Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Another Day .....

It seems like everytime I turn around something or someone is getting hurt around here. I have been noticing Dass has been giving to her right leg. I thought maybe she had just strained something or just stepped wrong. The other day, she was getting worse. I called the vet and he couldn't get out here till the next morning and reassured me it wasn't a life or death thing. I then called Mo and he came and checked her for me. It seems that she had an abcess forming under her shoe. He took the shoe off and we cleaned the area real good and applied some medicine. Would you believe the next morning she was fine.?! I'm keeping her in her stall and cleaning her hoof, scrubbing it real good with clorox and then putting medicine on it. Usually an abcess can take several months to heal, so we must have caught it when it just starting. I'm telling ya, it's one thing or another around here. I'm also trying to get some pens done up to move the goats from my Dad's to over here. We have had little ones hitting the ground left and right. I'm waiting on my dairy goat, Lady, to deliver. I will have to bottle feed her little ones. Good thing that we only breed one time a year. Yesterday, we had a light dusting of snow. Nothing to stick but just something to watch. It has been cold here this week and I'm wondering where has spring run off to. Have a rodeo this Saturday night again in Houston, haven't made up my mind if I'm going to run or not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I guess you can tell what me and the girls have been up to? Yup, staying in the hottub!! It sure is nice after a long hard day of working in my public job and here on the farm to climb in and allow the troubles and sore muscles melt away. Just can't stay in too long for it makes my blood pressure go up. Just to get in for about 2o to 30 minutes with a glass of wine and just relax. Turn the radio on and just lay back and relax!!! That is until SOMEONE puts bubble bath in the hottub.Talking about singing ' Tiny bubbles'. That SOMEONE had a mess to clean up. And no it wasn't me who done it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is me and Brian made before the rodeo last night at Ashland. Brian drew a bull that he has drawn 8 times before and hasn't been able to ride him. When he came out of the chutes last night, he was able to ride him for about 4 or 5 jumps and I just knew he was going to ride the full 8 seconds. Then something went wrong. Off he came and landed on his neck. I was frozen in place. I couldn't move. I could tell he had like a daze look on his face. Brian made it back to behind the chute and loaded his things and headed outside. When I was able to get to him, he looked at me and said for me to take him home. He was in pain on the ride home , after I got him home he said that he was bad sore. He went to bed and I checked on him several times in the night and this morning he said he was fine. That is just one of the chances one takes when rodeoing. I'm telling ya, its hard standing in the stands and watching your loved one climb on the back of a bull that has the look of kill in their eyes. When the chutes open, you are standing their praying and not breathing for you know not what is going to happen. You have tears streaming down, your knees are weak and your heart is pounding. Afterwards when they get up and walk away, you let out a great big sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks. Then you are ready to hug them and at the same time choke the crap of them until their eyeballs pop out.But one knows that is the life of rodeoing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ain't that just my luck?! When I really need to ride and get my horses in shape , it is raining cats and dogs. The weather man is calling for rain the rest of the week. This is one time when I really need an inside riding arena. Any takers on that? Anyone want to contribute some money and time to help get the arena?lol Lamar and Kasey went to the Kid Rock concert last night and said it was a good concert but said that Dicky Betts was better than Kid Rock. I do know that Rev. Run was there with them. Glad I didn't have to go and put up with over 8,000 drunks. There would have been a fight I'm afraid. I can't tolerate a drunk unless I'm drinking too. lol We finally got all our samples in over at the Furniture Market. Now we have just got to keep our fingers crossed that these samples will go over and we will get enough accounts that will keep us rolling. I don't mind being off during the summer for there is alot of things to do around here but winter , naw, rather work.
My head is nodding and my eyes are trying to close so I guess it's time for me to go.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The weather the past of couple of days has been nice but cold. The sun has been out but the temps have stayed in the 40's. Been trying to catch up on all the washing and keeping the house straightened, notice, I didn't say clean just Tessa and me did get another batch of soap made last night this time we colored it a pinkish color with the rose scent. I took it out of the mold today and have it curing now on the rack. We are fixing to try making cheese. Again notice I said try. My nephew Toby is all the time watching us and saying he wants to see a big mess. lol He will turn 30 next Wednesday. We are trying to find out when he will be home and have him a birthday party. He works for this company that sometimes they go out of state and are gone for several days.
I sent Lamar and Kasey to Tupelo tonight for the Kid Rock concert. I got tickets for Lamar at Christmas and I didn't want to go, so we put all the kids name in a bowl and he drew out the lucky name that would get to go. That was the only fair way to do it with all the kids around here.
The weather man is calling for rain the rest of the week and I really need to ride. We have a rodeo this Saturday night at Ashland. So if any of you are in the area of Ashland just drop in for the rodeo at 7pm and watch the bull riding and barrel racing. We don't care about the other parts of the rodeo for we think those 2 are the most

