Friday, August 31, 2007


My dad woke us up this morning for he was coming to get the ponies and take them to be shod. He told me something was wrong with the grey one. Said he was down. We ran out and got him up and started walking him. Called Nathan and Kyle told them to get here quick for I had one trying to colic. Then called Randy(vet) he meet me at his office and gave me some medication to give him and said he would be on as soon as possible(he had an emergency at office). Randy then showed up and pumped his stomach, gave him some more medication and told me that we wasn't out of the woods yet. Everyone left, I then went around the house and something told me to check on him and he was down again. I got him up and called Randy again. This went on for a couple of hours till we made the decision to put him down for he was suffering and nothing else could be done. When Randy got back from his truck, he said that it was too late for the little one had passed. There has been alot of crying done around here, I buried him under the trees by the barn. It seemed that his gut got twisted and nothing else could have been done. I cut off his tail and put it up. When we got him laid out in the hole , I crawled down there with him, cryed some tears, rubbed him for the last time, and gave him a kiss and told him what a good pony he was. Yes, there still are tears flowing here at the house not just by me but everyone around. It is hard to loose a beloved pet, but that is one of the chances one takes when dealing with animals. It doesn't make it any easier but you know there is a chance of one dying whenever you bring an animal home. So, Goodbye Jose, you were well loved and will be missed. Run your little heart out over on the greeniest pasture you have ever seen and one day, we will meet again.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today is my neice's birthday. She turned 12. Her name is Samantha but I call her Sam. We are very close. This is the rugrat that outran me at the rodeo. Tracey, she is the one who was screa
ming the whole time she was running barrels.So, Sam, this is for you........
I remember the night 12 years ago when Aunt Tea called and told me to get to the hospital. I arrived around 10 that night. I wanted so bad to go into the room and see your Mom but the nurses wouldn't let me. You see, your Mom was very sick and they wanted to keep your Mom quiet and for her to rest as much as possible. So, I had to sit out in the lobby with everybody else and that didn't fair too well with me. As the hours past, I paced, somebody needed to tell me what was going on. It wasn't until early that next morning, when they came out and said that your Mom was pushing. Away down the hall I ran. Guess what, they still wouldn't let me in. That was alright for I got down on my stomach and looked up under the door. Yup, there was a huge crack between the door and the floor. I couldn't see very much but the doctor's and nurses feet. I honestly believe every time your Mom pushed, so did I. I didn't see you come into this world but I heard you. You had my heart strings right then. How could this screaming infant who I haven't laid eyes on, take my heart? When I was finally able to enter the room, I ran to you. I then whispered some sweet love and promises in your little ear. And even sung happy birthday to you. When I look at you, not only are you a part of your Mom and Dad but a part of me. As I have watched you grow up to the beautiful young lady you are, my heart just busts with pride. As I watch you ride and compete with me at rodeo's and barrel races, honey, you do my heart good. As you mouth off to your ole Aunie about needing her to ride her ride, you bust my pocket book but that is okay for your ole Aunie will gladly give it you. So Sam, just remeber that nothing is too big for you to do (you did out run me) , nothing to big that you can't come to your Aunie, nothing is ever out of your reach. So go for it!!!! Just remember you will always be Aunie's pride and joy and I love you very much, rugrat


I know, you all have done seen the picture but I miss my little cowboy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TO MY FRIENDS.........

Tonight as I went and read through my friends blogs. I couldn't help but think how much richer and blessed my life as gotten just since the first of the year. I have meet someone wonderful people and though we have never meet face to face, I honestly feel like I know them like an 'old shoe'. Someone who you are comfortable with, can tell them anything that is laid on your heart, someone you can cry to when the times are bad. And know deep down in your heart, when they tell you they are praying, believe me, they are. I can name off several who have requested prayer for themselves, for a child, a grandchild, a husband, or child, or for the unborn grandchild, and these women are the very ones who in my opinion, are true prayer warriors. I know I couldn't have made it this far without each and every one of their prayers. So... this is for my friends whom I have a special place in my heart for . Thanks for being you, thanks for each and every prayer you sent up for me and my family, thanks for being the inspiration in my life , thanks for allowing me to rant and vent my fustrations, thanks for well,,,, for being my friend!!!! I know that because of you, I am a better person and richer than life itself.


