Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On our way to the Liberty bowl rodeo, Chris, just had to have some chicken.
I want a bite but oh no, he knawed right down to the bone.
Brian came and gave his ole Mama some love before he went behind the bucking chutes.
That's Sam's hand behind my head

Monday, December 29, 2008


Yesterday on RFD-TV, they were showing the Equinefeast 2008. Did any of you happen to see it? Wasn't there some beautiful horses? Also the horsemanship was awesome. I really enjoyed the shires that was on there. Some of the people who performed had on some beautiful costumes. I would have to say my favorite was non-other than the performance of the cowgirlchicks. The trick riding was breath-taking. Then again, I'm suppose to be partial to the cowgirlchicks, my cousin, Ginger Duke , is one of the riders. She is the blond who rides the black horse. She is also the one who rode double with a girl, while the other girl stood up in the saddle carrying the flag, Ginger was hanging upside down off the back of the horse.
They have just returned from Sweden, and are going to ride in the Rose Bowl Parade New Years day.
Riding horses has been in our family for generations. From rodeoing, to showing, to performing, to making a living dealing with horses. Ginger's Grandmother is a sister to my Grandfather. It's funny how her and I continue to have horses somehow tangled in our lives. Her with her trick riding and me with my barrel racing. And with me being on our drill team. Now grant you, we don't (the drill team) don't perform like Ginger and them do but I have known to do some trick riding of my own. Okay, I'm not trained and I didn't really mean to do the trick-riding, it just happened. Like the time, coming off the third barrel, I landed (my mare blows really hard coming off barrels) in front of my saddle. Yes, I was riding her neck. lol Or the time I went to get on, and the horse took off running with me hanging on the side with one foot in the stirrup and the rest of my body being dragged on the ground. Or the time I had to ride this horse in the show (this was where, the stock handler provided the horses) and I get in with the flag and the horse goes ape-shit, the flag gets wrapped around my head, I couldn't see crap, all I could do was hang on. I did get the flag from around my head, and finally got the horse under control. Or how about last year, I came in with the flag and my horse came thru the gate running backwards, I did get her going in the right direction and the announcer then said ,"now that we are going in the right direction, I would like to present the Army flag." Yup, just another night at a
If you get a chance, check out Ginger at . After all this time, I'm finally going to get to see Ginger perform in person. My sister, Teisha and I are going in September to Missiouri to watch her and the rest of the girls perform. I am really excited about that. I to talk to Ginger every once in a while, but haven't seen her since my Grandfather passed away 4 years ago. (gosh, it doesn't seem like it's been that long since he passed away). I'm looking fowarded to visiting with her but manily just watching them perform.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

JUST A LIL MEME..................

1.Do you like blue cheese? YES AND REALLY LIKE GOAT CHEESE
2. Have you ever done something you regretted? WELL..........I KNOW THAT THERE IS THINGS I REGRETTED NOT DOING
3. Do you own a gun? GRANNY GOT A GUN.YEAH, I DO
4.What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? DIDN'T DO KOOL-AID
5.Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? NAW NOT REALLY
6. What do you think of hot dogs? PECKERS AND LIPS.LOL WELL THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF
7.Favorite Christmas movie? PAPA'S ANGELS
8.What do you prefer to drink in the morning? COFFEE
9.Can you do push ups? ONLY IF THEY ARE PUSH-UP BRAS
10.Favorite hobby? RIDING MY HORSES
11. Do you have A.D.D.? HUH? ME? WHAT DO YOU THINK?
12.What’s one trait you hate about yourself? I HAVE TOO MANY TO LIST
15.Name 3 drinks you regularly have? TEQUILA, TEQUILA, TEQUILA, NO, COFFEE, MOUNTAIN DEW, AND TEA
16.Current hate right now? THE MUD WE HAVE RIGHT NOW
17.Favorite place to be? WITH MY KIDS, AND RODEOS
18.How did you bring in the New Year? I WILL NEVER SAY!!!!
19. A place would you like to go? TO THE NFR'S.AND I'M GOING TO MAKE IT ONE DAY
20. Name three people who will complete this.WHO KNOWS
21. Do you have slippers? YES. BIG BRIGHT RED FUZZY ONES.
22.What shirt are you wearing? MY MARY JANES T-SHIRT
24.Can you whistle? NEVER BEEN ABLE TO
25.Would you be a pirate? ONLY IF JIMMY BUFFET WAS WITH ME
26.What songs do you sing in the shower? RANDOM SONGS
27.Favorite girl’s name(s)?SADIE, SALLY ANN, I LIKE OLD NAMES
28.What’s in your pocket right now? PHONE
30.Favorite bed sheets as a child? ALL I CAN REMEMBER WAS THEY WAS YELLOW
33.How many TVs do you have in your house? 4
34.Who is your loudest friend? JON BRANDON, BUT HE TAKES AFTER HIS OLE MAMA
35.How many dogs do you have? 3 AT THE MOMENT
36.Does someone have a crush on you? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT
37.What is your favorite book? ANYTHING ON THE AMISH
38.What is your favorite candy? I DON'T DO CANDY
40. What song do you want played at your funeral? THINK OF LAURA, WHEN I GET WHERE I'M GOING, THE DANCE.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here is my lil man David. He is my 19 yr old son but looks like he is 12. He is the most gentle, loving kid I know. He recieved a gun for Christmas. He loves to hunt, fish, and anything that has to do with horses.

Here is Emily and Abbie(JB's girlfriend) enjoying their gifts . Thats Boo in the background checking out his new boots.


Here is Kasey and Lacey enjoying their Christmas gift from us. We got them a glider. As you many know, they are the ones who is expecting our grandbaby. We also have a wedding coming up in January.


Here is Tessa, Lacey, Kasey and Jon Brandon opening their gifts. Okay, Kasey and Brian(tessa's hubby) was fighting with cardboard tubes.


This was made Christmas morning, can you see the mud behind us? As I went and looked at all my friends' blogs, there's had pictures of all this white stuff. Weellll,,,,,,we don't get white stuff here in the south but we do have a lot of the red and brown
We had a good Christmas. A lil sad cause this is the last one with JB for he pulls out in March. As usual, I spent too much money on the kids, ate too much, and it seemed we had to be every where at once.
The kids and Lamar was too good to me this year, the kids got me 2 down coats, one a roper and the other a cruel girl, a new sharp western shirt, a hoodie, bunch of lotions and bath goodies, a necklace, and a HUGE belt-buckle. Lamar got me some jeans, and a couple of V.S. bras, which I really needed. It turned out to be a nice Christmas. I hope that each one of you had a wonderful Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


All of us here at 2lmzfarms wants to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas.

I would like to ask that you remember me and my family in your prayers. Jon Brandon is leaving out in a couple of months and I'm not handling it too well. My heart is heavy and broke. For I know that this is one time that I can't be between him and danger. I have my faith and believe me, I have been holding strong to it. I have lost my Christmas spirit. I wasn't even going to put a tree up and Lamar got the tree out , set it up, but no decorations. I feel like my life is in an uproar and I can't control it. Please just remember JB and all the troops this Christmas and for the following year to come.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'M SOOOOO LUCKY..............

I'm surrounded by two of the most handsome cowboys. This was taken the night at the concert. See, my boys aren't ashamed to hang with their ole Mama. Not only are they my kids but they are my rocks, my rodeo partners, my life, my hero, but most of all they are my best friends. Yeah, I'm lucky and blessed.

PARTYING WITH MY BOYS...................

The other night we went to a concert to see 'THE DIRT BROTHERS'. They are an awesome southern rock band. Jon Brandon was a special guest at the concert. JB and Brian stayed in the V.I.P room with them before and after the concert. Mama just stayed out front drinking They are the ones that sing,"HOTTY TODDY, and BARNYARD PIMP". You really need to check their music out. Their videos are played on GAC. We all had a wonderful time, dranked too much, took some crazy pictures, danced way too much, dranked some more, and made some memories. JB is pulling out March 3. So this was our last big night out together before he leaves.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'VE GOT FRIENDS(family in my case)IN LOW PLACES......

