Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a quick note for ya'll. I'm still doing the giveway. If no one has guessed what my gift was by the 1st of December. I will put all of those who have left a comment since this has started and draw out the winners name. Now, surely one of you can guess. If you will read the next post and read carefully, like between the lines, you might get what I got. Another hint for ya'll. You gotta have one of these if you rodeo or show goats or train horses. Come on now, put those thinking caps on.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What the hell is this.......

I have this problem and it costing me money. I don't know how to cure this problem. I don't really know exactly what causes it either. This problem started,well, probably before I was even born. My Mom had the problem, several in her family had it, my Grandfather had, and there at one time one of my kids had it. Heck, Mom has several off springs that has this problem. I don't know if it is the smell of manure or exactly what causes it. There is just something about this that causes my hands to itch, my heart to race, my legs to quiver, and my mind goes way out there. There is just something about getting loaded up(hint,hint for those of you who are trying to guess what I got) and hitting the road. It's the smell of the popcorn that is popping, the smell of the dirt, the smell of leather, the feel of saddling your horse, it's the way your heart pumps at the start of the Grand Entry, listening to the National Anthem being sung, it's those damn ole cowboys in those tight fitting wranglers( lord, those wrangler butts just drive me nutts). It's watching your favorite ropers trying to rope that steer in a time under 7 seconds, its warming your horse up and waiting at the gate for your name to be called and hearing the crowd roar for their favorite cowboy and cowgirl. It's gathering around with your sisters on horses and praying and hollering for them when they go through the gate. It's the feel of your own heart beating, thinking just anytime it's going to bust out of your chest, it's socking your ole hat down over your ears and tighten up the stampede string so you don't loose your hat, it's feeling your horse's heart beating just like yours. You can actually feel your horse getting ready to go in and performing in front of hundreds of people. It's hearing your name call and you grab the reins and holler to your horse,"Let's show 'em how to do it". It's heading toward that first barrel , then to the second, reaching down to grab your over-an-under(whip that hooks on your horn) and smacking till you get to the third barrel, when you round that third one, you are looking for the gate and then you are riding like you stole it. Whipping, spurring, and hollering for your horse to carry you out. It's looking back and seeing all three barrels still standing. Hearing the crowd whoop and holler for you had a great time. It's then going out, cooling your horse down, loosening the girth and giving her a treat and a little tender loving care. It's going back in and seeing your family and friends who have come out to support you . It's looking at kids and adults who look at you thinking, "Man, I sure wish I could do that" or maybe," When I grow up, I'm going to do that." It's going behind the bucking shoots and watching your little bull rider getting ready. He is over there putting on the chaps, taping up his pants leg and tightings the straps on his spurs. It's the smell of fear and enjoyment. It's watching your love one climb over into the shoot with a 2000lb bull that is ready to kill. It's the pounding of your heart and the tears that you shed watching and praying that he will have a safe and good ride. It's hollering till you loose your voice when the shoots open and your rider comes out a bucking, and a spinning. Sometimes he will ride till the horn and sometimes it is just to much for him. Just as long as he can get up and walk out. So you see, I do have a problem and it started long before I came into this world. What's my problem you ask, why IT'S THAT DAMN OLE RODEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived 'Black Friday' . We had a very good time and fellowship over at my parents. It was such a blessing to have all the kids there sharing this day with us. JB and Abbye left early in the afternoon to go and eat with her Mom. I guess I'm just going have to get use to him having another 'family' to share holidays with. No, I don't mind. Abbye's Mom has had some health issues earlier this year and I know that we are thankful that things turned out so good for her and God took care of her and with the help of God and doctors that her health has returned. I did get up Friday morning and along with some of my family members we hit Wal-Mart at 4:30 that morning. I did get what I went for and everyone else got what was on their list too. I came back home but the rest of them went on to Tupelo shopping. I ended up cleaning house then after Boo got off work, him, me, Emily, Tessa, and Brian ate supper with Kasey and his roommate Christopher. They had 'drunk' chicken with Tessa making garlic mashed potatos, mac-n-cheese, rice and garlic bread. It was very good and I enjoyed the time we spent with them. As we all know, it is really nice not having to cook or clean up. Well, I did help clean up the kitchen . It has turned cold here and I find myself wishing for summer. The winter makes one think twice about living on a farm. With having to deal with muck, mud, water troughs freezing, putting on several layers of clothes that takes 30 minutes to put on just for about 15 minutes of feeding time, yes, one thinks about farm life. You all know that I wouldn't take nothing for it even if I have to deal with a little cold weather every once in awhile. This morning, Emily has gone hunting with the boys. Yikes, what have I done sending my child, the BABY, into the woods. I would really love to see her bag one for the child loves vension meat and for a long time now she has been wanting to bag her own. I do know the girl can shoot, she uses a right handed gun but shoots left handed. I call her 'dead-eye Em'. I have alot to do today, I plan of making some more gifts and making glass candy. Plus, I have a lot of washing to do. Oh, I do have pictures but have not took the film to be developed yet, I hope I do get a new camera for Christmas. I did get my Christmas present the other night. It is something I have wanted for nearly 4 years and it is something I needed!!!! It is something that Tracey over at http://www. capentercreek.com has been wanting for awhile too. Think I will turn this into a little giveway, here is the thing, the first person who guesses will recieve these goodies: a handmade tea towel, a handmade ornament, some glass candy, some goat milk soap, another hamdmade ornament and a pair of handmade earrings. Anyone interested?

