Friday, June 29, 2007

I got my picture in the mail yesterday. This was taken 3 weeks ago at the outside arena in Amory. We are coming off the second barrel. You can see that I'm smooching to her. That is her cue to GO!!!!!

I know that earlier I had posted that I would write about goats but things around here has been busy. Plus, I'm working on something, will tell you later about this. Something sorta secret, right Tina.? We have only 3 weeks till show season starts with the goats. That means alot of work going on right now. I did put one of the goats on the tread mill. It's going to take time for them to get use to it. I also have a barrel race coming up tomorrow. I have never rode in this arena so it will be something new to me and Dass. I have alot on my scedule for today. I need to purchase feed, buy groceries, wash Dass, clipp goats, wash buckets, oil saddle and rest of tack, clean tack room, start packing for tomorrow and buy Boo(hubby) an anniversary gift. I'm stuck on that one. I think a new tackle box and a new rodand reel will probably do. He will be off all next week so I believe for a couple of days we will be going to the waterway and take the ski boat and play. I plan on asking a friend of mine if they will house sit for me and take care of the livestock with the feeding and milking. I feel like they will be glad to.
Today has started out being a hot one. Woke up this morning to 80 outside. I really need to clean the pool. Can you believe I haven't even been in the pool yet? I guess after the deal with my ear, I haven't had much desire to soak up any rays. Plus, I dread trying to get into a bathing suit. lol
Gotta get busy or the day will be behind me before I know it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I often wonder if everybody else has a hard time making a go on the farm as I. Trying to have an income off of farming is nearly stuipd. We don't have the kind of money that allows me to stay at home and not work. When I was working, there was more money put into the farm then any profits coming out of it. I have no other choice than to turn this place around and make it go. It's a hard way to make a living. Farming is becoming something of the past. Only hobby farms now. Sure , there is still some farms around but what if another bad year hits, then what? Will it happen to them like it has happened to me in the past.? No animal is able to stay here unless it can earn its keep here. The horses, sure Dass has been able to earn her keep, the new horse, we will just have to wait and see. If not, then for sale she will be. The goats, right now, they are able to keep me in milk and I'm trying to sell some of the milk. I can not sell milk to the public for humans to drink, but I can sell it for orphan animals, so when they leave my driveway what they do with it is their business.
The drought we are having is putting the pressure from the small farmer to the bigger one. Everything from fuel, to feed, to hay, and the food we put on our table is going up. Right now cattle is doing okay with their prices but how long will the prices hold up. I'm sure come September there will be people who have no choice but to sell for they don't have hay to feed them through the winter. We have only 4 momma cows and 2 calves. I have been thinking about getting rid of one of the older cows and replacing her with one of the new heifers. The only thing that is going to be costly here soon with them is finding a bull. \
I will be posting tomorrow about goats. I will post some home remedies that I use and they have worked for me. I know you all are so excited you can't wait till tomorrow to read. Until then.... Have a good one.
I left the wrong web , sorry., here it is
Come and visit sometimes.
I have decided to start another blog. The new one will mainly be just for personaly things. I have decided to keep this one but it will be just for the farm. Okay, so I will add a few family things. So here is the new addy,
The start of the morning found me milking, then hanging out clothes and working on some projects that I want to finish for the upcoming county fair. I have been making rugs out of old sheets and my Aunt who has a flower shop here in town, wants me to make some for her to put in her shop. She sells handmade things. She also wants some soap and such. Maybe there is a way to make a go of things here on the farm. I will be going over to Dad's later on this afternoon to bring home 3 more goats. These will only be for the show ring. We went last week and picked out 2 nice wethers and one nice nanny. So for this year David and Emily will have 5 goats going into the ring. I would like to go to the goat sale July7 in Jackson but I don't thing I will be able to clear things on my schedule to allow this.
Coming Saturday, I will be married for 4 years. Whew, has it been only 4 years? Sometimes the marriage still feels so new and then there are times when it seems like forever. Wonder if Boo ( the lil name for Lamar) feels like that also? I am one lucky woman. Or am I cursed? Nope, lucky for I found true love and my soul mate. Now, Boo might think he is the one curse being married to me. lol
Have a good one.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As I sat here at my computer this morning checking out my friends blogs. I couldn't help but think of what I had read on a friends post. "Count your Blessings" I really need to read that post for I had gotten to where I wasn't counting my blessings, I was counting the things that I didn't have. We also sung that hymn in church Sunday. So for this morning, I will count some of my blessings:
My heavenly Father: who died for MY sins
My parents: who raised me to be the person that I am today
My husband: for showing me what true love was like and showing me what a marriage was suppose to be
My sisters: for being my closest and dearest friends
My kids: Tessa, Brian, Kasey, Jon Brandon, David, and Emily
My friends that I have meet through cyper space: each on you has blessed me in so many different ways, Never did I think I could say that I have friends scattered from here to yonder and to know that you are there for me and praying for me and I do the same for each and every one of you.
Losing my Job: yes, there is a blessing in that. I have time to try to make a go here at the farm and spend time with kids.
Skin Cancer: for showing me that I was not untouchable and for making me to see life different.
The touch of my husbands hands: when he holds my hands I trully feel love and safe.