Last night we was shopping at Scruggs and look what I found. My 1st cuz's picture on a box. I started yelling,"Trai, look,you on this box". I knew that he had done some photo shoots for a company that sells hunting stuff but gesh, I didn't really think they would plaster his picture all over the United I did call attention to him and people started looking at us, embarrassed Trai, but he knows by now I'm good at Some of the people was like ,"Is that really him?" I was laughing my tail off. Trai and I are really close. Both of us really enjoy pulling pranks on people like putting my sister's outdoor furniture on top of her house. And then again, there is some things that will go to the grave with

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I don't know what the problem is but I can't upload photos. Anyone else having this problem? Can someone enlightlen me on how to fix it? I've got some photos of this past week that I wanted to share with ya'll but blogger wants to be a bugger. The other day, all my family gathered at my Mom's to do our annual Christmas candy, cookies, and such baking. Oh my, some of gals was not your Betty Crocker or Paula We had a good time and really enjoyed the time that we spent with each other. This is going to be hard on my family during the holiday times for we are short one family member. My Aunt that passed away in July always loved our little family gatherings. Thanksgiving day found us again gathered at my Mom's house and we had a lot to be thankful for. As always we ate too much, chattered too loudly, and laughed alot. Then Friday morning found us getting up before the crack of dawn to hit the stores for some shopping. I made a big dent in my shopping, but still have some more to do. I got home at 5:30 that afternoon, feed, then took a bath and hit the sack. Saturday found me at a barrel race. I had a real good run on Dass, ran a 15.6 but was out of the money. I also ran two new horses that day. My neice, Sam, and her dad wanted me to run their horses. So I climbed on and away we went. I rode the gray mare, Sugar, first, nice little mare. Then I climbed on my neice's mare, Bea, talk about a power horse. We came off the first barrel looking good, I got a little confused on how to do the second barrel, so I caught it with my knee,OUCH, then heading to the third I sorta got the feel of the mare and we wrapped the third. Then she blew coming out. I believe I put on a performance for everyone riding that horse. Everytime we came off a barrel I would Not a scared hollar but like a surprise one. My neice had a hoot laughing at me. Glad I could perform for ya, Sam.
I'm going to keep trying to get the pictures downloaded. I just wished I was computer savvy. lol

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'M GOING TO BE....................(gulp) A GRANDMOTHER

Yes, last night Kasey and his girlfriend gave us the news. We are going to be Grandparents. I wasn't really shocked just didn't think it would be Kasey who would be the first one to have a child. As you know, Kasey is my step-son, but my heart knows no difference between him or my own kids. Lamar had two kids when we married, Kasey and Tessa. The love I have for them is the same for my own. Our two families blended into one big loving family. Our kids get along very well, and I have a great relationship with Tessa and Kasey. I was blessed when Lamar, Tessa, and Kasey came into my life. And now, a lil one will be entering into our family with much love on July 28. How is it, I haven't even laid eyes on this lil one, and already I love him/her more than life itself? And the great thing about it, he/she will be living right here in front of me. All I have to do is step out my front door and walk just across the driveway to see my Grandchild. Oh, the fun we are going to have. I couldn't even sleep last night for being excited. And Lamar, let's just say that he is walking around with a smile on his face too. I'm going to be a Grandmother, and I hope I can be the greatest. I want to be the type of Grandmother that I was lucky to have growing up. I want to be the one to teach him/her to ride and enjoy the outside. To be there to love and cuddle with, to listen to them and for them to know that they are very much loved, even before they entered the world. Yes, I'm a little excited , heck, I am going to be a GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From the weekend.............

We had another rodeo this past weekend. Brian and I signed up along with my niece Sam. We were in Houston Saturday night and man, was it freaking cold. Me and Sam warmed our horses up outside for awhile and it was sleeting. Brian was in the first go of bull riding and was leading it for awhile with a 76 then at the second go a guy ending up with a score higher so B got second. I actually left all 3 barrels standing. WOO-HOO. Sam really rode the crap out of her mare and had a faster time than me which was okay, I just love seeing her ride and beating her ole Aunie.


As you all know, a couple of weeks ago, my truck got stolen. Since then, there has been a total of 6 vechiles stolen and all of them have been right here inside the city limits. I know I live in a small town but we do have street lights everywhere, and it is well- lighted. But every freaking vechile was right under street lights. Ok, what is this saying about our city cops? They aren't worth a crap. Only if you are a young gal, with a short skirt, with your lil girls hanging out(your boobies) and rubbing up on the cops is the only way they are going to notice anything and don't think I don't tell them that every chance I get. I bugg the hell out of the cops wondering if they have found a lead on my truck every time I see one of them. And the vechiles that are being stolen are older ones, not the ones with alarms or theft devices. Seems to me, someone has a junk yard and has an order for older parts. Plus, I trully believe it is someone right here in P-town. On top of that, someone is going around a killing other people's livestock. They are shooting the cows to kill not to main or just target shooting but killing and then leaving them where they fall. Over the weekend someone shot a friend of mine stud horse and then shot his cows. Okay, you jerk, just try pulling up in my driveway. Everyone in my house is a dead shot including my soldier boy(excellent snipper) . If you don't think we won't unload on your tail just try it. Makes me wonder what is going on here in P-town. How sick is this crap? To kill livestock. Does this person not know that here in P-town the by-laws still allow hanging? And where is our wonderful protective cops? Again, chasing the lil gals with short skirts. HMMMM.... and this is where my tax money is going. Like the saying goes around here,
Pontotoc, city of sin
2 old ugly women own the cotton gin
Want to get away with something not right
Well......... welcome then.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok, so it's really not that cold, yet. But tonight it is suppose to get cold, I think like 37 and we are going to a rodeo. Yup, I'm back in the saddle or at least today and tonight I will be. Today will find us at a barrel race here in P-town, then we are headen out o Coffeville for a rodeo. Brian and me are both riding tonight.
Last night B and me went to Scruggs to get him a new hat. He found a very nice black one . Got up to the check out counter, the girl rung us up, $150.oo, B looked at me, and asked how much was the over-n-under I bought, I told him $20.o0. He told the girl that he thought the hat was like $120.00 and she told him that was what it rung up to be. On the way home, he called a friend of his to see if the guy could shape it today for him. He was so proud of his new hat. We get home, everyone is wanting to see his new hat. He opened the box, Yup, hat not in there. We just paid $150.00 for a empty box. Let's see.........
Empty Hat Box............$150.00
Look on B's face to see hat not in there.................PRICELESS
So off to Scruggs we go for the second time. The manager was very nice about it, she told B that it was the check out girl's fault for she was suppose to look in every box before it went out the door and she didn't. I understand things happen but what if we had tried to sneak stuff out in that hat box, and she didn't even bother to check. The cost of the box and over-n-under was right at $180.00 the first time, just think how much it would have cost them, if we did tried to put some stuff in the box. After the second trip, everyone was checking to make sure hat was in box before we left the store and parking lot. The hat that he first picked out and the one we was finally able to make it home with cost only $112.00. Yeah, big difference. He found some bull riding chaps there and tried them on. I looked at the price $480.00. I nearly stroked. It seems as the kids get older, their toys cost more and more. He starts to college next fall on a bullriding scholarship, so maybe, just maybe, with fingers and toes crossed, he will have new chaps for school. Anyone want to help with donations....................

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today turned out to be a beautiful day so we decided to buck some bulls. Had about 11 guys to ride and we had a great time until this orney one decided he didn't want to play or shall I say, play well with others. There was no way he was going back in the gate. No amount of coaxing was going to lure this one in. OH, he played tag for awhile trying to tagged the guys to be it but they were a little too fast and quick for him. That just made things worse. He stomped around the pen, pawing the dirt, blowing snot, and stomping his feet but no amount of his little or big trantum was he going to get one of the guys to be it. They tried everything to get him back in the gate but no, he was going to get one of those guys to be it. He just knew it in his heart. HAHA he forgot we had to keys to the 4-wheeler. When that 4-wheeler came in, he pawed and snorted one last time and away he did run.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

WHAT A FUN DAY..........

I went to a roping the other day for this rodeo friend of mine who has cancer. Ok, I know, I chase cans not steers but this was for Scooter and I just had to do it. I haven't roped in like well.... a long time. It was okay getting in the box, then coming out swinging my rope, throwing, that's a different story. Then if you are heading, it's dally off and turn, turn, TURN, you stupid steer. I prefer coming up the alleyway going to my pocket, setting up for the barrel, WHOA, rating the barrel, getting that nose to the barrel, dropping your inside rein, squeezing with that inside leg, kicking with your outside leg with spur, throwing your reins to your horses head, kicking, going to that second barrel, praying it will stand too, going through the motions again, coming off, kicking and whipping, then it's the last barrel, you set her up, making your pocket just a little wider, pushing her past the barrel before you set her up, WHOA, dropping that rein, squeeze, kick like hell on the outside, then you grab that over and under and go to town with that and spurring, continue on until your horse's head is past the timer then it's sitting deep in your saddle and gathering those reins and pulling back with everything you got to stop and pray that no one is in the alleyway for you know she is gonna dart to the left when you come out. Yea, nothing to it ,chasing cans, but roping, HMMM..... too many people hollaring DALLY, TURN IT LAURA, TURN....T U R N........... too much trouble for me. But it was for Scooter, and Scooter and me go way back. I can remember hauling to rodeos with him and my Grandfather and the rest of my family when I was in grade school. Soo.... I done it for Scooter that's my story and I'm sticking to it.........(I prefer can chasing, I promise I do, hey, make sure my rope is in the trailer, ............

