
Then come running home.

Entry fee is paid, it's all on the line
You know you look fine, Gotta get a fast time.

First one is always your best, Just gotta get by the rest.
You're sitting tall, ain't no barrel gonna fall.

The second one is the test, lower those reins
let the mare do the rest.
The scrape at the knee couldn't be heard, as you push
her to the third.
One more to go before you come running home.
You close your eyes 'round that final turn
The mare stays true, She's doing it for you.

A chance to win, riding with the wind.
'Go Girl. Step it up!' you yell
The speed that you cover those final feet,
will tell if you can be beat.

The radar ends the run,
That pattern just got burned!

And from the crowd that's on their feet,
you know you have a time to keep.

And both of you COME RUNNING HOME.

by: Don Dowdle

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have been tagged by Tina over at . So here are the rules: Link the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and / or weird facts about yourself on your blog. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Okay, you asked for it:
1. I am terrified of the dark. I will not go outside without someone else there with me.
2. I can spit farther than most boys and men. Seriously, I have won money doing this. AHHH, a true redneck girl
3. I bite my fingernails. I know a bad habit, and have been trying to stop. Any suggestions?
4. I color my hair. I look like a skunk if I don't
5. I literally live, eat, breath rodeos and barrel racing.
6. I came from an abusive marriage. I was married for a long time in an abusive marriage, was put in the hospital a couple of times before I finally left him.
7. I AM THE TRUE REDNECK WOMAN!!!!! Listen to the song, Redneck Woman, and you will get me. AND I AM VERY PROUD OF IT!!!!!
Okay, now let's see, I tag: MB at 2. Kim at 3. Tracey at 4. Whitney at 5. Ancient one at 6. Janet at 7. Karen at
I have alot of catching up to do. Everyone here has had the stomach flu including yours trully. Gosh, there for awhile I thought all anyone could do was puke and My house has been cleaned and santizied with lysol and clorox. It seems that it is floating around this county for everyone you meet they say that they have been sick with it too. Maybe now it will move on to somewhere else. We had a scarey night here Tuesday night with all the bad weather. It didn't get too rough here but my sister , who lives in the next county about 18 miles from me, it did get rough there. This Mother hen had all her chicks accounted for and had her wings around them during the storm. Some of the towns next to us wasn't so lucky, they had alot of damages. I have been tagged by my good friend Tina so this afternoon I will play along and maybe you will find out some interesting facts about me. lol good thing about catching that viruis, I lost a few pounds.!