When my kids call out Momma: oh there isn't any other sweeter words for a child to speak other than Momma
Mainly just life itself. Yes, life can be hard and cruel. Each day is a blessing in itself. Each day brings new hope and trails and errors. We learn by doing and correcting our mistakes. We have the chance to make the best of each and every day. Some days I would just sit and cry and think what now. But the Bible tells do not worry about tommorrow for that day isn't promised to us. Live for the day and that is what I am trying to do. With God's guidance and grace I will.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Emily came home Saturday. What did she do? Sleep the whole day. She had a race earlier that morning and was competely whipped when she got to my house. I just let her sleep and watched her and thought back to earlier days. She is growing up on me. She woke up just in time for feeding and milking and came out to help her poor ole ma. Sunday morning we got up and went to church. We have church at 8:30 in the mornings and then by the time we got out , we had enough time to get home and change and go to Lamar's family reunion. We left there and was home by 2. What did Ms.Em do? Sleep. My dad was gone the weekend of Father's Day. So we all gathered at Mom's last night and ate supper and gave Dad his Father's day gifts. We all had alot fun. us 3 girls really had it going on last night. We now how to entertain and have fun when we 3 get together.
I woke up to a beautiful day this morning. It was already 80 at 6:30 a.m. Oh the joys of living in the South. I have plenty of washing to do and weeding in the garden but the air feels so good. I plan on going to the Amish later on this morning with Mom. One of her good friends who is Amish is expecting a baby and she has a lot of health problems. So Mom wants to check in on her. Susan is a young and very pretty lady. She is very friendly and always has some pretty mud rugs hanging on her porch. Her husband works for my family at the sawmill. I wish I could take some photos of there place to show you all but photos aren't allowed. I know some people will take them but I respect their religion so I don't even ask.
I hope you all have a great day and try to stay cool.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Emily is coming home this weekend. I can't wait till she gets here. She moved in with her dad last January. She is very active in sports. She runs cross-country, is on the high school soccer team, and plays on the basketball team. She recently competed in a half marathon and ended up in 2nd place for her age group. She does better in distance running. She is the baby of all the kids and spoiled rotten if have to say so. She is really a good and polite kid. Is on the straight A honour roll.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I thought that I would get the rest of the rooms done today. It ended up taking me all day here in the den. I had so many boxes to go through which had craft things in it. Found new homes, really the hall closet, for those things, and the book shelves is what took so long. I took all the things off and washed them , then oil the bookcase down.
I took the bread over to my neighbors house whose Mom had passed away the other weekend. One of her daughters and I are real good friends. I also carried something to the daughter, Regina. As I was talking to Regina's Mom, she informed me that we was cousins. Now, ain't that a small world. Been living here for a while , Regina and me friends, and come to find out we are family. I had a nice visit with her and on my way out the driveway, I thought, it was sad that I lived to fast for me not to get to know my neighbors.
My sister T-Rea wanted me to do some banking for her today for she wasn't going to be able to get off work until later tonight. I ran by the grocery store and picked up some chicken for supper. The price that was on it shocked me. I paid $5 for a whole chicken. It was the runt of the ones to choose from. I usually buy my chickens from a couple that has organic chickens and farm. I'm doing 'drunk chicken' , french green beans, Paula Deens's Loaded Baked Potato Salad with garlic bread. I have the chicken on the grill and have the other fixings going.
Lamar is going to work in the pasture for a tree has fallen and he is going to cut it up for firewood. I plan on hitting some yard sales in the morning. I'm looking for old sheets.
I also have cut up some plastic bags. I am going to crochet them into rugs. Has anyone of you ever done that project? If you have I would love to have your comments.
Yesterday was a full day for me. I got through with several rooms. I was ashamed that I had let the house get that bad. I couldn't believe all the junk and stuff that I got rid of. I try to milk everyday at the same time, I had turned the goats out and I was beginning to think that might cause a problem trying to get them back into their pen. Went out the back door to feed and start milking, the goats were back in the pen waiting on me. When Lamar came home, he told me to get cleaned up that he was taking me out to eat. I was shocked. Lamar wanted to spend some money. lol So, we get dussed up and he took me to our favorite Mexican resturant. I ate like there was no tomorrow. Gosh, it was good. Just having someone to wait on me, knowing that I didn't have to cook, or clean up , I trully enjoyed it.
Today I plan on doing the kitchen, den, and dining room. I know these 3 room will be the roughest. I also have two more loads of clothes to wash and hang out. I also need to get out into the garden and weed. After the rains that we have had, the grass is really growing. I did notice this morning that my peas, purple hull peas, had runners on them. So maybe before too long, I will have a freash mess for supper. I love to take fresh peas and put mayo on top of them.
So I'm off the computer and onto housework.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I have finished my bathroom, my bedroom, the kids bathroom and now working in Emily's room. I had to take a break. I turned the goats out into the pasture today for the afternoon. I figured they would enjoy a different view.
Got up this morning at 5. My, what a beautiful morning. Sat out on the back porch, listening to the goats , watching the horses graze and just connecting with nature. I sure enjoy being able to just sit and relax and spend alone time with my thoughts and prayers. I got Lamar off to work, walked through the house and went to town for some things. I also had several things that had to be put in the mail. I have learned the hard way, not to trust Lamar putting things in the mail when I ask, he lays them on his desk and forgets. I returned home and have decided to take one room a day in the house and clean, and declutter. I feel like if I do it one room at a time, then I won't get so discourage and burned out. Today is the bathroom in my and Lamar's room. I also have to make some bread to take to a neighbor, her Mom passed away and I wasn't home when she passed. I thought that maybe some homemade bread would be acceptable. I have a load of clothes in the washer and after they get through they will go out on the line.
I live right here by the local hospital and when the life line helicopter comes in, we get buzzed. Someone had to picked up this morning, I just sent up a prayer for the person and their family. When ever the helicopter comes in the animal goes crazy. We are in their flight path so there isn't any other path for them to take other than right over us. If you are outside you can see right into the window when they come in.