Friday, October 31, 2008

WHAT'S NEXT...............

I want to send apologizes to all who vist my blog, I'm sorry I haven't been by to visit. Things have been in an uproar around here. Sometimes it seems when it rains, it pours. I have been off this week and man, did I have a huge list of things to do around here while I was off. Did anything get done, maybe a couple of things but that's been it. I have been doctoring a goat, Lulubelle, I don't really know what is wrong with her. She is eating and acting like nothings wrong but her left side of face is swollen. I first thought she had gotten snake bit but that wasn't it. I then thought it was something wrong inside her mouth, that wasn't it either. So, I have been dosing her up on meds. The other morning hubby went in to work, he owns his own gas/service station plus has a Uhaul business, and noticed that our other truck was gone. He called to see if one of the kids had gotten it. He then called the police and yup, the truck had gotten stolen. Talk about a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. As you may remember, I had my identity stolen back at the first of the year, still dealing with that crap, but they did catch the mexican, and I am pressing charges. Now, this. The truck is a 90 z71 brown short wheel base 4x4. We bought a new truck and had the old one for sale. Whoever got the truck, knew what they were doing. For we had both sets of the keys and there was no glass on the ground. Plus they had to stop for gas for the truck was on empty. We asked the police if they had been around to the other gas stations to see if maybe something was caught on video. They said that they gas stations wouldn't know if the truck was stolen or not. HELLO, look to see if it was video. Then they wanted to know how much money we would be getting from the insurance. HA, we didn't have insurance for we haven't drove the truck in like 3 months. I also gave them a couple of places to look for these people run a chop-shop. They informed me, that they probably didn't have it. WELL HELL, what some wonderful cops we have here in Pontotoc. I told them I bet if I was coming back from the beer store with a 6 pack of beer to drink at home they would know everything about it and where I was. I live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone and where I am kin to just about everyone. And believe me, I do know how to shake some tail feathers and ruffle some too. The past two days I have been out looking for some kind of lead on the truck. I do know that it was seen pulling into Wal-Mart about 9:30 the night it was stolen. Do you think I called the law and told them? Nope, I am going this morning to talk to the manager and see if they have anything on video. One cop I talked to said,' God help them if you findwho stole your truck.' HMMM....

Yesterday morning after we made the police report, I went through town, there was every county and city cop up on the court square. The business was having a candy party for the kids. Ok, is my taxes paying them to babysit? I did pull up next to some cops that was just standing around joking and talking and asked if they had found my DAMN truck yet. One informed me there first objective was to make sure these little kids were safe. I told him okay, but when I find my truck I won't be calling the law, I would be the law. One cop said man that little snip is mean. No, I'm not mean but I pay my taxes and I thought they took an oath to serve and protect not babysit. I work hard everyday for what I have and I will be damn if I'm just going to sit on the sidelines and twiddle my thumbs while these lowlife takes something of mine. And I don't pay taxes for these so- called cops to chase these gals with short skirts, sit around talking on a cell-phone, or to babysit. OH OH OH, they are also(city councel) is wanting to pass a bill that states that if you have a dead plant or bush in your yard, you have 30 days to replace or they will fine you. HMMMM.... when they start paying the house payment and taxes then they can tell me how to do my yard and if the damn bush or plant needs to be replace. They need to be worried about getting some jobs in here, better protection, lowering taxes, and stop with all this petty stuff. The people of Pontotoc also needs to know exactly where our money is going when we send our so called mayor to these conventions, and most of all who he is taken with him and it's not his wife. How do I know? His wife is my Mom's first cousin. Yea, I'm fixing to shake the cherry tree and more than likely piss a bunch of people off.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Here is David's ponies. David works them at home but when it comes to competion, he lets Kyle drive them and he hooks the double tree. If the ponies step on the rope on either side, they are out. After awhile the sled gets heavy and that's where you really have to drive them. Sometimes you have to work the ponies from side to side to get the sled to move. There are times when it comes to just inches winning the class. As you can see in the picture, David is watching the sled to see how far they have to go and which way Kyle needs to go either right or left.

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET,..........GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we was in TN for the pony pulling there was other activites going on. They were having a possum race. Yes, live possums was used but don't worry , they wasn't harmed during this nor was the kids or adults. This is where you catch a possum and race it. They had a track built about 20ft and you could race your possum against someone else's possum. Last year we raced a possum but this year we just bet on some. If you won the first heat, then you went on to the second heat, this continued until only one possume was left and that was the winner. I know, the things we Southerns do for fun. Boy, us rednecks sure know how to have fun, don't Now, about the mullet. I know some of ya'll have wondered about what the business in the front and party in the back mean. It's the describtion of the haircut. It's short in the front, which we call the business cut and in the back it's way longer. So that's where the party in the back come from.

Friday, October 24, 2008

IT'S IT'S IT'S.............

Little Joe Dirt. Naw, just looks like him. We was in Tn at the Annual Possum day festival where we competed in the pony pulling. As always I have to go and check out the possum race and imagine the look on my face when I seen this little fellow. Ok, hope I don't offend anyone here but seriously what Mother would allow their child to have this mullet? Here I am, living in the South, have heard everything there is to living in the South, you know, rednecks, hillbillys, marrying cousins(that's for another post) no teeth, and everyone with a mullet, but reality is ....NO we don't wear mullets. Or not anymore that went out like in the early 90's. I watched this little Joe Dirt during the possum race and couldn't help but smile. There he was running around with his business in the front and party in the back flowing behind him as he ran around toting his possum. He was so proud of his possum.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I just love this song.........

I'm gonna slide on down Pull my bull rope tight Gonna get wild and westernOut here tonight Drew KathmanduA good bull to ride I spur the lotAnd I'm ready to rock Let's go outside[Chorus]And the world explodes As they open up my chute And the crowd goes wild When they turn this bad boy loose Ain't gonna go down, down, down On the Soul Side of Wonder I'm a big bull rider Yeah, a big bull rider![Chorus]Yeah, a big bull rider![Thanks to rjlouise for lyrics

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last night found us at a rodeo at Tishomingo County Fair. It was a 2 hour drive getting there. My event was up first, Dass gave me a little trouble getting in the gate, when we went in, I thought everything was going good. The first barrel looked and felt awesome but I knew I was in trouble coming out of the second, we knocked it down coming out of it, so I know it was something I done. Going into the third, I knew I had to make up some time so I went to spurring. The third was good. We came off of it spurring and whipping. I got a 5 second penality added so I was out of the money. Then Brian was up to ride. He drew a good bull. This bull really gave Brian some good bucks and air. I knew when I seen him in the chutes pull his hat down tight that he was going to give it his all. He scored a 76 which put him in the lead. I knew then that no one could touch that. (If you look behind the bulls head, you can see me in the pink shirt on the fence hollaring for my lil big bull rider) . Every rider that was up after him and before didn't even get close to his score. Yea, my big bull rider won the rodeo. There is just something about being hooked on a 8 second ride but believe me, from a Mother's point of view, standing on the fence watching your lil cowboys climb onto the back of a bull to ride, that is the longest 8 seconds of your life.

Friday, October 10, 2008


And all the people in P-Town say I'm crazy but I don't care. I think it's just cause they don't understand me or my ways. I wear ungly clothes, a big hat, grow things in the garden for that's what southern women do. Right? I always thought that was the way to dress and live for it is a quote out of my favorite movie,'Steel Magnolias'. Just like Delta Dawn is my theme song(well a couple of verses are) the only thing is I don't walk around town with a suitcase in my hand, I ride in a cart pulled by a Yup, I turned 41 yesterday. OMG, I use to think that age was terribly old. Now, hell, it's the best time of my life. My kids are grown and some areout of their own, alot of our debit is now gone, so now it's just alot of free time to find out who I am and rekindle my love for my hubby. wink, wink. People say that 40 is over the hill and everything after that is down hill. You think they were talking about gravitity? I sure know that it is working against But as far as age, let's see, I made it to 40 now I have made it to 41 let's just hope I rock-n- roll to 50 and after that, I'm going to crawl and scratch like hell to the other birthdays. Honestly, I don't think I trully enjoyed life until I hit my mid 30s. It's like now I look at things totally different, and really apperciate the things in life. It's just when I look in a mirror it scares the living crap out of me. I get introduced to a new line and wrinkle every day. As far as grey hair, well, as long as wal-mart stays open I will keep them in business buying hair color. If only I could find my car keys, my purse and my glasses.