Monday, February 18, 2008

We had a very full weekend. Friday found us cleaning up around the house and outside. I had to work Saturday till lunch, we are getting ready for the furniture market that starts this Wednesday. We all are hoping we will have a good one for this is how we stay in business. Then Saturday night found us heading out to Houston for the rodeo. Brian rode in bull riding, he drew a good bull but the bull just didn't buck enough for him to get a real good score but, he did end up in 3rd place. Sunday found me over at my Dad's. We have had 6 little kids born and me and my sister Jennifer went over there and gave them their vitamins and checked on every thing. I'm gonna try and get them moved over here to my house in the next week or so. I did get some house work done Sunday but one can't tell it now. I need to make some more soap one night this week. I only make a batch of 6 bars at a time. Making large batches just really messes me up so I just stick to a small batch.We have made a batch that is a fresh scent and then another batch that is cucumber melon. I enjoy making soap and sometimes its a trail and error thing. We grilled out hamburgers last night and tonight for supper it was whatever is in the fridge. Now the question is what am I gonna cook for tomorrow night?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I got 6 beautiful yellow roses from my Boo today. Everything in the vase was yellow. Guess you can tell what is my favorite color now, huh?!. He also took me out to eat the other night. I got him a card and this Sunday I'm taking him to the car museum over in Tupelo. I always try to take him somewhere for Valentines Day that he hasn't been. I try to keep it close to home and not spend a lot of money. One year I took him to Graceland, another time to The Pink Palace, Elvis's home place here in Tupelo. Just little things like that and believe it or not, it doesn't cost a lot of money. I am making potato soup for supper for he really likes this recipe that I use. It's called 'Ole Charlie's Potato Soup'. After supper, Tessa and me are making another patch of soap. We are going to scent this one with cucumber melon. The last batch we done we scented it with fresh scent. It was okay but really not a favorite with me. Today started out cold but warmed up to 58. VERY NICE. The animals have really enjoyed this sunshine that we have had and the humans have too. I guess you all seen American Idol last night. Drew didn't make it to the top 24 but that's okay I just know that he is going to make it in the music industry. He told Randy Paula, and Simon that it was okay that he didn't make it for now he wouldn't miss turkey season. Yup, so like Drew. Now I have to find another person to root for now that my little country boy is gone. I honestly wished Drew had more air time than they gave him and everyone could have heard him sing. Yes, I'm partial I have to be, Drew is one of my homies and you know how that is, birds of the same feather always flock together. Hope you all have a blessed valentines day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This was in the paper this morning. Me and JB was looking at it, and then we figured out that was him walking in the picture. He was there last night trying to help save what they could from the fire. The rumor is that there were 3 seperate fires and they all started at the same time. I imagine we won't really know the truth. You can't really see but the truck is loaded down with things out of the plant. Next week starts the furniture market and I know that JB said they had a lot of samples that was where the fire started. JB did say that they had already taken a few samples over to the Furntiure Market Building but they had alot more they were going to take. It looks like close to 1100 people are out of a job now. I hope they find who started this and the punishment fits the crime, oh wait, the criminals are now getting light sentences. I just know this has added alot more on our shoulders right now. I told JB that we have walked in this valley before so just keep on going for we will reach the top of the mountain soon.