Well., time for me to get to cleaning and hanging out clothes. I have a list that will reach from here to yonder of the things that has to be done other than normal things.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I hate to talk about anyone but my friend that had goat problems, well......, sometimes I wonder if he has enough sense to get out of the rain. When he called he said that something was wrong with the goat. He was afraid the baby had died in the womb. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door , drove crazy, was worried what I was getting into, and get there. Dumb Harry, the goat was just beginning to labor, it was the sack he seen, about 30 minutes later, 2 twin girls hit the ground. I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes I wonder about men.......

Hanging above this picture at Mom and Dad's is a sign that says,"ALL BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE". I bet 47 years ago, when they started out they didn't picture this wacky My parents have had their shares of ups and downs but in the end they pulled through it and grew stronger. I look at my own life, I have one failed marriage, Jennifer, is divorced and remarried, and T-Rea, is divorced. I often wondered what happend to death do we part thing in marriage. I stayed in a marriage that I knew was going to end in divorce I just didn't know when. I'm thankful for the husband that I have now. I trully have a marriage. I know Jennifer says the same thing. T-Rea says one time was enough for her. I hate that my kids had to g through the divorce. It was hard on all of us. I wonder what kind of life my kids will have when they get grown. If I could, could I pick out the perfect mate for my kids? I just pray that God will send them their soul mate who is a very fine Christian. Jon Brandon is sort-of- engaged to a wonderful girl. Personally, I couldn't have picked anyone any better. David says he isn't into dating. Emily, welllll....., she is starting to notice the boys. It's all in God's hands. I 'm just going have to learn to let him handle things and quite trying to do them myself. That goes for everything in my life. I lay things down at his feet and later on, I find myself jerking them back and trying to solve them. I have wanted to have just a simple life and have time to do this and that. Well... here is my perfect time too and what do I do. I whine. I complain, I have pity parties. No, I didn't get the job but that's okay. It was long hours and I just feel like I need to be at home right now. Yes, my feelings was hurt. Gotta go, just got a call from a friend and he is having labor problems with a goat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This past weekend has not been kind to me. I notice that one of the goats had a runny eye. I thought maybe she had something in it. Nope, turns out she has the pinkeye. YIKES!!!!! This can spread through my herd very fast. So , I pulled her out and put her away from the other goats and have started treatment on her. I also doctored on the others. What I do when I notice one has the pinkeye, is this: (1) seperate the infected goat (2) start treatment asap. I have used neosporene in the eye, right under the eye lid, or take pencillin and squirt in into the eye. (3) for the other goats, I take listerine and wash around their eyes and put either neosprene or pencillin squirts in their eyes.
Pinkeye is also called conjunctivitis or infectious keratoconjunctivitis. It is a bacteria that is caused by flies or dust. The symptoms will usually be red- eyes, cloudy look to their eyes, almost like they have cataracts,they even act like they are blind. This can lead to blindness also. It usually takes about 2 weeks for it to get cleared up if you catch it in time. Which is what I hope I have done. None of the other goats is showing signs of it. So maybe I have stopped the spread of it.
I had a barrel race Saturday , about one hour away from home. I get there, get saddled up, and reach in for the headstall and reins. Yup, you guessed it. It wasn't there. A few blue words came out of my mouth. I ended up borrowing a headstall from one person, a bit from another, and reins from someone else. I was next to the last one to run. Had people making sure the alleway was clear for we didn't know how she would react to this new bit. I had a special bit made for her for she runs away with me. I had the smoothest run on her that I have ever had. I even got her stopped. So, my next thing to do is , buy a bit just like that.
We finially have rain. It has rained here for 2 days straight. Thank you God. We have needed rain real bad. Maybe now the hay fields will produce along with my garden.
Have a good one.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I know that you are wondering if I have my CDL why aren't I on the road driving. Well, I tried that and my body can't keep up with that hard haul. I have pulled my share over the road being gone for 3 to 7 days at a time. It's hard on a body. Now, if you were double teaming, it's okay but single, nope not for me. I have tried to get a job just driving local. You got to have 2 yrs experience. Here is where it all comes from, how in the devil am I going to get experience if no one will give me the chance to get experience. A lot of place will not hire female drivers driving solo. Stupid, if you ask me. A woman will make sure the job is done and done right. Who else do you know that can run a household, raise kids, make sure the refridge is always stocked with food, clean clothes, run errands, doctor when someone is sick, break up fights, and do this when they have less than 4 hrs sleep. A man? HA. A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I say, I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR. Oh, well, wish me luck tomorrow and pray that I will get hired. I know that as for tractor driving, I have got plenty experience doing that. I know I can out drive a man, heck, as far as that go, I can out spit any man!!!!!!!! Been there , done that. lol
As some of you may know, MS is getting a new Toyota plant right here where I live. Last night DH told me about a man that got hired on to drive a tractor during the construction. As we talked DH told me I needed to check this out. For I have my CDL and have been driving a tractor or 18 wheeler all my life. So, I get up this morning and head out to the job site. Couldn't find a sole. Called DH on the phone and told him that the man must have lied for there wasn't any trailer or anywhere to fill out for a job. Well, I drive around a bit just looking at the site and when I get back to the gate there is this car. I get out and asked the man where do you go to find out about working for this construction site. Come to find out it is the man at Toyota that I'm talking to. He gives me this number and an address where I need to go and fill out for the job. If you are non union they pay $20 something an hour if you are union they pay $40 an hour. He then tells that in order to work for the plant here , you have to be union. If you work for this construction crew, you will get a job at the plant. I'm thinking, HELLO, is he giving me the directions that I need to go to get my foot in the door. Is he for real, is he really trying to tell me how to get a job with this site. For no one knows that you have to go about 2 hrs from here to get the job with the construction crew. He then gives me a card with his name on it and says go to this address and fill out for the job. Now, why did he give me a card with his name on it? Is he saying something like since I sent you here, show them my card and this will help? What can it hurt. All they can say is yes or no. Right? So, I'm pulling out at 6;30 in the morning heading out to see if I can get a job.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay, I was asked to give up some stories on us 3 girls. One time, T-ree, the baby, wanted to drive down to pick up the mail. So, she jumps in the car, ( didn't know how to drive at the time, but got behind the wheel anyway) heads down the driveway wide open and hits the mailbox. It tears up the mailbox and scratches mom's car. When Dad seen the mailbox, T-ree blamed the mailman. Then she blamed me for the scratches. Boy, did that bring the fight on. We wasn't the type to pull hair or bite. We slung fists and feet. I remember one time when Dad was gone on a run and at that time he was gone for several weeks at a time, the cows kept getting out. So what did us 3 girls do? We loaded up every cow on the place and hauled them to the salebarn. Sold everyone of them. When Dad got home, he was MAD. It had gotten where we was late for school every morning cause the cows kept getting out and we had to get them up. So, we solved that problem , we sold them.Needless to say, after that, anything we took to the salebarn, the man who owned the salebarn had to get the okay from Dad before we could unload them.