Monday, September 29, 2008


We have been trying to finish up working in the fields. It's the end of hay season so we have been in the hay field 7 days a week trying to get through. The other day, Jon Brandon and David was in one field finishing bailing. My phone rings, the boys tell me to bring a chain. When I arrive, this is what I seen. As soon as I pull up, here they come a running. Both of them wanting to know if I had talked to my Mom, I tell them no why, they said that she was calling their phones and they wouldn't answer for they didn't want her to know they had buried the tractor and baler. Wasn't but just a few minutes Mom pulls up, seems she was calling to tell them that she was bringing them a snack. We ended up having to get a wrecker out there to pull the tractor out then Jon Brandon had to pull the wrecker out for it got stuck.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I try to keep the goats hoofs trimmed on a regular basis but somewhere along with everything else they got pushed to the side. So.... out came the table, clippers, and trimmers and I went to work. Usually during the summer I keep them body clipped so they don't get so hot. And we know how the temps can climb here in the South. Also when it gets close to the time for them to birth, I try to clip around their, well, their I also clip up their tails. On my dairy goats I shave them under their belly so hair won't be falling into the milk bucket. I have found on hoof trimming, that just a good pair of trimmers whether it is garden trimmers or the kind I have , hoof trimmers are the best. I try to make each hoof as even as possible. When one starts trimming , just go at it. It's like cutting your nails. Oh sure, the goat is going to hollar and act like you are killing it but remember goats are drama queens and you are not hurting them. When you are working on their back legs, bring leg straight back never to the side or toward the front for you could break or dislocate their leg. Just keep trimming the nail until you start seeing pink. that's when you stop. The best time to trim is early in the morning after they have been walking on the grass with dew. Sorta makes the nails soft. Believe me, after you have trimmed their hoof, the goats will thank


While browsing through blogs, I dropped in on Martha. Yea, Martha Stewart. On her blog , I think the post date was Sept 16, she stated that she was wanting everyone who blog to leave her a comment and then she would pick a few blogs and put them on her show. Ok, bloggers get ready to click on this site , and leave her a comment on that post and maybe, JUST MAYBE, one of you could be the luck one. I tried to put the link where you could just go right to that post but as you all know, I'm not the sharpest blogger in blog land. I hope that I didn't confuse you on where to go .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the final product......

As I last posted, I have been neck deep in making soap. I didn't really know how to package the soap so, being the cheap tail that I am, I took craft paper, hot glued it around the soap, and then stamped them with some little goats stamps that I had. I took a big order over to a store today here in town and they said they would love to sell them in their store. YIIPPEE!!!!! Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that they sell. I have a few other stores that I'm going to tomorrow to talk to. Again, going to keep my fingers crossed on that too. I recieved my issue of Farm and Ranch yesterday and guess who is in there. My ex-sister-in-law. she wrote an article about her kids and their riding. She has 5 girls and one little boy and expecting , gulp, yup, number 7 this coming spring. Even after the divorce we have remained good friends. She homeschools her kids and believe me, they are great kids. Just wanted to pass that info along and thought maybe ya'll would pick up the Nov issue and read about them.

Blogger being an a##hole.....

I have been trying since Sunday to post some pictures and blogger is being such an A##Hole about it. Ok, maybe the fault isn't completely blogger for I have went to several of ya'll's blogs and tried to comment but it won't let me. HMMM......makes my a## want a dip of snuff. (just an old saying). We have been busy around here with Kasey building his house here in front of us, making soap, trying to do 2 benefits, and sometimes I don't know whether to wind my ass or scratch my watch. I did go and get my hunter and fishing license renewed for the year. So now comes the waiting game for the season to hunt open. My great Uncle passed away and we had his service Saturday and I got to see my cousin from Kodak, Tn. I haven't seen him since his Mother passed away and that was nearly 9 or 10 years ago. My friend Tina over at posted awhile back about repainting the inside of her house, well, I caught the fever. I have started redoing the inside of mine. From floors to ceilings, yea, I have lost it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I missed posting yesterday for I was neck deep in making I would like to introduce ya'll to Brian. Brian will be 21 in October and is a sweetheart. You know how some couples marry and then have blended families, mine, yours and ours. Well, this child is ours. Brian came into mine and Lamar's life after he was Nope, we didn't get to share the nightly bottles, diaper changes, or the staying up all night , we recieved our child grown. He is one of the most loving, caring, and kind-hearted guys there is. He loves bull riding (where I might add, he is awesome and can really ride) riding the 4-wheelers, training horses, and just hanging out here at the house. It's funny how God brings people together. He is soo good about helping me here at home. When Brian came to live with us, we thought our family was complete but we was mistaken. He has brought so much love to this house and family. When I got my tattoo, (which has all the kids name in it, yea, it's big) I talked to him and told him, that after this he might walk out on me but I would never walk out on him. He needed a Mom and thank God, he(God) gave me the blessing to fill that role.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm gonna try every Thursday and do a post on one of my kids. This is Emily , she is the baby of all the kids and she will be 15 next Tuesday. Man, where did the years go.? It's hard to believe that this wee lil one is growing up on me. She has all the older kids wrapped around her little Being the baby of the family has it's pro's and con's. The good side is someone always has your back, you get away with more than the older siblings did for they have done broke in the parents, all you have to do is point and say I want and the older ones get it for you. The con's are forget bring boyfriends home for the older ones runs them off, being told repeatly that your too young to do that, wearing hand-me-downs(really a good thing), parents being broke to send you to college for the older ones have done took it She is really a great kid, and I think she's beautiful. She loves to play soccer and runs on the cross country team. Her team was the state champs this year!!!! WOO-HOO

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Has anyone ever told you that you was living the American Dream? I have and I keep looking back to see who exactly they are talking to. Am I living the American Dream? I don't know. What is the American Dream? I believe I read one time where it was to have 2.5 kids. Ok, scratch me on that one, my gosh, there is 6 kids total here, or last time I counted. Anyway, how in the world does one have .5 kids? As far as the A.D. income, ha, I wouldn't even come close. According to the irs, I live below poverty level. I make only a total of 22,000.00 a year and that's on a good year. That's both of our incomes combined. Is that the income for the A.D.? What about cars? How many is the A.D. suppose to have? There is 7 vechiles here. Yup, 7. And sometimes they all won't run at the same What about houses? What does the A.D. house look like? Mine is just a small 3 bedroom, 2 bath cedar house with clothes, dirty might I add, piled up everywhere. Ok, only in the laundry room but still they are dirty. 3 bedrooms with 6 kids, hmmmm.... can get very interesting around here and some fighting as to who gets the other 2 beds and who gets the couches, recliners and floors. Oh, I have counted 15 people at one time staying the night. Does the A.D. say anything about mucking the stalls, having dirty between your toes, hay stuck in your clothes and hair, goats running everywhere, and I mean everywhere, getting up at 4:30 in the mornings to start the day, milking goats, feeding the horses, then riding the horses, not going out to eat but only and I stress only special occasions? How about having 20, yes, 20 pairs of boots from the back porch to the carport to the front porch to even inside the house? I counted them. What about being out in the field working while everyone else is laying around a pool or some where on vacation? Ok, I have a pool and a hot tub but I don't get to LAY around. Oh what about having 4 boys setting their sights on their guns and scarring the hipie jibbies out of you? Is this life I am living the American Dream? Sometimes I thing it's a Or a punishment. lol This is the only way of life as I know it so maybe it is the American Dream. I sure don't know any other way of life. Oh sure I dream about having money and going and doing but then reality sets in and I listen and watch other people. I sorta enjoy my life. So if this is the American Dream , damn, I'm doing good.