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I can't help but ask myself " where is my little boy?". JB isn't the same now. He has went and grown up on me. Where has my cowboy gone , the one that would help me pull a joke on someone, the one who was always the life of a party, the one who didn't give a hoot if the sun rose or set, the one who , well, the one who was my friend? He left me. Now in his place , I am left with a grown man, who has accepted responsibilty, who no longers care to ride those bulls , one who no longers to care for child-like pranks, one who is preparing for a future with his lovely little red-head, (who by the way, I love) one who thinks he may be Uncle Sam's now but will always be me little jar of jam, one who is very serious about everything!!! One who actually can't stand clutter, wants everything put up in its place, and now no longer is it Mama but Mother. This man has invaded my son's body. He has the same look but his voice, well, it is of a more mature young man. I find myself looking into his eyes trying to catch a glimpse of my little boy. Why do kids have to grow up.? Does this mean that I even have to grow up too? Naw, thing I will stay just like I am. Heck, it took me 40 years to get this far and I'm not about to leave this train, I'm going to ride it out. I'm proud of what and who JB has become, very proud!!!!! I'm proud of all my kids don't get me wrong. It's just hard watching your little chicks grow up.

Friday, November 16, 2007

HE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the longest day of my life.lol Jb called at 11 and told us what is flight was. He would be in Tupelo at 10 pm. We was able to get the banner put up outside and hang the balloons, get our posters ready to take with us and then at 6pm it seemed like time hung still. The only ones that went to the airport was me, Boo, my sister Teisha, Abbye, and Mom. One of the family's good friend works at the airport so I called her and told her that JB was comin in on the flight. So, at 9 pm we loaded up and headed out with me leading. Mom was following in her car and guess what, yup, grannie got stopped for speeding. He really clocked me but got Mom instead. My Mom has never drove over 50 and that was on the interstate.lol She didn't get a ticket just a warning. We had a good laugh about that. Jennifer, the one who works at the airport, came and told me to come here and told me she wanted to show me something. So, I went outside and she pointed to this blinking thing in the sky and told me that was JB and he was 15 minutes out. So, I stood outside and watched my child blink in the sky. I watched him come in and land. Where I was standing , the airplane was brought right up to the fence and by then I was crying. Everyone was hollering when he stepped off the plane. Then we turned and ran inside and was ready with our posters and video camera when he came through the doors. Everyone there was clapping and they stood back for him to be the first one through. Guess what he did? Yup, he bypassed me for that little red-headed girl. Oh, it's okay, he did come to me next. We got back home at 11 and then I finally made it home at mid-night. I believe I slept better than I ever had in a long time for this Mother hen finally had all her baby chicks at home in her lil nest. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Here we are at one day to go. Still waiting to hear from JB as when his flight leaves and what time he will be arriving. We have our posters ready and video camera ready. Why, oh, why is the waiting hard and nail bitting? I wonder if he feels the same? Yesterday was cloudy but warm, we ended up working Trigger in the round pen. Our plans for today was to ride him but the weather has put an end of that. Woke up this morning with very cloudy skies, the weather too warm and a threat of severe storms. So far, we have only had sprinkles. Last night had a house full, there was Boo, me, David, Tessa, Kasey, Toby(nephew), Kyle and Brian . Everyone but me played a card game of 31. I'm not really into playing cards so, I worked on a few projects. Tessa(step-daughter) is an art teacher and she came over and made cupcakes for her students. Okay, I only ate two of them. Plus, licked the bowl