Okay, this is one of the new horses here on the farm. This is Molly, she is 3 and is a paint. Right now, she is a good trail horse but later on we are going to see if she has what it takes to chase cans. She is about 14,5 hands tall. And very loveable. She just looks at you with those huge eyes come feeding time and you can't help but love on Warning!!!!!! Just don't walk up behind her. We are going have to tie an orange ribbon around her tail when we go somewhere to warn others not to walk up behind her. I still haven't figured out why she does that. Any ideas? You can go under her, in front of her just not behind her.


I have an offical date of when Family Weekend is at Fort Knox. It's September 27, 28, and 29. I'm already packing. I can't wait to see JB. I will leave out on Thursday night so I can be there at the base on Friday at 10 am. He can leave the base at the time Friday and return Sunday by 4 pm. It's been two months and my arms are aching. I know, he is not a baby anymore but wait, it doesn't matter how old or how big they get, they will always be Moma's baby. After that weekend, I will go back in November to see graduation then we will find out where he will go after that. All I can say, is be on the look out for a bronze color Malbu with a MS tag that reads,'2lmz' for I'm hello bound to see my son.I'm not stopping until I reach the gates on Wilson RD. Now, don't you know that those Sargeants are going to think something when this southern redneck woman comes tramping in with her overalls, boots , apron , and hat. lol
We got a little shower this afternoon and all it did was make the temps go up higher. Now do you see why I don't bother brushing my hair. I have natural curly hair and with the humidty it screws to my head. If I was to try and brush it I couldn't get through the door. I do straighten it sometimes but it takes me over an hour. I have very thick hair. Anyway,,,,,,,, I got a new baby goat. My friend Justin called and asked to me take this baby and raise it for him. The Mother's bag dried up and the little fellower isn't big enough to survive without milk. I have named her 'Jeri Curl'. She is black and tan with curly curly hair. She is adorable.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have you heard......

Has anyone of you been listening to the news? I heard today on the radio, the t.v., and in the newspaper that Mississippi led with the most adults being obesity. It said that MS had over 30% of adults that were overweight. Nearly every southern state was listed right up there with the top. Said one of the reasons were because we didn't exercise like other states did. Oh, one reporter stated that we (MS) needed to lay off the gravey and find a gym. Said that we loved our gravey, fried chicken, fried fries, and everything else fried and that was causing our problems. Now, I don't know about the rest of you folks but I'm not eating unless something is fried. I have gotta have my fried foods. It is part of the food pyramid, right? I know that was what my Grammie always said, and my Grammie wouldn't tell a storey. Yup, I have to have fried foods, I have to have fried chicken, fried chicken livers, fried pickles, fried mushrooms, fried squash, fried eggs, fried potatos, fried potatos, fried corn fitters, and so on but the most important thing is fried TWINKIE!!!!!!
Look, us southerns aren't lazy, heck, I wish that reporter would follow me around one day and then lets see who wants a gym. Hauling hay is building muscles, milking, building up the hands, and arms, Look, who needs a gym when you live on a farm. As far as our eating and not getting out there an exercising, baloney. Us Southerns know how to cook. Why just look around. We ain't missing too many meals. Hmmmm. appearently someone knows how to cook.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I had a comment left that stated that I was living the dream. Am I living the American dream? What exactly is the American dream? Sometimes I feel like this is a nightmare. Then again, I feel so lucky. This is how my day starts. I get up at 4am. I make coffee, come and sit in my chair in the living room, drink my coffee. I look over my date book and check and see what the day holds. I also read my Bible. Then I go into the kitchen and start breakfast. I may start a load of clothes so I can hang them out before I leave. I grap my pail and it's off to the barn I go. I have 5 horses now that I have to feed. Every one of them gets different feed. So I'm filling up pails pouring in supplements and then feed them. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water and hay. Then it's off to feed the goats. I start with my meat goats. I seperate them and feed them.I return back to the barn and start mixing feed for my dairy goats. I have to tie them up and I feed one at a time while I milk. After that I untie, make sure they have water and hay. It's off for a quick shower. I get dress and brush my teeth. Brushing my hair, naw, I only do that on special events. Then I hang out clothes, make mine and David's lunch. I get David up for school. Grab everything and head out the door somewhere between 6:30 and 6:45. Sometimes I get off early and then again it may 3:30 before I can leave for home. I return home spend a few minutes of the computer, start all over again with the feeding, work the goats, David works the ponies, I try to ride when possible(3 horses) and bring in clothes and sometimes start another load to hang out. I then start supper. Nothing from a box or take out here. All from scratch. On Mondays I clean a business and I have to be there at 5:30 and stay until 7:30. I come home eat, iron, and if time allows I work on some of my projects. I'm in the bed by 10:00pm. The only good thing is sometimes we work and sometimes we are laid off. I guess I call it a good thing, have more time but not enough money. I have to work to help the farm survive. Mostly to pay taxes. I don't get to take a day off from feeding, working the animals or milking or even sometimes from cooking. For animal to stay here, it has to earn it's keep. My family says I feel the same way about them sometimes too. lol So, If that is the American Dream, then I guess I'm living. Anyone want to trade?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