Monday, September 1, 2008


As you all know, my son Jon Brandon is on the Coast helping with this hurricane. I haven't talked to him but I have been commucating with him through text messages. He said that they are all bunked in an warehouse with no air or anything. He has been getting up around 3 in the morning and helping with the knock knock program. This is where he goes door to door getting people out of their homes and getting them to shelters. He stated that one man got ugly and told him that he had been their for 35 years and he was not leaving. Last night, they all retreated back to ride the storm out. I do know that they have had alot of tornados during the night and today. My ex- brother-in-law lives down in Gulfport and he lost his house in a tornado last night. His wife and 3 kids were at her parents house in Jackson but he stayed behind. He is fine but according to my ex they lost everything. Jon Brandon sent me a text tonight stating that he was fine and the weather has been rough but everything was ok. They were having some flooding but not like they had thought it would be. He said he didn't know when he would be able to call me but he would just as soon as he has some down time. He said he didn't know when he was coming home but not to worry. Ha, like I'm not going to worry. I'm thankful that things didn't get as bad as they thought. It seems like Gustav was a little calmer than Katrina. I know people down on the coast are still trying to get things rebuilt after Katrina and now it seems like they are having to take several steps back instead of forward. Today the weather here has been cloudy and very windy. We are getting rain now from the storm hopefully there will be no tornados here from it. That's the only thing we have to contend with here where I live is the tornados spawning off of this storm. It looks like for the next 5 days we are going have to deal with alot of rain. Ok, I can deal with that. I think. Jon Brandon, please take care of yourself. I know you are doing your job and I'm very proud of you. I miss you and love you.

Friday, August 29, 2008

FUN FRIDAY.....................

Here is a picture of the boys saddling up their mules for a ride.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I guess you all have been watching the weather and wondering where this new storm is going to hit. I know I have . Jon Brandon got the call yesterday to start getting his things together for it was time for him and his unit to go out to protect and serve. I don't really know at this time where he will be, it could be in Alabama, or here in Mississippi, or in LA, or even Texas. They pull out at 6 am in the morning headed out. I know he will be helping people evcuate, and patroling the streets. He will have stay before, during and after the storm. I have a favor to ask this of you if you are one of the ones in the path of this storm, if you see my child(his picture is on the right side) please listen to him, don't give him a hard time. He is only doing his job which is to help you and make sure that you and yours stay safe. He will be polite and show his true southern gentleman ways but if you push him, well, his mama comes out in him then. And we all know how I He will show you compassion and be understanding. And if you are one of the lucky ones to come face to face with my child, could you do me a great big favor? Would you please give him a hug and tell him I love him and I'm praying for him and each and everyone of you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

THE MAN.......

As you all are aware, I raise Boer goats and also have a few dairy goats. I thought I would show you the BIG MAN here at 2 lmz farms. We call him Joey and he is a registered boer billy. He is only 4 years olds. Ain't he something.!? He likes to act like he's hot stuff but really just a big ole baby. I do breed him with my dairy goats only cause I have found out that breeding a boer to a dairy goat will throw out some wonderful meat goats and they do very well in the show ring for market goats. I try to really take care of them, they get feed twice a day with special feed and supplements, they are wormed every 21 days, and they have their hoofs trimmed on a regular basis.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This sweet child of mine turned 21 the other day. I often sit and wonder where did the days and years go. Why did he have to grow up? I watched him grow up and turned into one of the most responsible, handsome, caring, and loving man that he is today. When he was little he could tell you every kind of John Deere tractor there was. Then one day he was grown and driving those John Deere tractors, to climbing onto the back of those bucking bulls, to falling in love with the most beautiful red-head girl, to accepting the call to defend this country. He went from being Mama's little rug rat to being my best friend and now I'm proud to say, MY HERO. I'm blessed to have such a son as he is, this SWEET CHILD OF MINE.........................

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is a picture that was taken Friday night at the rodeo. Here I'm riding my new mare Jazz. Her name is JAZZINGITUPINTHEALLEYWAY. She turned 3 in May. She is a beautiful little mare and already is showing wonderful signs in the barrels. I have just been doing some slow work with her but she catches on very quick. She is one of the biggest horses I have and she isn't through growing. A horse doesn't really stop growing until they are at least 5 or 6. She is going to be a huge horse. Sometimes it can get confusing when I'm calling the horses up for I have Dass and now a Jazz. Jazz has some very nice bloodlines, she is out of Blazing Hot and Zippo Pine Bar. She does have alot of pleasure in her but she is way too fast for pleasure. She is also very quick and will jump out from underneath you. I really have taken to this little mare. I just know it in my heart that she is the one that is going to keep taking me to the winners circle in barrel racing. I still have alot of work to do with her and I won't run her until she is atleast 5.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Here is a couple of photos that was taken this past weekend at the rodeo here in Pontotoc, or as we know it, P-town. The first one is a picture of me and Cee Cee, where we are part of the flag-drill team. I am the first one in with the Army flag then Cee Cee comes in behind me carring the Air Force flag. When the chutes opened for me to come in, I came down the alleyway and out into the arena running backwards. Remember I ride barrel horses. I finally get the mare turned around and the announcer then said ,"Now that we are going in the right direction...." Was funny at the time. The next photo is a picture of me running barrels Saturday night. My cousin Amye took the photo. We are coming off the first barrel. It seems in nearly every photo of us coming off barrels we are in air. I had a good run. We left all 3 barrels standing and ran a 14.318. Which was an awesome time. We were just a couple slots out of the money. Oh well......

Thursday, July 17, 2008


My Mom's sister turned 61 yesterday and tonight we watched her take her savior's hand and be lead home. My Mom said that today when she was with her that she kept reaching up and Mom said she knew then that she was fixing to go home. It was heartbreaking knowing that she wasn't going to be able to be on this earth with us but a blessing knowing that she is at the Savior's knee. As our Pastor was praying with us, I opened my eyes and looked around the room. I hate to say it but I wasn't listening to his prayer. I was standing there thinking Aunt Martha may not physically be here with us but she was still with us. From her twin, to her sister my Mom, to her brother, then to her two daughters, to her granddaughter, to every neice and nephew that was there in that room. The blood that ran through her veins, also runs through each and everyone of us. It was hard thinking that no longer on Sunday mornings would I ever get that wake-up call to go to church, to hearing her hollar Laura Adeline!!!!, to call and see what was going on with the cops, to being able to hold her hand and take care of her when she was sick, but knowing that she is rocking my oldest sister and with my Grandparents and her husband now is a comforting thought. My family has been through alot of tough times here lately but one thing about it is, we are brought closer together and stronger and our faith has never slipped. Oh, sure we have questioned some things but we know that God doesn't put more on us than we can handle. Out of every situation there comes a purpose, a teaching, a learning, and a tighter hold on those we love our family and our faith. Just yesterday I learned that my sister Jennifer is going to have a baby. She is 36 and she only has one child who is 13( my neice that out runs me on barrels). I would like to think that maybe Aunt Martha or NaNa to some of us, thought that her time was up and she was just making room for the new little one. It's funny how one life ends and a new one begins.............................................................................

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The poem below was written in mine and Dass's honor by one of my closest and dearest childhood friends, Don Belk. We grew up together , showed cows, judged animals and rode horses together. As we grew older we went our seperate ways each of us getting married and raising kids . Our kids are close to the same age and close friends. As we stood by and watch our kids enjoy each other's friendships and joined in the same projects in 4-H, it brought back wonderful memories of when we was their ages. Then one day my friend comes to me and tells me he is moving to Texas. Talk about walking around in a daze and actually loosing my best friend. There is one thing about it, it doesn't matter how many states or miles are between us, our hearts and friendship is still linked together. Don is a very talented in writting poems. His poems are about cowboys and animals and the impression that they have left on him. He also has a cd out that one can purchase and listen to his poems. Let me tell ya, it's worth the money. You can check out Don at . He even has a poem that you can listen to called ," Geldings and Mares". Please take a minute and check out Don's web .
My aunt has had some good days and some bad but I figure that is to be expected. I want to thank you all for your prayers and please continue to remember her she still has a long way to go. Tomorrow will be her birthday she and her twin will be 61.