I have tooo many to tell at one posting. I will try to post later on today more on goats.
My house in total choas. I have clothes up the wall that needs to be washed, floors that need vacum, beds that need to be made, dusting needs to be done, floors need to be swept, dishes that need to be put away and dishwasher loaded, and yet I sit here on the cumputer. Wonder why? Maybe tomorrow I will get to the things that needed to be done. yeah, right been saying that for a while. Oh, toliets that need to be scrub. I have better things to do. I'm trying to figure out what my life is to be. I'm at a dead still on trying to find a job. I think that is what is depressing me. That and JB will be leaving soon. It just seems that the day is getting closer and closer and I can't stop time. Why can't I turn back the hand on the time clock and go back when he was little and trully learn to enjoy those moments? Why do I have to grow old and he has to grow up? Why can't I trully express what love and admiration that I have for him? Why can't I express that to each one of my kids? They now that I do love them but do they really know how much? Does each one of them trully know how much joy and love they have brought into my life? Sure I tell them but do they really hear me?
It seems that life passes by way to quickly . I have decided today that no matter what I'm going to write a personal letter to each one of the 6 kids and tell them how I feel. It will be a personal written letter. I will pour my heart out to each one. Life is to short to let a day pass without expressing your love and well being. I will also let my DH know that I love and apperciate him too. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Who knows how long we have on this earth? I do know one thing, when my time comes for me to go home, I want my family and friends to know that they were loved. Yes, I have been angry with DH for he feels like I'm not doing my part with the household by not bringing in income. I have said some mean things to him but he has made me feel like I was a failure and the only reason we have a marriage is to help pay bills. Yes, i have faults , a whole lot of them, and I ask for forgiveness and to help me overcome them. Maybe I don't show DH how much Ilove him and apperciate him. I have prayed and prayed for some answers. I guess only time will tell. Oh, I'm not talking about divorce, for the old coot is stuck with me. I just need to know where I fit in. What my roles are. I have tried to show him a Christian wife and mother but I just don't know whatelse to do.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kc surgery went well, it took about 1 1/2 hrs. The doctors had first said it could be a 2 to 4 hour surgery but thank God it wan't as bad as they first thought. I hope we can go and see him later. He is staying over at Tessa's. It was very uncomfortable sitting there in the waiting room having the x's mom just stare at me like I had a second head growing. I kept my head buried in my book but you just know that feeling when you are getting stared at. The whole time we was there, my heart just broke for Lamar. Not once did we or him get to see KC. Oh well, I guess that is way life goes.
Why is it , that no matter if you are the mother or father, when the x is around , you always have to play second fiddle? Today at the hospital while KC was there to have surgery on his shoulder, it was Tessa( our daughter), the x's parents, the x, Lamar, and me. I know as a mother I would want to be back there with my child but Lamar didn't get to see him. I know that I have never tried to make my kids feel uneasy when both of parents are there. I honestly feel like what went on , went on between the adults , not the kids. Some x's really want to put on a show and make the child feel like they have to give all their attention to that one parent. The Bible tells us to honor thy father and thy mother. Not just one. It has always been like we or rather Lamar don't exist when she is around. I know that I get treated that way by my x too. When she came through the doors for her parents to go and see KC , you could see how mad it made her that we were there. I get treated like I was the one who broke up their marriage. It was she who ran around on him, I didn't meet Lamar until a year after their divorce. She had ran around on him for years. He finally caught her by putting a dog tracking collar in her car. Yup, there is more usage for tracking collars than just hunting dogs. It's a joke all over town about how he caught her.
