Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Load Baked Potato Salad
1 (5-pound0 bag baking potatoes
1 (8 oz) sour cream
1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup chopped onions
1/2 cup real bacon bits
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 (1oz) envelope ranch dressing mix
Preheat oven to 400
Scrub potatoes, and bake, 1 hour, or until done. Let potatoes cool, peel, and cut into chunks.
Preheat oven to 350.
In a large bowl, combine remaining ingredients. Add potatoes, and toss gently to combine. Spoon into a 13x9x2-inch baking dish. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

I don't use baking potatoes, I use red potatoes, boil them, then add them to the other ingredients. It's just as good as using baking potatoes. Use whatever you like.
Hope you enjoy.
Well, it has finally rained here. Was getting everything ready for milking and the heavens opened up. Thank you, Jesus. We was needing a rain. Everything had dried up for the lack of rain. Isn't God wonderful? Got through milking, started some bread in the machine. I haven't bought bread in nearly 3 wks. I have been making it myself. I have found the classic white bread recipe to be the one we all prefer. I have some chicken in the refridge so I will make some chicken salad for supper and for my lunch tomorrow. I still don't know if we will work next week or not. It doesn't look good. One good thing, is my unemployment will be good so atleast I will have a little of money. I have one more week to go before I can start using the milk from Lady. I have found a recipe for goat milk fudge. Will try it first before I pass it on.
Does any one here like Paula Deen? OMG, I just love the lady. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person. (check out my older post). I have found one of her recipies for Load Baked Potato Salad. It is wonderful. Try it and see what kind of raves you get.
Late yesterday evening coming back from Tessa's(our daughter who turned 28) I seen a snake in the driveway. I ran over it with the car and got on up the driveway, there was another one. Tried to kill it but missed it, so I reached for my pistol to shoot it and you would have thought I was fixing to shoot Lamar the way he carried on. He made me end up missing a chance to show off my annie oakly shooting. So, today after I got off work , I went and bought some moth balls to put out. Now when you go outside, the smell of moth balls is strong. I can share my property with alot of things but I draw the line at snakes. Ain't no snake allowed anywhere here. I had dreams about snakes last night. This afternoon when I was milking, I couldn't even milk without looking for a snake. If you come up here for a visit and see, Calamity Jane doing her Annie Oakley, don't worry, I'm just snake hunting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today found me getting up at 5am. I went back to work today and I knew that I had to get everything milked and feed and be at work by 7. Was doing great until Lady kicked and spilled milk everywhere. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. I did make it to work at 6;45. We didn't have much work but I tried to make what money I could. After work, I had to go and buy feed. It is stupid how much feed has gone up. I have to go to two different feed stores here in town just to get what I need. One store doesn't care the feed that I need to feed the dairy goats, and I buy feed for the show goats and horse feed at the other store. I have tried to just buy from one but they seem like they don't want to order the feed that I need or don't want to offer the same price that the other store does. It just doesn't make sense. Today just seems like a good day for me just to vent out everything that is bothering me. Like my x, who sold some cattle Saturday, and some of them was my boys. Do you think they got their cut out of it. No, he is just an a**. If he can live with it , I know the boys can. He blames me for them not having anything to with him but I have tried to tell him, it's the way he had treating them and they don't want anything do with him. Hello, if I was treated that way, I sure wouldn't keep going back for some more. Another thing, he still gives me the devil after all these years after our divorce. He got what he wanted, now he needs to get on with his life. I moved on, so does he.
Please forgive me, it has really been one of them days. This isn't like me to feel this way, I pray that God can soften my heart and restore my faith.

This is my daughter, Emily. She is 13 and will turn 14 here soon. She moved in with her Dad last January. It has been hard for me but I know this was her decision and she knows that she can always move back. I told her when she moved in with him that she wasn't going to play me that it wasn't going to be back and forth. I think sometimes she wishes that she was still here just by the little comments that she makes. She is very active in soccer, basketball and runs cross-country. She also is very active in 4-H, where she loves showing goats. When she goes into the ring for showmanship, she will either win it or place next to it. I don't blame her for going with her Dad, heck, if I was her age and someone was throwing money at me, yeah, I would go with that parent too. I have tried to teach her that money isn't everything. But, she is a teenager.