Some people call her crazy and a nut
She rides one of those horses with spots on her butt.
After running the barrels and crashing the gates
Everybody hollers,"Lookout, she ain't got brakes!"
She goes up and down in front like a texas oil well
She cuts the barrels so sharp it's a wonder she ain't fell
She looks alright and she's real fast
Everytime she gigs her, she'll pass alittle gas
They say she's wild and out of control
but shes real still when she has feed in her bowl
The rider's getting older and alittle insane
But she wants to win no matter the pain
When I say,"Laura, she's gonna kill you honey."
She say's," That's ok as long as I finish in the money!!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have been staying with my Aunt and trying to keep things running around here but somewhere in the mist the clothes have doubled and still waiting to be washed. The week has flown by me and I sit here and wonder where did the days and hours go? Friday some of the kids and I loaded up to go on a 19 mile trail ride. I rode my new mare, Jazz, and was a little nervous riding her. We got along beautifully. Half way through our ride we got caught up in a storm. It was raining so hard that I couldn't see and the lighting and thundering was awful and we won't even talk about the wind. There was no where for us to seek shelter but under trees and I wasn't even going to go there so we rode on. The whole time I was riding, I kept singing, 'I should've been a cowboy' by Toby Keith. I honestly felt like I was in a western book just riding the storm out. When the rain let up, I dropped the reins and let her have her head and away we flew. It was like we was out in the flat country and trying to out run that Even the boys on their mounts was having a hard time keeping up with me. When we got back to the truck, the boys rode up and told me that I was laying on her neck and steadly spurring her. I told them that after what we had just came thru I wasn't going to let any grass grow under our feet. We all looked like drowned rats. Even though the rain was stinging our faces and arms, horses quivering underneath us every time it lightened or thundered, our clothes plastered to our bodies, we had a good time and even talked about doing it again.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I stayed at the hospital Friday night with my Aunt. She didn't sleep any during the night she has her days and nights mixed up. She wants to hold your hand the whole time that you are there so I didn't get any sleep that night. I came home Saturday morning with the intentions of getting me some rest then getting up and washing clothes and cleaning house. Well, just about the time I was drifting off to lala land my hubby comes in and says he has 3 cows that are out, so up I get. We look and look and couldn't find them. Came back to house and started gathering up clothes then my cell phone goes off playing 'MAMA'S DON'T LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE COWBOYS....' I answer and my son wanted to know if I was at home and I said yes well he informs me that he is on is way to my house with hay for us to unload and put up. So the basket of clothes get throwed into the laundry room. We finish unloading and then my phone rings again, it's hubby. He has found tracks from the cows and needs help trying to locate them. I glance at the pile of clothes and tell ok but I have got to wash clothes asap. All of us head out looking for cows everyone going in different directions. After awhile we come back to house to refuel 4wheelers and I gather more clothes up to start washing and throw a load in washer, phone rings again, hubby again, he has found cows but needs help herding them into a neighbors pasture. I tell him okay but I have clothes to wash. It takes us a while to herd them but we do and I head back home with intentions to wash clothes. I throw the wet clothes in dryer and try to start another load in washer phone rings again. I answer yea what's your mainest problem now, don't you know I'm trying to wash clothes..... hubby got another project that he needs help on. So another load of clothes gets throwed into room and forgot about. I finally get back to house it's now after 9 I have had about 2 hours sleep since Friday morning and my tail is dragging and one can not get into laundry room for all the clothes. I take a look at the pile of clothes and think I have clothes to wash but........I'm going to bed

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just an update on my Aunt. Yesterday she was moved to a step-down part of the icu. She is able to use her right side but not much movement on her left. They removed a part of her skull and put it in her stomach until they can go back in there and replace it. She does have movement on her right side but not much on her left. The doctors are saying that if she comes home she will have to go to a nursing home. We don't know what the future holds for her but we are blessed to still have her and we will cross that bridge when we come to it. thank you again for the prayers. The doctors are amazed that she is still with us and they have made the comment over and over again, that it was prayers and the bond she has that has with her family that has allowed her to make it this far.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I just want to thank all of you for your kind words and all the prayers. things have been turned upside down around here. My Mom's sister was complaining with a headache last Sunday so she went to the er. She walked into in the er but two hours later, she couldn't walk or talk. She was having a lot of bleeding on the brain. The done surgery to stop the bleeding and Thank God, the bleeding did stop. She has been in the icu for 9 days now. We all have been taking turns staying over there. I would like to ask if you would remember her and my family in your prayers. The doctors are saying that prayer is the only thing that has brought her this far.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

As I sit here and write this post my heart is heavy and has been for several weeks. I haven't been posting regular for I have been busy but the true reason I have kept myself busy is because of this one reason, my son, Jon Brandon. His time is getting very close to be deployed out. I have found that if I have something to do then my mind doesn't wander but inside I'm still crumbling. I kept thinking that maybe he wouldn't have to go but the other day I recieve my shirt from his troop that we are to wear to help support him and his troop and that's when it hit , this is for real. Yesterday he pulled out to go to some training and will be gone for awhile. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I don't like saying goodbye, I did text him yesterday and told him that I loved him. Hopefully, I will hear from him today. I have watched this child of mine grow up to be such a caring and mature man. He is full of compasion, love and is a born leader. I know that now his mind is on to defending our country but I do know that inside his heart is the love he has for his family, his little red-headed soon-to-be wife, the love for farming, animals, and the greastest love of all, God. I do know that he loves me, but I can't help but wonder if he knows how much I love him. For now his attention is on to protecting all of us and keeping our country safe, but I know that the minute he gets home, my little solider will be climbing on a tractor just to make another round, or climbing in the saddle to ride for a little solace time.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Well, we finally pulled the horse show off. I had to be at the ag center by 6 that Saturday morning to help set everything up. I was beginning to get worried that no one was going to show but by 10:30 everybody started showing up. We had a great horse show along with an awesome auction. I know that everyone is feeling the squeeze of having a hard time with money right now but let me tell ya, those people were buying cakes and pies for well over $60.00. Some of the cakes and pies went for well over $100.00. The concession stand brought in a good amount of money. Everything that sold was donated, so nothing came out of our pockets for expenses. At the end of the day the total amount was right at $5,000.00. During the auction, the guy doing the auction made a comment about whenever there is a need that these horse people would be there for ya. Well, yea we are but I like to think it's the southern hospitality. It's what us southerns do, when someone is need, we all pull together. I guess it's something about living in a small town where everyone knows everyone's business.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here it is nearly the end of the week and I'm still trying to find my way. What a busy weekend and first of the week we have had. Friday night found us at David's graduation . There was 138 students that graduated that night. Thank goodness, it didn't last that long. Saturday found me going to another graduation. Brian's girlfriend graduated from Hickory Flatt that afternoon . Sunday found us cleaning up around here . Kc and the men worked on his building spot and Emily and I washed clothes and grocery shopped. Monday found us doing the same thing as of Sunday . JB and Abbie came over and Abbie and Emily got into the pool . We grilled out that afternoon and the evening found the men getting into the hottub to work out their sore muscles. I have been going and gathering things up for the benefit horse show which is next weekend. Also been trying to get things together for the rodeo that is this Saturday night here in Pontotoc. Brian and me are both signed up to ride. My garden is coming up beautifully but really need to get out there and use a hoe. Noticed I had grass growing in between the rows. Sure do wish one of the kids would act up so I can put them out The weather has been nice but a little hot but hey, it's summer!!! This post is going to be short and maybe one day I can actually post some pictures and catch up with everyone. As for now, this is a busy time for us so please forgive me if I haven't drop by and checked on any of you. Hope you and yours have a blessed week

Saturday, May 24, 2008


From the crib to the desk, that smile always gleamed,
on through his life, his size could hide the mischief unseen.
As the years trotted by, his passions, they grew.
Always love of a farm, ponies, dogs and mules.
All dirt and grins, whats he done now and such,
But ya know... he ain't changed that much.

He siled through junior high and on into a cap and grown,
All the parties and 'pullings' and crusing the square uptown.
He's not much bigger now, in his stature, as he stands
From the first hop on to the school bus and now
with diploma in hand.
I watched him grow, he rarely knowing the hearts he did touch,
But ya know, now I think about it...he ain't really changed that much!

Now his caps cocked to the side-he's graduated-
Now off with the clan.
He walked on to the field a boy
Now he jumps into the truck a man.
He has a 'rep' to uphold
And moments he has to prove,
But thank the Man up above,
His heart and courage, they never moved,
He's now a fine yound man and his heart-still that gentle touch,
But ya know....all throughout...He ain't changed that much!!