Anyway, I carried a book to read and just sat there, but my heart was breaking for Lamar. I know he wanted to see KC but just didn't want to stir up trouble by asking to go back there. You know, I can not for the life of me figure out why xs want to act like that. For the other parents just take it and sit back for the kids know, when all said and done , we will be the ones there with our arms wide open for them to run back to no matter how we get treated.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I had another one of those lazy days. I got up and got DH off to work. Glad someone is getting paid for work. lol I had to be at the unemployment office at 9a.m. they told me what work that was available i needed experience. Hello, how do I get experience if I can't get a job. Came home, got on the computer and looked for jobs , again no such luck. I have spent all afternoon trying to do up a resume. Think I need to call in the experts to help. You reading this, Trai? My cuz who is a whiz at writting and doing things like that. I went out and feed and milk this afternoon while DH mowed the yard. I need to run the weedeater but I believe I will put that off till tomorrow. I copied a recipe from a dear friend of mine blogspot. I have it in the oven now, you ought to smell the aroma coming from the kitchen. Will post it later, (recipe), we are having the casserole and a green salad with sweet tea. Tomorrow is the day of son's surgery. He has to be there at 10 in the morning. DH just told me that he is going, I know that the x wife will be there which she has a right to be there but I don't trust her around him. I asked if he wanted me to go and he told me that if I wanted to go I could. I then told him that wasn't what I asked, did he want me there. He finally said yes, he just didn't think he could sit there and be in the same room with her. So, I guess my day tomorrow will be spent in the waiting room. Probably getting ugly stares and being talked about. I just pray that I can be the better person, I will take a book to read and some sewing to work on. Gotta do something to keep my mind busy. It reached a whooping 98 today here. Very beautiful day too.
This is a picture of us 3 girls. It's me on the left, Jennifer in the middle, and then the baby, Teisha. I'm the oldest then 4 years later Jennifer then 4 years after her here comes T-Rea. I tell everyone that I'm the youngest , don't I look We all 3 ride but only 2 of us competes. That would be Jennifer and me. We was raised up the hard way. It was up to us to make a go on the farm. Oh, the stories I could tell you of us 3. We have very close. Our dad will point to us and say, "Laura is the pretty one, Jennifer is the brain, and Teisha is the broderline fool" It's a inside joke and when he tells people that they just look at him.
I know , I'm a dufus. There is more photos on page 4. On the bottom of the page. I think there is a total of 5 all together, it shows going around the second barrel.
Okay, I know, I forgot to tell you how to get to the page. When you go to the web site, click on barrel races, then click on nbha Amory June 9 then go to page 3. I thought some of you horse people would get a kick out of the pictures.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I thought you all would get a kick and a good laugh at this photo. This was taken in May at Pontotoc. I knew that I made faces when I ran but I did not know it was this BADDDDD!!! check out this web site. go to page 3 look at the top 3 and that's me on the left. It was made yesterday june 9 at the barrel race. It was an outside arena and no shade trees. Talking about one HOT mama.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Some Common Goat Problems.

These are some of the diseases your goat can get. I can tell you that I have had some of these in the past with my goats. I will tell you how I treated them and how I got the vet to treat them. I will also be posting some homemade solutions for some of these. REMEMBER; I AM NOT A VET. I can only tell you what I did to help or cure the situation.
bloat; excess gas in the stomach, watch for the goat to be kicking at stomach, grunting, laying down and getting up, slobbering, possibilty of some swelling. Try to balance out your feed rations. Try not to let the goats overeat. Make sure you keep the goat on its feet at all times if this occurs. You can also try rubbing his stomach to help relieve gas. You can drench(give medication through mouth) the goat with a mixture of 2 cups mineral oil with 1/4cup of baking soda mixed in 1 cup of water. You also need to go ahead and call your vet. This can cause death real quick.
CAE -caprine arthritis encephaltits; in adult goats, they will have stiff and swollen knee joints in the kids they will be weak in the rear end. This is a virus, make sure when you purchase your doe that she is cae- free. As I know of there is no cure for this. If your doe is cae, make sure the kid doesn't suck from her.
coccidiosis; if a goat has this they will have bloody diarrhae, weight loss, no appetite, no energy. Make sure your pen is clean , goats have clean water, this is a parasites and is usually found in goat droppings. You can buy a drug to give the goats called coccidiostat. Read the label on how to give.
Enterotoxemia; overeating disease. Watch for swollen stomach, fever, teeth grinding. This also leds to death. There is a booster shot that I give my kids that vaccinates for this.
Footrot; look or smell for smelly feet, ragged hoof, and sometimes grayish discharge. Make sure you keep the bedding clean and dry. I trim my goats hoofs every 4 wks. I will talk later on how to trim. When I bring new goats home or if I have been to a show and had to stall my goats. Before they are put into their pens at home, I mix a solution of bleach and water and dip their feet.
Sorry for this being short but I will continue on with this subject later on. Hope this is helping you some. If there is anything any of you can add please do so. That is the only way a person can learn goatkeeping. Have a good one.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Well, the plant is closed until July 9. Atleast that is what they told us the date was as of right now, it could be longer. I cried, and cried and then cried some more but it didn't help. It just mad my eyes red and swollen, my nose run and my face turn red. So, I did just what any farmgirl would do, I reached down and grabbed ahold of my boot straps and pulled myself up. I know the Lord is thinking, you wanted to start this and that, so I gave you the opportunity and now you are crying because of it. He's probabley thinking that he can't please me. So, no more whinning , I'm grateful that my unemployment is going to kick in. It may mean I have to lay off of running barrels on the weekend, cutting off the cell phone, quit handing money out to the kids like I was a bank, not riding the roads to make a run for this and that. Just do my errand running one day of the week. Heck, I can even pump up the tires on the bicycle and peddle to town. It's not like I live far from town. I'm exactly 1 1/2 miles from the court square. We don't eat out alot so I can't cut that expense for there isn't one. Some bills may get paid and some might just get half but as my grandmother use to say," you can't get blood from a turnip." I will get them paid it just may take me twice as long now. I can get my house in order and myself. I guess I had rather be off in the summer time than in the winter. I will have more time to spend with my goats and showing season is fixing to be upon me, so maybe I can spend extra time on them and the results will pay off in the ring. Who knows. There is a world out there and I'm going to explore it, if it means peddling my little legs off. Hey, I might actually get some legs instead of ropes with knotts in the middle. A girl can dream, can't she. The endless possiblitlies and work that lies ahead for me. Let's just hope my DH is okay with this. He might see it as more pressure and payload on him. I have always paid for my half and the kids. Who knows, he might enjoy me being at home for awhile. Then again, he might be able to find me a paying job. haha
So, enough of the pity roll and onto new things.