first pull

here is the first pull. as you can see, they sled is loaded with blocks and after everyone has pulled that load then more weight is added. It keeps on going until there is only one team left. Nathan drove and David hooked the double tree. I believe David should've drove for hooking the double tree is the heaviest job. It may not look like alot of weight but considering the weight of the sled and then the weight of the blocks that is a heavy load.

all decked out

here they are with all their bling bling. The harness really stood out on the ponies. It is made from bio-plastic with nylon backing.


You have read recently about me talking about my son getting a pair of pulling ponies. Yesterday was his first pulling. The pulling started at 2 and we finished up around 8:30 last night. My dad went and got one of the amish men to make David's harness. It had all the bling bling on it. Everyone commented on how nice they looked. David and Nathan done real good but got shut out on 350. The team that won, won it on that pull and weight. We was real proud of the ponies. I had to use a disposible camera yesterday so the photos won't be to good but maybe you can tell in the pictures what is going on. We also got a much needed rain. It started raining right when the pulling started and lasted on through the night. We could stand some more rain but was blessed with what little we got. I know that my Dad said that he didn't get any at his house which was only about 4 miles from the place where the pulling took place. There was teams there yesterday from Kentucky and Missouri. There will be another pulling next Saturday here in Pontotoc so we are anxious to see how the ponies fair at that one.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

apple dish

I fixed this for tonight. Don't really know exactly where the recipe came from. I found it in a recipe book that my family put out a few years ago. Hope you like it:
Melt 1 stick of butter or margarine andset aside.
1 1/2 cups flour(I use self rising)
1/2 cups milk( I use goat milk)
1/2 cups crisco
Pat into rectangular shape. Sprinkle cinnamon or apple spice over dough. Chip up 2 cups of apples and spread over dough. Roll up like jelly roll and slice. Place in buttered pan.
Take 2 cups water and 1 1/2 cups sugar and let come to a good boil. Pour over dough rolls and bake 35 minutes or until done and golden brown. ( I set my oven at 350)

I do know that this recipe was one of my great Aunts recipe that she always fixed. My family really likes it and one year it won at the church we use to attend in their cookoff.
This morning at 5:30 the temp was already at 79 degrees. Yup, another hot one. I wonder if my secret is going to be telling secrets today. The heat index is going to reach over 110. Whew, and no relief in sight. I was hoping that with the hurricanes that we would get some rain and cooler temps but no, they went the other way. No rain, and higher temps. I have been cleaning inside today. I am trying to finish my dining room. I have nearly gotten to the point where I'm wanting to pay someone to finish it for me. I started this project nearly 3 years ago and just never gotten around to finishing the job. Got another letter from JB yesterday. He is making it good and said that it was still hot there. I can't wait till I can see him. I had a bad day yesterday, I cried off and on all day. It was one of those days where he was on my mind and heart all day. Boo(DH) asked me what was wrong and I told him I couldn't just put my finger on it but I had JB on my mind and would tear up at the drop of the hat.
Tonight for supper I am fixing 'drunk' chicken, ranch potatos, bake beans and homemade garlic bread, sweet tea and a apple dessert. I take a whole chicken, coat it in olive oil and cajun seasoning. Let sit in refridge for atleast 2 hrs. Start the girll, when grill is ready, take a can of beer, take a couple of swigs, (gotcha on that didn't I) put chicken on can and place on grill. Cook until chicken reaches a temp of atleast 180 or until can of beer is empty. I also take the leftovers and cut up and make chicken salad out of it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