In a world of chaos, where nothing stays the same
And lots of misplaced luck,
I'm really glad, my David, really hasn't changed that much!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This week has flown by for me. I sit here and wonder where did the week and weekend go. I have been busy with the planning with benefit horse show and now I'm having to milk twice a day and bottle feed the little ones. I was hoping to use my daughter's camera this weekend and get pictures for ya'll but will have to wait till another date I'm afraid. I did plant some more eggplants, squash, cucumbers and also got some flowers planted around the edge of the garden. Saturday found all of us cleaning our vehicles and getting things loaded up for the rodeo which was 1 1/2 hours away. We got home close to midnight Saturday night and believe I was ready for bed when we pulled into the driveway. Got home and Emily and Lamar was in the hottub. I thought about getting in but was scared I would go to sleep so I went on to bed. Today found me at the laundry mat for my washer has tore up. I had 6 washers going then it took 5 dryers but I did get all our clothes washed and dried, now I just need to put them up. We did get our little billys banded today. Thank goodness we only had 3 to do. We put all the goats into the pen and had David catching them. It didn't take long at all. When I went out to feed, it had started raining and there was a big beautiful rainbow over behind the barn. We had potroast, mac-n-cheese, and cornbread for supper. Maybe this coming week won't be as busy as this past week and maybe I can catch up with everyone. I sure have miss everyone. OH, went to the mailbox Saturday and in the mail I recieved a shirt, sticker, and a nice little not from Meg over at That really made my day. Thanks Meg and Mary Jane for all that you do. I sit down and read your books and magazine and I feel like I personally know each and everyone of you

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's day. I enjoyed my day very much. Didn't do very much but cook and wash clothes. Kasey is in the process of building a house here in front of us, so all the guys helped with getting the dirt work done. We borrowed my Dad's bulldozer and have really made a big dent of the hill that has to be leveled off. Monday found us trying to get back in the groove of our routine like every Monday does. I'm trying to get up a benefit horse show for this couple that has been hit hard with medical bills. The husband has been in the hospital off and on for 2 weeks, last Friday he had surgery where they removed some of his colon and now is with a bag. He will need further surgery in about 6 to 8 weeks. They have no insurance so me and some of my family are trying to help them. So yesterday and today have found us doing some phone calling and trying to get the plans in motion. I have rented the ag center here in Pontotoc for June 7 for the horse show. We will also have an auction and a concession stand all money will be given to the Daniels family.
Brian and I got the garden completely planted yesterday. Woo-hoo Was glad to get that done. Brian also helped me with all the feeding and milking while David worked his ponies. David will graduate from high school next week. For those of you who don't know, David is 19 and isn't 5 feet tall and weighs 70 lbs. He looks like he is 12. David is my special special kid. He has been in special classes since the 2nd grade. He has trouble reading and writting. I'm very protected when it comes to him. When David started school and I seen he had trouble, I denied it. I wouldn't accept that something was wrong with him. Let me tell ya, when you have a child that isn't like your other children it is a hard pill to swallow. My faith has been tested with him and his problem and I have learned how to have patience. I do push David more and sometimes don't cut him any slack but I know that I want him to thrive and have a life. I know that the world and life is going to be hard for him but I want him to understand that no matter what kind of disabilities one has, one can make it. I want him to have and live his 'normal' life. People outside the family is mean and cruel, there will always be stares and comments but I want David to show them that he is normal and can make a life. I have seen my child cry and not understand why he is treated this way. Going through school without friends, not being able to do like the other kids, and it's not only kids it's adults too. I wasn't able to go on school property for 6 months one time cause at a ballgame I got into a fight with another mother. She made a snide comment,"What's wrong with that kid? Is he retarded or something?" I was sitting in front of her and when she said that I just turned around and said no, but you are fixing to be. I was able to get a few good licks in before we got broke up. Was I sorry I did that? No!!!!
Life is hard and cruel no matter who one is.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I had a barrel race today in New Albany. I think I should have stayed at home. I knew this morning when my feet hit the floor today was going to be an off day for me. I got up at 5 and went and feed my little babies. Came in and dranked some coffee. I then started making a cake for we was having a fundraiser with the barrel race. Got the cake in the oven and looked outside and my new mare was in the backyard. I thought that there was no worry for she would just stay right there and graze. Well, I started some clothes in the washer and in about 15 mins I went to check on the mare. She was nowhere to be seen. I knew she hadn't went far. I went into the barn and there she was in the feed room but she had guest. There was about 5 goats in there with here. I got Jazz( yea, weird ain't it, I got Dass and now Jazz) back in her stall and let me tell ya, those goats wasn't moving for nothing. I finally got them back into the pasture and went into the house. It was getting close for me to leave. I ended up carrying some soap, strawberry cake, strawberry jam, and a rug. I got to the barrel race and my head and neck was really hurting. I rode Dass for alittle while and then went and tied her up at the trailer. When it came my time to run, Dass threw her a fit. She didn't want to go into the gate. Well, I finally get her headed toward the gate and she wheels back on me. Going into the first barrel, we had it going on, was doing good going into the second barrel but the third we plowed it. I mean ran all over it and my foot came out of my stirrup. I ended up with a no time and when I got back to the trailer, I told Brian and Tessa that we would be working the barrels everyday from now on instead of a couple days before hand. Dass knows how to work, we won't run them during the day just working of getting off them going into our turns. I looked at my cell phone and noticed I had a text, it was from the weather station. We was put under a tornado watch until midnight tonight. They are saying for us to be prepared for some storms like we had last week. Don't know about any of all but I'll be glad to see this stormy season gone!!!! I feel like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This morning when I went out to feed my little newborn baby goats the weather was very warm and quite sticky. I knew I had heard on the radio that we could have some more bad weather but I didn't know it was going to be like last Friday. I went on to work this morning and someone said that the weather was getting bad so I stepped outside to see. I actually watched the tornado form above us. I was just in shock. I just stood there. My sister Teisha then said that we was under a tornado warning but the sirens here never went off. The radio was giving off tornado warnings for Pontotoc (where I live) and for Tupelo. Then we heard that it(the tornado) was on the ground at the airport. It jumped around for awhile. Scruggs the place where I buy everything from my clothing to feed to tack was hit. There is some damage in Tupelo but as of right now there is no injuries. Thank God. I recieved a text message that was sent to me with the tornado hitting scruggs. Talk about something scarey yet amazing to watch.
As I was sitting at work, I got to thinking about how we rush around trying to get to work or just to here and yonder and I felt like a hamster in a wheel just running my legs off and not getting anywhere. A co-worker next to me was talking about how she wished she had stayed at home with her kids instead of coming to work. Got my mind to spinning again. This is one of the ones that I posted about earlier and I just looked over there at her and asked her exactly why was she working. She said so she and her kids to have things. Seems like we(myself included) is too busy making a living that we make no life. We think that we have to have this and that and our kids have to have more than we did growing up. We end up spending all our time working and not enough time with our kids and family. Do our kids really want that new video game or do they just want our time? Or are we buying those things for our kids to keep them occupied or to cover up our guilt of not just spending time with them? This storm really made me stop and look at things alittle differently.
I have been running on about 3 hours of sleep here the past couple of days. My toggenburg goat Lady went into labor Monday night about 8 and stayed in labor until 2 am Wednesday morning. There at one time I honestly thought I was fixing to loose her. I had to help her deliver her babies and that's something I don't like to do. I try to let them do it theirselves but there was no way she could. ONe of the babies was turned wrong and after 2 hours of pushing I was finally able to see that the first goat was turned wrong , so after I turned it she delivered. The first little one was a lil billy but he was dead, then out popped a little nanny and the third one was a nanny. Boy I was shocked for the past couple of years she(Lady) has always had just one. She is such a good little mama. She just kisses on them and then runs to me and gives me kisses. I'm having to milk her out and give them a bottle for her tits are way to big to go into their mouths. Hopefully in another week they will have growed and able to suck on her.
Tessa and me made another batch of soap. I don't even know what the name of the scent was that we used but it reminded me of summer. You know, how that sweet fruitty kind of smell. It turned out really nice and has a yellow color to it. Then after I got the kitchen cleaned up I had to put up my strawberries. I had a gallon of berries that my Mom got for me yesterday at the Amish so I made jelly out of some of them. I ended up with 7 jelly jars of that. By that time it was already after 9 and the babies had to have another feeding. I finally made it to bed about 11 after I got through feeding and cleaning up the bottles and myself. The next thing I knew the alarm was going off at 4;30 this morning. Just another day to to start all over again.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The reason I posted the earlier post was because there was some of us girls talking today and they started fussing and *bitching* about how things were probably fixing to get and yet they still go out get their nails done, go clothes shopping, eat out every night, well, you know the kind. When I made the comment about spending money like they do they looked at me like I had a second head. I told them how I was raised and maybe one way to save money was to start cooking, spend only what you needed to and how I thought they could cut back. When I told them I had a garden every summer and that I canned, they laughed and then started making snide comments. I tried to explain to them that I enjoyed and loved the way of life I lead. So they started asking questions and when I answered, OMG, did they get defensive. I got told I was a little backwards and I needed to get with the program and move on. I was stuck in a generation that no longer existed. Sorry to tell them, but yes it does exist. I told them to get on the computer go to and just take a look around and then tell me that it (going back to simpler ways of life) doesn't exist. I can't wait till tomorrow and see what they have to say for I know there will be 2 of them that will look up the site. HMMMM..... you think they may convert to our way of thinking.?lol
I hear everyone talking about how things are going to be and what they are going to do if we have another depression or resession. Well, someone forgot to tell us here at 2lmzfarms that we wasn't in it Today I just stopped and thought about my life where I came from, and where I am at today. All my life I have lived on a farm. We grew all our food it came out of our garden and we even slaughtered our own meat. We had a t.v and could only pick up one channel but who had time to watch t.v. When I was a teenager and in high school, I would listen to the other kids talk about going uptown and riding around. I done my riding around on a tractor or a horse. My days were filled with farming during the summer, crushing corn and feeding in the winter. Then I married a dairy farmer. My days then were filled with milking cows, tending to the calves and having kids. When that marriage dissolved I found myself doing the same ole things I had done all my life. Tending to animals and growing a garden. When I got remarried, I married a man that didn't really know squat about farming so I took hold of the wheel and carried on. I stop and look back and wonder did I miss not having all the coolest toys or the right clothes or even having a new car. Did I screw up my kids lives for not buying every little toy or game that hit the market? As I hear people talk about they just don't know what they are going to do or even how they are going to buy food for their family. I just sit back and smile. I know things are going to get tougher but there is one thing about it. Thanks to my raising, I'm going to survive. I know how to doctor on my animals, know how to plant a seed and watch it grow then put it up for the winter, how to sew, how to make homemade bread, how to make soap, how to take my ponies and harness them up and hook them to the wagon, even know how to do my goats the same way. I know that I'm a survivor and I'm passing it on to my kids. they don't need all this material stuff to entertain them. So... the question is did I miss anything considering the way I was raise? No, but sorry to say I'm afraid some of the people are the ones that missed it.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is this last week for the blog-a-thon that Tina over at is hosting. We have discussed everything from gardening, crafting, and now we are down to the barnyard buddies. I have pictured below some pictures of just a few of the animals that call 2lmzfarms their home. In the first picture is Ginger my Nubian who I milk with her two little ones. Then there is a picture of Domini Jack a.k.a Trigger then there is Lady my other milk goat. I recently have increased my herd of goats and hopefully soon I can post some pictures of the ones that have joined us here. I raise boer and boer-crossed goats. We show these goats and also sell to the public. I do have some 4-H kids that come and pick out the goats they want to show in 4-H. I also have two milk goats that I do milk by hand and use their milk to make soap and we also use their milk to drink and cook with. I also have horses that I barrel race with and we have also added 4 cows to our herd just the other day. I trully enjoy raising goats. There is just something about sitting outside and watching the little ones play and jump around. I also have learned that raising goats I can make a clear profit from them then with the horses and cows. Each and everyone of my goats have a name and each has their own personality. Ginger is just a big baby, and such a drama queen, Lady is the queen bee around here. If someone or something gets in her space, believe me she will let you know. Lady is also one of the easiest goats to milk, and loves to give kisses. If you ignore her she will butt you and then hold her head up to you and smack her lips , that's her way of telling you she wants a kiss. Yea, I know they are all spolied around here. Same way with the horses, my mare Dass gets very jealous if I go to one of the other horses before I come to her. She will stomp her foot and then when you do get to her, she turns her head and acts like you aren't even there. You have to do a lot of kissing up to her before she gets over her mad spell. My animals around here are more than just animals to me , they are like family. I get very attached to each and everyone of them. Let's see if I can name them all,: Ginger, Shelby, Wheezer, Lady, Joey, Dixie, Oreo, Brownie, Wattles, Deer, Taco, (ok, I can't name all the goats) horse,: Dass, Jass, Trigger, Ben and Jerry, then there is Annie, Clumsy, ChiChi, Cee Cee and then 4 cows that are short bred. If you would like to connect with other farmgirls to talk and chat about the farm life regardless of whether you live on a farm or just dream of it, drop in at I'm positive you are going to love it and the farmgirls and Mary Jane.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