Will post tomorrow about goats, I know you all are waiting for that

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm drained. I went to work but it was so depressing. Not seeing JB, I guess you can tell that we are close. My son(really step but I don't like that word) found out today that he will have to have surgery Tuesday. He tore something in his shoulder. That boy has a problem with tearing something every summer. He either tears something or busts his ear drum. For 2 summers straight , he kept busting his ear drum wake boarding, then last summer , he tore his knee wake boarding and had to have surgery and now this. His injury didn't come from wake boarding but from playing ball. KC is 23 and if anything is going to happen that kid catches it.
I had to take David to Okolona this afternoon to meet his boss. He works at the salebarn in AL.on thursdays. It's just easier for all of us, for David to spend the night with him on Wednesday.
I don't know what I'm going to do with all this goat milk. I get 2 quarts from Lady and about that much from Ginger. I have been putting it in the freezer for me to make soap with later, and to have incase I have an orphan that needs to be bottle feed.
My house looks like a tornado came through but I think I will wait until tomorrow to try to clean. lol That's funny for around here tomorrow doesn't show up.
I'm going to post some more about goats later this week. I have the urge to pick up a needle and sew. I found some sheets that go on Emily's bed that are white. I took a pencil and wrote her name on the top sheet and I'm going to embrodery her name. I thought about doing them on the machine but I'm going to do it by hand. So that it will have the personal touch.
Ever had one of them days where you are just lazy? That's me. Maybe I can get lost in sewing land and when I get through I will be much better.
Checked on my garden, I have pepper that is ready to pick , DH said the one he tried was not hot. Maybe as the summer goes on , it will pick up the heat. He likes for his pepper to be HOT.
Looking at my friends blogs ,and seeing all the neat things they have been making has gotten the fever on my now.
So, I'm off to be creative or destrutive, just take your pick. See you in sewing land.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This is Domini Jack, DJ , or better yet, known as Trigger. He was a christmas present for DH. He is 4 yrs old and he is out of Impressive and Conclusion. He is hypp negative. He is very gently and what I call a babysitter. I have been working with him on barrels. He is just toooooo laid back to be a speed horse. He would be perfect for someone who wants to learn. Either on barrels or just learn how to ride. I often ride him bareback with just a shipping halter. I'm taking him to a barrel race Saturday. I know the fastest time we will turn will be in the 20's . Maybe, we can place. haha I have seen 20's time come in and win or place in the 4d. I can't run him first then run Dass. She is such a handfull, that I have to have my mind set on her first then I can turn to him. Ain't he purty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew when I got up this morning, today wasn't going to be a good day. I didn't sleep very well last night. Shoot, I haven't been able to sleep in awhile. Things are getting pretty tough at work. I work for family and we make furniture. Here in North MS, that's all there is. Economy has been rough on the furniture factories. The bigger plants are sending their things over seas for they say it is cheaper to produce. It might be cheaper to produce but the results are cheap furniture. When I pay for a sofa, I would like for the thing to last several years not a couple and that is what you get when you get lower prices for production. The factory I work at has a total of 35. Some of the factories that I have worked at had well over 500. We are small and don't turn out the quantity that the bigger factories do but the quality is 100% better. We know that every furniture that goes out is a reflection on us. So , we make sure that it is perfect.
Anyway, we had a layoff today. Yup, the cost of everything has hit us too. Jon Brandon was one of the people that got laidoff. The reason, he was told that they were going to let him go for now because he would be leaving in about 3 1/2 wk. I told him to tell them that when he goes fighting for their freedom, that he might just take a layoff. Now that he is off work that has doubled the worries on me. He can't pay his bills with unemployment. The check he gets from the government, well, that's a joke.
Back to the story, my nerves have been shot. I lost it today. I have this girl that works beside me and she is the one who lies on her income tax return so she can get more money and brags about it , her and her husband is both drug addicts, they really work the system. she was making comments on what all they had bought and done over the weekend and I flew into her. I told her just how sorry she and her husband was. And if anybody ought to get laid off it should have been them two. Why, oh why, did I stoop to her level? I lowered myself to her. I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive my for what I did, I know that I should ask her for forgiveness but I just can't. It was the truth. Here I am trying to do right, pay my bills and be honest and I'm drowning and you look at her and her lifestyle, one can not help but ask why Her? Know what I mean? I'm sorry I shouldn't have done what I did or even talk about it. I just had to vent out some steam.
It all makes me wonder why , the government opens the doors for these forgeiners and show them how to make a living, give them free education, free medical, and food stamps, and not take care of their own. Like at the Miss Universe pagent, when Ms America came out , the mexicans and all booed her. Hello, you come into America for our handouts, you ought to be horsewhipped for all that. I believe that if they would put me in office , I could straighten this country out. Why is it that when a man (or so called one) is in charge of something, he screws up and a woman has to clean up his mess? I'm sorry, forgive me, I need some down time and to regroup.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I finially go through with the rug I was working on. It is made from one full size sheet. I ripped the sheet up and crocheted it. It did have a basket look to it in the middle. After walking on it , it is laying down some. This was my first attempt to make one of these. I have some sheets that family has gave me and will tear them into strips and make some more. Got some great advice from MJF on how to stop the basket look and some good instructions. Can't wait to see how those turn out.