see how rednecks have fun

this is David on Jose. They are about the same size. lol Now remember, Jose is only 37 inches tall.
Us rednecks have them all sizes to fit the rider. We rednecks sure know how to have fun, ain't that right Tracey?

Do you think I care?

Why do some people care what others say or even what kind of comments are left on their blogspot? Today, it seems that you have to go to the right school, drive the newest car, wear the "in" clothes, hang out with the right crowd, talk a certain way, or even go to the right church. It took me a long time to accept who I was and guess what?! I like myself. I'm not going to fall into this category where I have to keep up with the Jones's or go broke trying to look the part. Much less go to a church that thinks you are nothing if you don't attend there. I don't drive the newest car, heck, my car is nearly 10 yrs old, as far as wearing the "in" clothes, hello, this is the one who wore overalls, rubber boots, tank top, and a HUGE hat into the bank and might I add I didn't smell to pretty that day too( been milking for 12 hrs) . I dance to the beat of my own drum. Now, about church, I go to where I feel comfortable and I hear God calling me. I just wonder what this lady is going to do when she gets to heaven and see other people there that didn't go to this one certain church? Take a close look at the picture, be honest, do I honestly look like I care what people think? Heck, you ought to be glad that I even brushed my mop for the

Monday, August 20, 2007

Today was a nice day. Yes, we still have the heat but actually today was very tolerable. The heat wasn't that bad. I didn't get everything done that I had on my list but some of the projects were big ones that can be completed as the week goes on. I did sell one of my goats Saturday. I got rid of Burrito. She was a nice little nanney and was 100% boer. I had a man today to call and he is coming Wednesday night to look at some of my goats. His granddaughter wants to start showing and someone told him to contact me. The granddaughter lives in Webster County which is several counties away. Hope fully, my farm name is getting out and making contacts to where I can actually start seeing a profit from the goats. I had a guy to call last night and had a sick goat. He stated that it sounded like maybe a cold , the goat had congestion. I told him to make sure there was no fever and for him to go and buy some children's medicine for congestion and give the goat 3cc's. The goat did not make it. I'm wondering if the little one have a respiratory infection. I'm not a vet ( it does help that I have two in the family) I just know what has worked for me. I give my goats children's over the counter medicines for their illness. I also have a few homemade remidies that I use that works for me. Now don't get me wrong, I do call the vet( my cousin) when I think it is serious and nothing else seems to work. It is like having kids, you know when to take your child to the doctor. I will try and post some about what I give my goat with certain sickness. The main thing to remember is give your goats a healthy diet, clean water, shelter, clean pens, keep them up to date on their vaccations, and make sure they get their vitamins. See, it is just like children. Well, in a way it is.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

what's on the menu tonight

I have made chicken and rice for supper tonight. Here is how I do mine:
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast, boiled and shredded
1 can cream of mushroomsoup
1 cup of water
3/4 cup of long grain rice
1/4 tea pepper
1/4 paprike
Mix all together, pour into a 2 qt. baking dish and cover. Bake in 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes.
We have a green salad and homemade french bread with sweet tea. No desserts for tonight for I haven't made anything this weekend.
Today was a little cooler it still was hot but not like it has been.
I went to wal-mart(which I detest) and done my shopping. I found an airplane plant in the garden center for only $2.00. I also bought some remants of fabric for nearly nothing. They weren't very long peices but will do to make yo-yo's out of them.
Not very much going on today but just a restful day getting things in order for the coming week.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

JOSE QUERVO you are a friend of mine.........