Monday, May 28, 2007

This is Jon Brandon and his girl-friend. You have heard me talk about him from his bull riding to serving his country. Since this is Memorial Day, I have been thinking about what short time I have left with him. I have had one of those days where everytime I think of the date he leaves, I tear up. Where did the days go? Where has my little rug rat gone? Why doesn't he have time for him Momma anymore? I have set here and thought about from the time he was born, his first day at school, his first date, his first driving ticket, the day he joined, and his first bull ride. My, how time flies. It seems now, there is someone else who shares his life now. Am I jealous? Yes, but I really care for Abbye. I couldn't have picked noone better for him. I know that she cares for him and will try to her best to make sure he is happy. I know there is someone else I have to share him with other than Abbye, and that is America. I see now, I will fall behind her(America) for she is his first and major concern. Am I jealous? No, just proud. Okay, so I am jealous. Why is he doing this? Why can't it be someother person's child? I look at the pictures of the young men and ladies that are serving this country and I think, that is someone's son and daughter. Is that parent feeling the same feelings that I am? Are the scared out of their wits wondering if their child is coming home safe to them? To the parents of service men and women, you have my most regard. To have the strength to share you child for the love of this country. I want you to know, that I'm right there among you on bowed knees thanking God for people like you and your kids and praying for their safe return and for this war to be over with. Just one question for you to ponder on, why isn't the politicans kids not over there fighting?
Congratulations to my new found friend, vafriend, who had the closest answer. The flower is made from an old garden tiller. So, she is the winner of some goat milk soap. Oh, Tracey, I put you a happy in the snail mail Thursday. Hum, wonder what you got?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Okay. What is this? Do you know? Yes, it is a flower but what is it made from? Can you guess? Come on, might be worth your wild to guess. Leave your comments and come back tomorrow and see.
I have been trying to find a supplier for milking pails and strainers for the goats. I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. Oh, well, will keep looking. I got up this morning and went and milk, Lady, I have been freezing her milk for in case we have some newborns that the momma won't take. I have asked some of the gals on the Mary Jane Forum for some help. Maybe I will find my answers.
I washed 2 loads of clothes, hung them out, made 2 loafs of bread, hoed out the garden, swept the back porch and washed the front porch off. OH, then had to take Em over to my Aunt's to stay the afternoon with her daughter, who is the same age of Em.
Now, I'm trying to find something to fix for supper. With me being laid off , it has put me in a strain for money. I have to be careful with the money for it has to last me for 3 wks until the next paycheck. I go back to work Tuesday but who knows, we will probably be laid off the week after that. Atleast my unemployment will be started then.
Somedays, I feel like I'm drowning. Like noone else is in the same boat with me. I have it worse than others. I know that's not right but when you get down, that's the way you feel.
I go back and read the Bible and what helps me is the verse , where God tells that man shall live by the sweat on his brow. Man, The way I have been sweating, I will make it. Also, for us not to worry about tomorrow, just worry about today.
Sometimes, I wish, I could quote verses out of the Bible. I can tell you close to where it is but it takes time for me to find it. It seems like I need to read my Bible more,huh?.
God has been good to me. I have a home , A loving husband, SUPER GREAT kids, and I survived skin cancer. I'm thankful for what I have even though sometimes I complaining because I would like more. I know that as long as I trust him, I will be ok.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is Ginger and her lil ones, Shelby and Wheezer. Yeah, their names came from the movie"Steel Magnolias". Ginger is a Nubian, I bred her to my boar billy . Shelby and Wheezer are for the show ring. When you cross breed and nubian and boar you end up with some nice meat goats. Don't worry, the girls won't be used for meat just for breeding again this fall. Ginger is the one who knocked on the door one day and David opened the door and she came right on in. Why not? Everything else has been brought into the house by the kids.
Ginger gives about 2 pints of milk a day. I have already dehorned the lil ones. I plan on moving them into a pen by theirselves in a couple of days so I can get them completely weaned. I could sit for hours and watch them play. They are so adorable. Each one has their own personality. They live up to their names. Wheezer is the drama queen and when they were born, Shelby was the one who really had to be nursed on. I don't know why I give them human names, they get so close to my heart when I do that. Already have names picked out for the other little ones that are to born here soon. No more human names, it will be weird names, something that has to do with food. That way, I won't get to close to them. Yeah, right. We will see, won't we.
Have a good one.
You Are A Soldier
You are a soldier, in the burning sand
Fighting for freedom in a foreign land
You are a soldier,strong,brave and true
And I want you to know that I'm praying for you
You are a soldier, fighting the fight
While I am here sleeping in my warm bed at night
I don't know your name, and you don't know me
but, thank you, thank you for keeping us free
You are a soldier, facing such strife
And for our country, you are risking your life
You are a soldier, far away you roam
From the ones who loves you back here at home
You are a soldier, we miss you so
May God be with you, wherever you go
I pray for the day that this war will end
And you are back with us, safe once again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I told you the picture would pop up sometime. haha
I tried to post a picture of my garden. I don't know what happened. Who knows? it may pop up and then again it might not. Oh well... will try again. I get so mad at this thing. It just won't take orders from me.
My garden isn't very big but it does for us. I have planted 6 tomatoes , 18 different pepper plants(yes,we like pepper, just use a lot when canning), and 61/2 rows of purple hull peas. What? Never heard of them? Honey, you just don't know what you are missing. Have a fresh bowl of peas, hot cornbread, slice of onion and sweet tea and you have a meal fit for a king. I like to boil okra in with my peas. I like to put mayonnaise on top of my peas. I like..... I think you get the idea.
I went to John's funeral today then had to go and buy feed for the critters. After I got home, I had to feed everything and milk the goat. I also gave my plants and flowers a good soaking with mircale grow. I came in and found my package from MaryJane. It is the apron pattern that I orderd. Now, if I can just find out how to enlarge the pattern. Any Ideas? I have a loaf of white bread cooking in the bread machine now. Only 18 minutes to go and I'll have fresh hot bread. Too bad it isn't for me. I'm sending the loaf home with a friend of DH. I hope they like. Gosh, it smells good in the house. I feel like my life is complete when I smell good things baking coming from my kitchen. I didn't cook tonight. I'm going to try and start posting recipies from my kitchen and the menus that I fix up for the week.
Have a good one and God Bless.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In Loving Memory of
Staff Sargeant
John Thomas Self