I put this one in front of my washer and dryer. That seems to be the most traffic area in the house other than the kitchen and bathroom.haha

What kind of breed of goats are there? Thought goats were goats.
There are over 200 different breeds of goats. I personally can't say one bred is better than the other. Each has their own 'thing'.
Dairy Goats:
You have your swiss breeds , they are;
Toggenburg( which I have one doe)
LaMancha( they look like they have no ears)
Nubian( which I have)

Alpines, Saanens, Toggenburgs and Oberhaslis are very similar. They look alot alike. They have upright ears, and dish faces(straight or scooped-out faces) Some of these may have wattles. The two little teats that hang down under their chins. These are nothing and I like to think of these as goat jewerly. These goats seem to do better in cool climates.

LaManchas and Nubians seem to do better in warmer climates. Nubians are known for having a roman nose(rounded face). They also have long and floopy ears.
LaManchas seem to be the calmest breed in dairy goats. They also look like they have no ears.

Hope this informations is helping and will post tomorrow on meat goats and fiber goats.
Okay, back to goats.
Let's say that you want dairy goats. What do you look for when picking out your "girl"? Look at her coat, is it healthy and clean looking, is she clipped, either all over or just under the belly and udder, is her hoofs trimmed? Check her gums. Are they healthy and pink? Or are the white? What about her eyes? Are they clean and bright and alert? These are the first things I look for when making a puchase on goats.
If the gums are white, then the goat is wormy. If the eyes are not bright and clean looking, the goat could be wormy or have a case of pink eye.
You want you 'girl' to have a what I call " a girly look" . She has the feminine look. You also want to make sure she has a nice soft, wide , round udder. Make sure that both teats are the same size and they are not hanging unevenly. You don't want your doe's teats being long where they drag the ground.
Look at her legs. Like I said, want a giryl look to her. You want her legs to be strong and sturdy.
Look at her rib cage. It should be well rounded, that is a good sign that she has room for hay or feed to make milk.
You are not going to be able to look at a young goat and tell if she is going to be a good milker. That is where you need to ask the person you are buying from what kind of milker her dam(mother) was.
What about papers? I have some goats that are registered and have some that are not. In dairy shows alot of your goats need to be registered. In the meat classes, if we are showing in market, no, they don't need to be registered. If we are showing in breeding, whether it is dairy or meat, yes, you need papers.
Remember a goat with papers will cost you more than one without. It just depends on what your plans are.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here is a picture of Emily. It did get cold that night even though we had a fire going.

If you remember in my earlier post, I told about us going camping. I don't have a digital camera,yet, I'm working on saving the money to get one. Here is a picture of our tent. When we go camping, it's not staying in a rv or a motel room. It's roughing it . We have a place on the river, there is a place to have power but it's not hooked up. I love going there. It is so peaceful. I love getting up early in the morning, listening to the birds, whatching the boats go up and down the river, but most of all just sitting and listening to God. We take laterns, carry jugs of water and cook all our meals over a campfire. It really humbles one getting back to nature. You have the pleasure of sitting and recall alot of memories, makes some new memories, but most of all , just find yourself. Even though, I live in the country, going to our special place camping, you really have the outdoors right there. Watching the deer come right up to the camp site, hearing the bullfrogs, watching the lighting bugs, counting the stars, catching fish right outside your tent, one really has the time to get back in connection with God. I really enjoy being outdoors, camping, and just sitting and watch time pass by. It is also time to catch up with your kids. Find out what they are up to. There's no tv, phone, p.c., or any else to interupt you. They have nothing to do but talk. When we went to leave Sunday afternoon, Emily told me she really enjoyed our time together.
I'm going to take the weekend off from posting about goats will start back Monday. Want to connect with your child, take them camping, leave all gadgets at home and just talk to them, spend time with them. I promise, when you leave, everything will look better and different. Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 1, 2007

I was off work today but the good news is I will work next week. I know we have a 3 day schedule. So that will help alot. I got up this morning after having a restless night and some of my farmgirl friends from MJF have been on my mind. I got me a cup of coffee and just sat in the chair and thought of them. I just prayed that God will lift them up and give them the strength to carry on. After Lamar went to work, I got up and went feed the critters. I also milked Lady who gave me a quart and half of milk. Had enough time to come in and shower before going and helping my cousin clean one of the houses that she cleans every week. Came home and just been lazy the rest of the afternoon. I went out and feed again this afternoon and milked. I was surprised that Lady gave as much milk this afternoon as this morning. I called my cousin's vet office and told Melissa to let people know that I had goats milk if someone had an orphan animal they were bottle feeding. I also called the 4-H office and told them to put the word out. I can't sell goats milk for human consumpation but I can sell it for animal what they do with it when they get home is their business. I washed out all the feed buckets and water buckets. I try to do that every other day since it has got hot. During the winter I do it once a week.
One of my friends that I run barrels with , her son was in a bad wreck the other day. I just found out about it and called and checked on them. My nephew, who is on the rescue squad, said it was a miracle that he wasn't killed. Michelle said that he was sore but nothing was broke and that God was merciful to them for her son not getting hurt or killed in the wreck. We chatted for awhile and found out she is running at the rodeo this weekend. I told her I wasn't going to be able to go and to take care of Jon Brandon. She said she would. In the rodeo circuit , everyone is family. I feel better when I know someone is there in case JB gets hurt. You would think in the rodeo circuit it would be cut throat. But it's not, I have seen cases where your competor will come to your rescue and help you when you need it. Give you pointers and then be there to hollar and yell for you. It is such a postive atmosphere. We always gather together before competeing and pray. Have started posting about goats. Hopefully my experience will help someone.