Jose and Quervo are still unsure about being my friend. These are David's pulling ponies. Ain't they cute! One stands at only 37 inches and the other stands at 38 inches. These ponies are used for pulling events. They are hooked to a sled with weight on them and pull so far. The object of the pulling is to out pull other teams. They keep adding weight onto the sled until the ponies can not pull any longer. The gray one is a ornery little one. He ran me out of the stall , the blue roan is just a sweetheart. I know you aren't suppose to pet on them, but I just can't help myself.David gets mad at me for petting on them saying they are not pets and with me petting on them will just make them soft. I was always told you could gather more flies with sugar than with vinegar.

I found this plate at a yard sale and didn't have anywhere in the house to put it so I thought I would hang it out on my porch. I then found a table , put an old doily with a lamp that I had and pulled one of the rockers up next to it. I thought that would be a nice place to sit and watch the horses graze and watch the kids splash in the pool.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I believe I can fly.......

It has gotten to where everyday my goats has been getting out. We could not figure out how they were getting out. This evening after Lamar and I had rounded up the goats and got them back into their pens, I was feeding my dairy goats when I heard this noise and looked up. What did I see? Well, Shelby must have thought she could fly. As you can see, we have a tall fence, nearly 9 ft, and she just jumped right up on it. It just so happened I had the camera in my apron pocket so I capture this little menace trying to escape her pen. I'm telling you, goats are smart. If they want out of their pen, believe me, they will find a way.

This was taken right before the rodeo started July 28. I was a flag carrier and I rode in honor of my son JB. I carried the Army flag. This is Joker, who is a rope horse. The chaps I had on were so heavy that I literally had to be picked up and put on the horse with someone putting my feet in the stirrups. Look, I see cowboys!!!!! Those wrangler butts just drive me nuts but my Mama always told me to never mess with 'trashy team ropers'.lol

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a raining.......

Ha, gotcha didn't I. No, it wasn't raining, just sweat running off of me. Yes, us southern belles do sweat. Look, just don't let on that I gave it away. Us southern girls tell people that a true southern belle don't sweat they just perspire. Not true, honey , we sweat like hogs. Days like today, you betcha, we are sweating in places that no one is suppose to sweat at. The temp got up to 106 and the heat index was over 110. You couldn't even walk two feet without having to wipe the sweat out of your eyes. The pool was like a hot spa. We didn't do too much here today. Did feed and milk but that was the extent of everything here on the farm. Oh, David is working his ponies tonight. He started at 8:30. I am going to try t post some pictures of them this weekend. I don't have a digital camera but my daughter does and she is coming home tomorrow night and staying all through the weekend. Maybe one day, I can get one of my own. You know how it is with kids , you make sure they have things and the parents do without.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oliver Update

It seems that Oliver the monkey has been captured. He was caught several miles from the park. (man, that monkey was covering some ground). After just one day of being free, Oliver was caught. The man that caught Oliver was bitten, but doctors reported that he and Oliver(?) was going to be okay. It seems Oliver was wanting to participate in the Elvis Presley rememberence. So, the town can rest easy tonight for at last count Oliver was locked up back in his cage. Wonder how long before he picks the locks again.?
It seems that people from all over the country are here in Tupelo visiting Elvis's birthplace. Can you imagine what some of them might have thought if they had caught a glimpse of Oliver running or swinging through the trees? I bet they thought America was weird.

On the road again.........

In the town next to us, there is a park called Buffalo Park. They have a monkey named Oliver. Oliver likes to pick locks. This is the third time that he has escaped. The last time Oliver was seen he was hauling butty toward the Country Club. The whole time he was running with the workers chasing after him, Oliver was looking over his shoulder. I just know he was thinking."...hehehe, you can't catch me." Oliver has even made international news the last time when he escaped. If you want, you can go to and read more about Oliver. Oh, this time Oliver unlocked his little friend, Baby, and both monkeys was on the loose. They caught Baby but Oliver is still on the loose. Can't you just imagine some of the golf players out on the golf course playing and looking up and seeing the monkey? I wonder how many wives think that their husbands has had one tooo many when they come home telling about seeing a monkey on the golf course. Can just hear one now,"Honey, I was getting ready to putt and looked and there was this monkey sitting there staring at me. Blinked and the monkey was gone." The wife, thinking to herself," Drunk again. Now he is seeing monkeys."Ladies, just remember, a drunk will tell you the truth. I guess ole Oliver has had enough of the country music. Probable too much Willie. " On the road again..... I just can't wait to get on the road again........."