some. Just don't tell her , ok? The family is planning a huge trail ride this weekend. I hope that JB is up for some good ole redneck fun. I'm thinking about just riding in the wagon with my Dad. You can have more fun in the wagon, listen to the radio, yes, Tracey, we have a radio with a cd player in the wagon, watch everyone else cowboy up and just sit back and enjoy the view. But then again, if you are riding, you can jump ditches, race between power lines, watch everyone else cowboy up and you can even experience the thrill of having to cowboy up. When one horse acts up, usually, the other horses will too. After the ride , we will come back to Mother's house and cook out. Then just sit outside and talk about the things that cowboys and cowgirls talk. Oh, you know, the kind of stuff like, "well, I remember this ole mare I had, boy, now that was some mare, etc..." It's funny listening to their stories. There will be some pranks pulled and alot of laughing but mainly, just being together. So, if you around this part of the country and want to part take of some good ole redneck fun, just look us up. If you get lost in this little one horse town, don't worry, everyone is kin to everyone and they will direct to where you need to go. Just go down to Dot Kidd's ole store and hang a left, then go up to Ms. Brown's ole place and take a right, then go about 4 miles, look for the huge oak tree on the side and turn left.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So now we are down to 2 days till JB comes home. We have his banner ready and the food is being prepared. We still don't know exactly what time his plane comes into Memphis. JB said it would probably be Thursday morning before he would know what time his plane leaves. Me, my dad and Abbye will pick him up at the airport.
As I was going through my friends' blog this morning, I went to visit my friend MB at her place and read where Dave has passed away. I would like to ask all of you to please drop by a leave her a little note. www.day4plus.blogspot.com
Yesterday found me, David, and Kyle moving the ponies around. David and Kyle then saddled up and rode for awhile. Me, I ended up doing some housework. I plan on riding today. I am also working of projects and last night, I did get one of my paper-mache bowls made. I will paint it today now that it has dried.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Just 4 more days and JB comes home. I'm looking forwarded to seeing him and spending time with him plus getting to know the man that he has become. It's sad for I know now that my little boy is gone and a man has taken his place. I know that he has been sick and had to take several bags of iv but is better. WHEW. It broke my heart when I heard that he went through that and I couldn't be there with him. I believe he had severe cold and swollen throat. Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sunny was shinning and even though it was a little breezy still very beautiful. We had a barrel race and I ended with 5th in the 2d class. Which was something for us for that meant we had picked up time and moved up a class. Sam, my neice, rode my mare in the youth and also ran her in poles. She done real good. She informed me that I lost my ride. She was taken over. I told her that she could run her anytime that she wanted just dont beat my time on her. This morning we have overcast skies and a nip in the air. Just one of them days to stay in the house and catch up on housework and washing. Maybe I'll have time to work on some of my projects that I need to get done for as we all know Christmas is just right around the corner. Personally, I think some of the spirit has gone from Christmas. It seems that it is all about the presents that ones gives or recieves. Everyone is talking about how much they are going to spend and what kind of big gift they are getting or buying. Why do people dwell on materalistic things? Why have we gotten to where we think that we have to go broke buying? Are we just trying to show off to other people? It seems that we live in a time of I want, and I get, no matter if the bills don't get paid or anything. Why do we let the tv and magazines influence our lives? So what if we don't have a flat screen tv? Or the latest new ipod?