Excuse the stretch marks. Here is my tattoo. Dang, didn't know my belly was that
Last night a factory here in Pontotoc burnt to the ground. This has put about 800 people out of a job. I had family members that worked there and one of my sons. I just ask that you all remember these people and their families in your prayers. It has really upset me about my son loosing his job. He has just bought a new truck and now this.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here is Emily and Brian just trying to drive me crazy. They are all into the ipod and mp3 player and when they start listening to those, the singing starts. I'm soooo sick of hearing,'apple-bottom jeans, boots with the fur(I sing boots with spurs)......' It's nerve racking let me tell ya. Ok, I done the 7 famous people and I also told that I knew several more. Wanna know who? Okay, here goes.

1.Wesley Walls. Played for the Carolina Panthers. Went all through school with him.

2. Brent Smith. Played for the Miami Dolphins. Know his family very well. He is a few years younger than me.

3. Paul Thorn. He is from Nettleton. He is a singer that is finally making it in the music business. He is a good friend and I am one of his faithful fans. I have been going to see him since he started singing around here.

4. Drew Popplereitter. He is the guy on American Idol. We have been showing with him and his family for a long time.

5. Marty Stuart. Marty and my cousin are real good friends. Not too long ago, Marty came down and visited with Bill. Now, let me tell you about Bill. Bill looks just like Chuck Norris. Not kidding, he is often mistaken for Chuck.

6. Blake Mounce, John Self, Lucas Tucker. What?! You haven't ever heard of these guys? These 3 young men died for defending our Country over in Irag. They gave up their lives for you and me. In my eyes, these 3 guys will be just as famous if not more to me than any other country singer or t.v. personality.


One of the boys that hangs out over here turned 21. Me , Tessa, and Emily made him a birthday cake. The cake was made out of foam but has real icing on it. It was too funny watching him trying to cut it. I know, that was wrong of us to do that child like that but hey, as much pranks as they pull on me, it was pay-back time. We have been busy around here is the reason I haven't had a chance to drop by and visit everyone. This week everything should be calm so maybe I can catch up on everyone's doing.


My friend Stephanie over at has asked that I list seven famous people that I have met. Just seven, heck, I know more than
1. GEORGE STRAIT. Me and my family (the pontotoc mafia, or so that's what they call us) have been going to his concerts since 1984. I had the chance of meeting him and getting his autograph and believe me that man is FINE
2. KENNY CHESNEY. I have been to 4 of his concerts and the last one I was able to get is autograph. Do ya'll know how little that guy is? I'm taller and bigger than he is
3. JUDY RODMAN. She is a country singer that is from here. She hasn't had any more albums produced in a while. Her and dad and some of my family members would get together on the weekends and make music. She is super nice.
4. LANCE GRAVES. He is the all time champion barrel horse trainer and rider. One time when I was in Starkville, he was in my heat to ride and this guy kept talking to me and I didn't know who he was until afterwards. And I didn't even get his autograph.boohoo
5. JOHN CONLEE. The guy that sings ROSE COLORED GLASSES. He has my vote for his son is in the military and we talked for a very long time than night about being military parents.
6. JOHN GRISHAM. Use to live not that far from us . Weird but nice.
7. PAULA DEEN. Very down to earth and loveable. I meet her in Oxford and had a ball talking to her. You just think I'm a cut-up wait till you meet her.
Instead of tagging certain ones, I'm asking those of you who visit to do this tag and let's see who you have met.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