Date of Birth
November 2, 1977

Date of Death
May 14,2007

I have dedicate these posting in memory of John and all those who have lost their lives for my freedom.

Some gave all............................
I went to the furnal home to give my respects to John's family. As I stood in line, I couldn't help but wonder what the family was feeling. Were they upset with the government for allowing this war to continue? How many more young men must loose their lives for this? How will they continue on with their lives after dealing with this tradegy? I also wondered how would I react if I was in their shoes. What if that was my son? I also thought back to our forfathers who have fought in war and lost their lives for our freedoms. I thought of my great uncle who was a P.O.W. All the horrible things he went through. As I sit here on my computer, I'm very proud of those who have fought and still fighting today for my freedom. I don't want JB to go war but I'm very proud of him to choose this path to fight for our freedom and those to come. I'm proud of my Dad who also fought for my freedom, my brother-in-law, my Granddad, and all those other family members who have been in war. I ask of you who reads this , to find someone who has or is fighting for your freedom please extend your thanks. Let that person know. As I was talking to Jill,(John's Mom) she told me we belonged to the same club, Military Mom. I couldn't help but walk out the furnal home with my head held up higher. So, to JB, you go son, God speed, and know that your Momma is here with her flag waving and on her knees praying for your safe return.It's a honor having you as a son. You are my heart and soul, my first born, please return home safely to me, so that I can hold you in my arms once more and see your beautiful smile and hear your funny laugh. Yes, I know , I stil have a month with you but as the times gets closer , my heart breaks that much more.
To those of you who read this, say a prayer for this solider for his safety and give thanks for him fighting for your freedom and all those before him and those who are there now.