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Homemakers Open House went well. I sold out of my soap and my cakes in jars, which, we call 'cow patties'. The open house was suppose to be opened from 8 till 5 but at 3 everyone started packing up. I believe that they would have a much larger crowd if they would have it on a Saturday morning instead of middle of the week. Who has any money come Wednesday? The working people doesn't get paid till Friday and then they do their shopping on Friday afternoon or Saturday mornings. Last night found me at the ag center riding and getting ready for the barrel race this Saturday. I carried Dass and the new paint, Molly. I honestly believe that Molly is going to be okay. I had David riding her and just walking and trotting her around the barrels. I will not run a horse on barrels until they are at least 5. She acted like she knew what a barrel was. The only problem I see is she has no get-up a go. I'm going have to really spur her to get some speed from her. Then again, I know that speed will come oneday. My neice and her dad came up there and rode with me. She,Sam, has a new horse and wanted to try him out before the race. He is beautiful, spunky but beautiful. Sam ended up running her Aunie's mare, Dass. Then the little snot came over to me, and looked up at me with those big eyes, yup, she has me, and said "Aunie, would you let me run Dass in youth? Please, I promise I won't get hurt, and I promise, pinky promise, I'M GOING TO HAVE A FASTER TIME THAN YOU!!" I can not understand where she gets all this sass from. Okay, she is part of her Aunie. I honestly believe the child demon should have been mine. I ended up running her dad's mare. OH MY GOSH!!! What a power house. I am not kidding, coming off the barrels, I was either riding between her ears or sitting on her rump. I had goose bumps before the ride was through. I was shaking and couldn't even talk not that I was scared but just to have something that powerful underneath me was world shaking. I told Chris( Sam's Dad) that I couldn't stay in the saddle, I must not have enough lead in my tail. I'm going to work on riding the power house and run her at the next rodeo with Sam riding her new horse. We did Tessa on the horse, not to run barrels , but just to walk around the arena. So, Tessa, What about them Cowgirls? (Tessa is my step-daughter) I have alot of things on my agenda to do for the day and sitting here is not going to get them done. Just 6 more days and our soldier boy comes home. Just 6 more days................................

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

9 MORE DAYS........

Just 9 more days till JB comes home. YIIPPEE!!!!!!!! The last word that we got from him was that he would be in the field for several days and wouldn't be able to write or call but would be back at base Nov 13 and then fly home on Nov 15. We will have our Thanksgiving a few days early for I plan on fixing a fest that day. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. JB coming home, JB getting engaged, and this will be the first one in a long time that all the kids have been together. I have been busy trying to get my things done for the home makers open house which is Wednesday. I have made alot of cinnamon ornaments , rag rugs, soap and salt dough ornaments that I have painted. Here is the recipe for salt dough ornaments:
2 cups of all- purpose flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water
Mix together, roll out onto a flour board , use your favorie cookie cutters, then put onto a cookie sheet and bake at 325 for about 20 to 30 minutes until hard. Let cool, then paint. I also spray my finished ornament with varnish. Oh, make sure you make a hole in the ornament with a straw before baking. I would love some raw milk recipie for soap. The one that I'm using , I have to heat my milk before I make soap. Would love for you to share your thoughts and recipe with me. Also would love to hear on things that you make for Christmas.
I'm also making mini-cakes in canning jars. This is where you mix up your cakes, pour into jars , bake, then when taken out of oven, place lids and rings and they seal up. Good and moist for 1 year. Yes, when you break the seal they slide out of jars. I won't tell you what the boys call them.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last Saturday was our last pony pulling until March. I drove the team on the first hook then after the boys hollered at me, I told them to drive them. Oh, they weren't trying to upset me or anything, they just were hollering to embarrass me. We went out on 400%. Which is good. Our team's weight is right where it needs to be, one weighing in a 226 and the other at 227. So, add that together and then multiply that by 400% and that is the weight that we went out on. The winning percent was 425. We hung in there and I was proud of the boys and the ponies. After the pony pulling, the kids had a costume party here at the house. Had a good time and had some real good laughs. The week has found me riding on the days that I could then, in the house trying to catch up on house work and making things to take to our Homemaker's Open House. This is where you make handcarfted things and then sell them. We do this once a year. Me and one of my sisters are setting up a table. I will offer my soap, rag rugs, pillows, and salt dough ornaments. I also made a few cinnamon ornaments from the recipe that I got from a friend of mine's blog. Thanks, Patty. www.morningramble.com Yesterday David went to the annual ST.Jude Trail ride and rode the 3 year old paint. Said that she done real good on the ride. Emily had to be in Jackson for the state competition in cross country. Here she is only in the 8th grade and she knocked a high schooler out and was able to run with the big girls. She called me last night and told me that they won the meet. I'm so proud of her. The only place I run to is from the couch to the kitchen, and then to bed. I know, I'm out of shape and I really need to do some kind of excerise. 11 more days till JB comes home.