We survivied the storms the other night. I had the t.v. on to watch the weather and then all of the sudden they said they had rotation at Algoma. That is where my parents live and I called they were already in the storm house. I didn't have time to get to our storm house but it never got bad here. It was like one minute we had clouds then the next the stars were out. I then realize that the storm was heading straight toward where my friend Stephanie lives I said a quick prayer for her and her family. According to her post they only had hail. Stephanie's blog is go check her out. Yes, we were lucky and I know that other counties and states wasn't and my heart goes out to them. I know first hand how a tornado can affect your life and your hometown. It's a helpless feeling.
My friend Tina over at is having a giveaway. Drop over and leave her a comment and maybe you will be the lucky one to win. Let me tell ya, if you are, you are in for a big surprise, Tina sure knows how to pack a Her and her husband also puts aout a magazine . So if you get a chance pull that up on your computer also.
Gotta get ready for work, we are working 9 hours a day and have to work half a day this Saturday. I'm not complaining just happy for the work.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The weather the past two days has been unbelieveable. Yesterday the temps got up in the 70's and today has been the same way. The weather man is saying that we are in for a rough night. There seems to be a line of storms that are coming from Louisiana headed straight toward us and this could produce tornados. I have been trying to get everything done here in case we have to head for the storm house. It thunders and my gibblet tail heads there. I did catch Dass yesterday and give her a bath. She acted like she was so proud of getting the winter dirt off her for she just pranced around. I have raised the windows in the house to air it out and I'm loving the temps. Not too thrilled about what tonight could bring but I'm sure enjoying the warmer weather.
We have had enough leftovers from Sunday night that I haven't had to cook these past two days. YIPPEE!!! We cooked boiled shrimp, meatballs, cocktail weenies, rotel potatos, cream cheese dip, chips, pork b-b-q, and hero subs along with sausage balls. I sent one of the boys to get the stuff to do sausage balls and I even wrote everything down and he came back with hamburger meat instead of sausage. Hello, is hamburger meat spelled s-a-u-s-a-g-e? We had a good laugh about it.
When I was in college at Ole Miss, I would see Eli Manning on campus and everyone was like ," OH, there is Eli." I was like who is Eli. He didn't impress me none but everyone on campus thought he was something. He was just an guy who had a cocky attitude who thought he was it. He looked like a pimp with his little hoochie mommies hanging on to him. Just my opinion. Now, if it had been someone like J.D. Mooney, or someone like that , yea , that would have caught my attention. lol
I don't follow football that closely but who would have thought that two brothers would have superbowl rings in two years?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

As I set here on the computer while the kids are in the living room watching the ball game. The laughter and chit-chat drifts into the den where I am at. I sit here and think how lucky and blessed I am. There are only two of the kids that are not here and my heart saddens for not having all my chicks here with me but I understand that sometimes they just can't stay under my wing at all times. Brian went to his girlfriend's house for their superbowl party and Emily went with her dad to a superbowl party. I watch and listen to how the kids laugh and joke with each other and wonder if they know how blessed they are to have such a big family that not only are we family but also friends. I am lucky to have such a large family. There is not a moment that goes by that I don't thank God for giving me this family.
Friday night found us heading out to the rodeo. Brian was suppose to ride in the second go and we looked and he was getting his gear on. We couldn't figure out what he was doing until he headed toward the bull chutes. He drew a good bull and really done a good job riding. He was really tearing the bull up with his spur. He ended up with a score of 75. We had to wait until Saturday night to find out how he had done. He ended up winning the bull riding. Saturday, Tessa and me went and bought the food for the superbowl party. We had a calm night Saturday night for the kids had other things going on. So it just ended up being just me, Lamar, and Kasey here at the house. David finally came in and then later Brian. Emily was in Jackson Friday and Saturday for the State Championship Soccer playoffs. Her team ended up losing but the score was 3 to 1 and I know the girls were disappointed but they did try. I had planned on getting the house clean for the party today but with it raining and such I just said forget it. I did get out and feed all the animals and still washing clothes. The kids are all in the living room watching the game. I personally don't care too much for football, I do however, like the halftime show. We have plenty of food and I imagine we will be eating leftovers the rest of the week. YIPPEE, that means I don't have to cook!!!!