When is the best time purchase a goat?
I prefer to purchase my goats when they are little. I try to buy when they are about 3 months old and weaned from their mothers. Most breeders will breed their goats either in the fall or in the spring. It takes 5 months for the babies to be born. I try to breed in October or November, that means they will come in March or April. I have better results having little ones in the spring when the weather has turned warmer.
Some breeders have kids already spoke for before they hit the ground so you may have to put in your request. I sell my little ones from $35 to $100 depending on the bred.
Where do I find my goat?
Always try to buy from a breeder. I have found out the hard way buying from sales barn, that is not the way to go. You don't know the heath of the goat or the history. When I bring a new goat home, I keep it put up in a pen by itself for a week, there I watch for signs of illness , and go ahead a vaccinate.
When purchasing your goat, take a look at the other goats. Are they healthy looking, is their coat clean and bright, are their hoofs trimmed? Always ask what kind of feed they are on. If you decide to change feed, make sure you do it gradually. Goats get stressed out very easly. Ask what kind of booster and vaccaines they have had. There are some very serious diseases out there that goats carry and can pass on. Also, humans can catch some of these. (I promise I'm not trying to talk you out of buying, just informing you)
How much does it cost to keep a goat? HUMMMM...... it can get expensive but in the end you come out ahead. On dairy goats, you recieve wonderful and healthy milk , and milk products. Meat goats, you get wonderful lean and tendar meat. Fiber goats, you get wonderful fibers that you can sell or make items with and sell.
A goat can eat around 1,500 lbs of hay a year and 400 lbs of concentrate feed per year. I have found out on all the livestock I have raised and sold, goats give me a cleaner profit in the end of year. Like I said before, this is the first year for me to have dairy goats, all I have ever had is meat.
This posting will be some of the most asked questions about goats. If you are wanting a goat , I hope these will help you come to conclusion about owning a goat, housing, and types of goats.
Why do I raise goats?
Goats are one of the most inexpensive animal to have. They require small housing, not a BIG place to roam, ease to handle, keep, and transport. They are so much easier to show than cattle, horses, and swine. How do I know? I have showed cattle, horses, and swine in 4-H when I was growing up.
Goats also can turn a project or hobby into profit. There are dairy goats that produce milk, can make cheese, make butter, and soap. Then you have your fiber goats, where you can use their fibers for knitting, crochet, and weaving. You have meat goats, where not only do they produce meat for your family you will be surprised at the people who will come to you wanting to buy their own for slaughter.
Is rasing goats a lot of work?
I have found out that dairy goats do require more attention and have alot of responsibilty. The meat goats, is so much easier for we only keep alot of them for only about 11 months. So, the chores of meat goats are only for a little while where dairy is everyday, twice a day, come rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Sort of like the postman.
Can a kid have a goat or does that kid need help? Goats are the most easiest animal for a kid to start with. Yes, there will be times when the child needs help. If a child wants a show animal , I tell the parents, go find them a kid(baby goat) They are able to handle them by theirselves.
What kind of housing and how much land or pasture is needed with goats?
All goats needs is a well vented lean to or small structure that will protect them from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. You don't need a large pasture for them, depending on how many you start with. My pen is large but I have several goats. I have seen a pen of only 200 for 2 goats. As long as you get them out on a regular basis and excerise them. I personally think one that size for 2 goats is fine.
Which goat is best suited for me?
Are you wanting a dairy goat for milk or you wanting a meat goat? You need to look at how much time and responsibilty you want. If you are a person who can handle getting out in any type of weather for milking twice a day, go for the dairy. If you are wanting a project for 4-h or ffa and this is for kids, I think a meat goat is best.
How many goats do I need to get started with?
Goats are social animals. They do best when you have at least 2 together.
What about goats with horns and those things that hang down under their chins?
I prefer my goats not to have horns. I try to dishorn my goats when they are young. Dairy goats are more active than other goats, so the horns could hurt you or the goat. You will see some goats with two little teats hanging down under their chins. These are wattles. Some goats will have them and some won't. I like to think of them of goat jewerly. They don't mean anything.
Will be posting later more about goats. Goats are alot of fun. They are loveable and have their own little personality. It's so much fun watching the little ones play.
Hope some of this helps.
I have decided to start posting, not only daily happenings here at 2lmz farms, but also about goats. How to get started, what to look for when buying a goat, different kinds of goats,etc. I think you get the idea. I was raised on a farm, where we had goats, cows, chickens, hogs, horses, we raised our own grain and sold our livestock to slaughter houses and slaughtered our own animals for our food. It was hard work for there were 3 girls and no boys. We girls drive tractors, doctored on the animals, everything that had to be done, us girls done it. My father farmed but also drove a truck so he was gone most of the time. It was up to us girls to keep the farm going. We learned how to buy and sell not only livestock but grain also. Just because we was girls and young , we weren't the type to get shamed(cheated). Our parents had raised us to be business minded and if we got cheated out of something, it could have meant doing without food or feed. We drove a hard baragin. I thank my parents and grandparents for instilling in me the love and knowledge for animals.
As I get into depth about health issues in goats just remember, I am not a vet(even though I have 2 cousins that are) some of the meds I give most vets would have a fit. I just know what has worked for me and the goats. If you have questions, I will try to answer them to my best ability, if not I will give you the source to find the answeres. Every goatkeeper has their own way and different views on things. I just hope my views will help you.