All day yesterday, the weatherman was saying our neck of the woods could be in for a rough night. There was storms all over to the west of us coming across the Mississippi River and these storms could and would produce tornados. At 2 yesterday afternoon, we was put under a tornado watch. Now remember, back in 2001 we had a F5 come through Pontotoc and there was 6 people that lost their lives and the tornado hit my Mom's house, my sister's house and our house took a direct hit. There was 5 people on the next street that lost their lives. So, I have already rode one tornado and personally don't care to ride another one. I was nervous as a long sore tail cat in a room with rockers. I stayed glued to the tv watching and waiting. Even the animals knew something was in the air. Then it started. It showed New Albany was being hit. My middle sister lives there. I started calling and Jennifer then told me that she was headed to our Mom's house and that her husband was staying home. Later she called and said that Barry watched the tornado come thru. They didn't have damage other than trees down but not to far from them there was major damage. Wasn't too long after that, BAM, here comes another one. And this second one traveled the same path nearly as the first one. I don't know right now of any injuries. About 2 this morning we got hit. I was scared, I'm not going to lie about it. We lost power for there was trees down on our street and it took out powerlines but thank God that was it. I finally laid down at 4 this morning and was back up at 6. Northeast Mississippi took a pounding last night and I know that it could have been worse. As always after a storm there is a rainbow. This morning is beautiful, sun shinning, birds are singing, and we all are feeling very blessed to wake up this morning and continue on with our daily lives.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yesterday was another beautiful day but today they are saying we have a 90% chance of rain and we could have some bad storms move in late this afternoon and tonight. Yesterday found us trying to catch my ponies. One of the ponies, Jerry, thinks getting caught is a game. He loves to run and wants you to chase him. He will run away from you then turn and look at you to see if you are chasing him. We started at 2:30 and by 4 we was tired but not Jerry, he was just getting his second wind. So, me, JB, Kyle, David, Jon Micheal, and Josh saddle up the horses and thought no problem we could just rope the little snot. We also had my Dad, Tessa, and my nephew Toby on foot to help us. One would think that many people would be able to catch a little 34in pony. Nope, when there is 40 acres of wide open spaces, it just makes it more harder. Let me tell ya, that little snot can run and he is quick too. One would have though there was a steer wrestling going on for Kyle and Jon Micheal was running up on each side of him trying to rope him and Jerry looked over and seen the big horses catching up on him and off he went. We tried everything possibe by trying to coax him into the round pen with feed and even in the stall with his partner Ben with feed but no he didn't want that. At 6:15 we finally penned him up close to the barn and got him into the stall. Now I won't go into details on how that was done for I might offend someone , and gosh forbids if I offend someone of my blog, just use your imagination. For those old-timers that have dealt with animals you might have an idea what I'm talking about. Can we say, ROCK SALT? I am willing to beat that now when one calls him and shakes a feed bucket, his little tail is going to be scooting for the barn. Yup, just another exciting and funfilled day down on the farm.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday night I get this text from Jon Brandon. It was a picture of an egagement ring on a finger and underneath it read,"SHE SAID YES". I then called him and when he answered, I don't know which one of us was crying the most, me or him. I'm so happy not only for him but for Abbie too. They have been together for over a year now and really, she is already a part of the family. I'm so thankful that JB has found someone like Abbie. And I'm also thankful that Abbie has found someone like JB. They haven't really set a date yet for right now they said it would be before he leaves out for Irag which is like this summer or the first of fall. YIKES, do these kids not know that I need a date, I need to start getting things together, find a dress(OMG me in a dress, now that's funny, can I wear my boots and apron, PLEASE) , lose some weight, start working of a wedding quilt, please just give me a date. I have often wondered what kind of man he would turn out to be. God answered my prayers and took my sweet loving little rugrat and in return gave me this handsome gentle caring responsible loving man.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have had request for the instructions on how to do the rugs. This is how I do mine, I take old sheets and tear them into strips about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide. I join all my strips by tying a knot in them. Then roll them up into a ball. I use either a J or M crochet hook. I just do a chain the length that I want. Then turn and just single crochet to the other end. I add a stitch at each end of the round when I turn. I just keep doing that until I get the width that I like. I have cut strips and then put them into the sides to make them look like fringe. The sheets are very forgiving. I have tried to make round rugs but I prefer the square rugs for to me they are the easiest to do. I hope this will help you in making your rug. You can also check out Mary Jane's website for more advice or even great ideas on rugs