Monday, August 13, 2007

Moma, I have something to show you.........

Why is it, when your child tells you that, you draw up.? What in the world have they done, or what in the world has he got? I can handle anything as long as it is NOT a snake! Been there and done that. So, this afternoon, David comes home and tells me ( well, Lamar, Kasey, and me) to come outside he has something to show us. Ok, he pulled up with the trailer, so I know whatever it is it has to be big. Right? He has bought some pulling ponies. Yup, pulling ponies. One white roan and one blue roan. They are cute, only 4 years old. They reach my waist and I only stand at 5'3. Being the animal lover that I am, my heart was taken. Being broke as I am, my heart broke into along with my pocket book. What in the world am I going to do with a pair of pulling ponies? I told the guys that I was going to ride the blue roan. Lamar just laughed. Me and ponies don't get along. (that is another story, was laid up for a week after the last pony ride) David gets these animals and takes care of them for awhile then he expects Moma to feed, water, doctor and work them. Nope, not this time. I have enough animals that need my attention. No matter how sweet and cute, not another animal. Okay, they have got me. Maybe I will help out every once in awhile. Sorry to say, but the ponies, who by the way are called Jose and Quervo(hmmm..... wonder what the previous owner was drinking at that time), went to Nathan's house for awhile. Just until after the next pulling which is 3 weeks away. AAAGGGHHHHHHH

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things here at 2lmzfarms have slowed down a little. Mainly due to the heat and lack of rain. There are no more goat shows for us utnil September. The next barrel race will be August 25 and it will be held at night so maybe it will have cooled off by the time the race starts. I haven't rode any this week for the heat is awful. I have just been feeding , watering, and milking. I have noticed a drop in milk production. I think the heat has a lot to do with it. The garden is dried up. No matter how much water we put on it , it dried up. It's times like these that makes one ask theirselves if farming is the way of life. Then you watch a newborn critter come into this world , or gather eggs, or have fresh milk and you know then that farming is rewarding. ( next time I questions myself, please remind me of this post). I can not imagine what living in a city is like. I'm grateful that I live where if I wanted to run naked in my yard I can without someone seeing me. I have been known to run out to the barn in nearly nothing. Oh, the joys of living in the country. Sure, I have neighbors but they are not that close to me. Living in the country is like living in your own little world. Here in this small town, everyone knows everybody and nearly everyone you meet you are somewhat related to them. Here is the downfall of living in a small town, everyone knows what you are doing, even if you don't.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My friend Tina over at awarded me with this award so now I have to award some other friends. So here is the ones I have choosen Kim at , Tracey at , Whitney at, and MaryBeth at The others that I wanted to give this award to had already been awarded.

Today was another hot one. The heat index is what is bothering everyone. I sure wish we would get some rain. It looks like there is no rain in sight for awhile. I went to a yard sale with my Aunt. Then we went on to the Salvation Army over in the other town. I was very disappointed with the S.A. They had nothing in the store. Maybe we just came after everyone had picked through the stuff. We are planning on getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go yard saleing. Good thing I done my house work this afternoon. For I plan on sleeping when we get back. I needed to ride this afternoon but who wants to ride when it is this hot. The horses had sweat dripping off of them tonight when they came to the barn to eat. I didn't give them a lot of feed for I didn't want to make them sick. I have noticed a drop in my milk production with my goats , I fear it is because of the heat. Has anyone else had this to happened when they miked?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Can it get any HOTTER?????!!!!!! I am about to melt down here. It has been hot. At 7 a.m. this morning, the temp was already at 80. The animals are even too hot to move. Everything comes out of the shade just to eat and drink then go right back to the shade. I am normally an outside person but this week, I have been staying in the house. The heat index is what is bothering everyone and the animals. I have nothing on the agenda for this weekend, so I'm hoping that my dear and sweet hubby wants to go and play on the water. We actually were suppose to show at Ripley this coming Saturday but I decided 2 years ago that I wouldn't be showing there again. They don't do anything for the kids when they win. The kids are the ones who decided they didn't want to show there anymore. The way the heat has been lately, I'm glad that we don't show again until September. Maybe it will cool down by then. Just wait, come January, I will be screaming and whinning for warmer weather. If I do, just remind me of this past summer

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It has been hot. The temp today reached well over 100. We are under a heat advisory until next week. The heat index has been 110 and there is no relief in sight. On top of that, we hauled hay last night and then today had to unload it. Talk about it sticking to you. The good note is I have hay to last me through the winter. Which for us is usually for about 6 days. I'm not kidding, we have no winters. Sure the temp may drop but nothing like what some of you may call winter.
JB sent a letter stating for prayers. There are some guys in his platoon that has no families. They recieve nothing come mail time. This has really bothered him. He is very tender hearted. I have requested in the last letter for maybe some names and addys so I can atleast send some encouraging letters to them. I can tell a difference in JB from the letters. I miss him sooooo much. I wonder if he misses me like that?!!!
Tonight I have chicken on the girll , ranch mashed potatos, pinto beans, french bread, hot pepper, and sweet tea for supper.
Today the temp reached well over 100. We have been under a heat advisory for this week. The heat index here today was 110. It has been hot. There is no rain in sight. One can walk across the yard and stir up dust. That is how dry it is. Heard from JB. He stated that there are several guys in his platton that has no family. He said that at mail time, those guys recieve nothing. It has really bothered him. He is very tender hearted and this has tore him up. Just please pray for this troop.
Well, its time to unload this hay. Any one want to volunteer to help?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

BARREL HORSE------ $4,000
TACK----------------- $2,000
RODEO ENTRY------- $ 65
SAM OUT RUNNING HER AUNTIE-------------------- PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam, Auntie is soooooo proud of you. I knew you could do it!!!!!!!! Just don't get into Autnie's pocket tooo deep. I keep hearing this song......'dig alittle dipper......'
We had our show yesterday and boy, was it a hot day. I had to have the goats there by 10 and I made it at 10:15. Thank goodness they cut me some slack. It was an open show which they also had breeders there along with our market goats. I carried two from the house and the two that the girls show for me. So, we entered the ring with 4 goats. There were over 140 goats total. We walked away with 7th, 11th, 13th, and 14th. My neice carried two of her goats and placed real good with hers. I had enough time to load up , come home, unload, feed, milk, catch Dass , take a quick shower and load back up to be back on the fairgrounds by 7:30 for the rodeo. I carried the Army flag again and then ran barrels. My neice, Sam, ran too. Can you believe that I let a 11 year old beat me. We have had this bet, if Sam out ran my time, then I had to take her out on the town. Whatever she wanted to, go out to eat, go to a movie , or just shop. This little contest has really gotten her motivated to ride her horse. Yesterday, I told her not to beat her Auntie to bad and the little stinker had the nerve to tell me to ride my ride. So, last night before she went in, I hollered and told her to ride her ride. She then hollered back while going into the alley that she was. And boy, did she turn the fan on. I have never seen her ride like she did last night. but she did it. She beat my time. It was alright. I wasn't to mad for the look she had when she came out of the alleyway was well worth how much it is going to cost next Friday night. I just hope she doesn't want to go shopping.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

We have another goat show Saturday in New Albany and I haven't even begun to get ready for it. I just have to make sure that we have everything that we need loaded up. Here is a list that I always take to shows;
1. the grooming table- this stand holds the goats while we body clipped them, trim their hooves, brush them and get them shinning.
2. clippers
4. waterhose and nozzle- have to was those goats and make them look purty
5. hoof trimmers
6.pepto- bismol- in case they get a little upset stomach
7. baby wips- have to clean out their poop pockets, nose, and eyes before they enter the show ring oil sheen- we use this on thier hooves
9.bucket- for their water
10. feed
11. hay
12. health papers- very important, have gotten to a local show and forgot them and had to return to pick them up clothes- jeans, a collared shirt, belt , and boots
14.a first aid kit for us and the goats
15. notebook- to keep up how we place and to make notes of what the judge says to improve in the ring
16. video camera
17. extension cord
18. a fan- in the winter we take a heating lamp
I'm probably forgetting somethings, which I have been known to do