Day is done, gone the sun
From the lake, from the hill
From the sky.

All is well, safely rest
God is nigh

Thanks and praise, for our days,
'Neath the sun, 'neath the stars,
'Neath the sky.

As we go, this we know,
God is nigh.


This is Flossie Mae. she is about 3 wks old. My son, David, got her from the man he works for,it seems that her mom died and David got her. He came home with her late one night and told he had a bull calf that needed to be bottle feed. So, we feed the calf and it wasn't until the next day, that we found out he was a she. We have had some good laughs about the "bull calf". I named her Flossie Mae. She is a sweetheart. She has started trying to eat some grain. So, I am hoping here soon I can move her out of the goat pen and put her in the pasture. It's a hoot watching her play with the goats. She chases the goats then they turn around and chases her. I believe my cousin's son who is 4 is going to show her this summer in the under 8 showman class. I have been trying to get David to show her but he won't do it. He only wants to show goats. I'm not going to push him into showing her, heck, I'm doing good just to get him to show goats.

This nanny belongs to a friend on mine. She had a lil one born but the baby died. So my friend called me and asked if I would take her and milk her. I milked her last night and gave the milk to the cats. I will do that for a couple of days before I start using the milk. She doesn't really have a name but I call her Lady. She is very loveable and very gently. I trimmed her hooves yesterday for they were in bad shape. I will trim some more in a couple of days. I was scared about doing to much the first time. I didn't want her to be tenderfooted. I also dipped her feet before I put her in the pen for I didn't want her bringing anything in to my other goats.
The other nanny, Ginger, was jealous of her for she felt like Lady was getting all the attention. Funny, how goats can do.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Here is the picture of Em and Kristin holding the flag before John's body arrived. I didn't make any pictures for I thought that would be tacty
I posted the picture that was in our local paper about John. His body arrived back in Pontotoc about 30 minutes ago. We went down to the end of my road and Emily and her cousin held the flag up when he came by. There was people lined up for about 2 miles on both sides of the road. There was flags stuck up everwhere. I was making it fine until his body came by me and then I broke down. It's hard to believe that John was in there. When his family came by my heart really broke. I couldn't help but think,"will I go through the same thing with Jon Brandon?" I have always had respect for the flag and the military but with JB being in service , it really holds new meanings to me. I can't imagine how hard it is to bury a child. My Mom buried a child (I have an older sister) and she said that was unnatural, and the hardest thing to do. A person knows they will bury their parents but a child is different.
I didn't want my Mom to see me cry today but I notice she had tears on her face as well. Was she wondering the same thing I was?
I'm proud of JB but this is one time when I can't step between him and danger. I know that I'm suppose to let him grow up but it doesn't matter how old he gets he will always be my chld.
People had placed flags out marking the way to the furnal home and there was some kids stealing them today. I know they were taking to the jail and I hope there will be charges. Makes one wonder what kind of raising these kids have had. I know they havn't had to much of a raising for any body knows that was wrong.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Emily and I got up early this morning adn went to the farmers market. Just to see what was available. I notice that no one was there selling fresh baked goods. I talked to Emily and we are going to check into about setting up on Saturday mornings and trying to sell some homemade baked goods. Any extra money that is coming in will be welcome for I have been layed off again. The furniture industry doesn't look good right now. I know that several plants have closed their doors or laying off. It makes it hard on this little town for that is all that is here is furniture. I love my job and sometimes I make good money. The Toyota factory is coming here but it will be 3 years before the plant is up and going. Hello, we will be broke and nearly straved to death before it gets here. This town will be a ghost town if something doesn't change.
Lamar, Emily and I are going camping tonight. Yes, we sleep in a tent with no running water and electricty. We do have laterns though. I have cut out several yo-yos and us girls are going to work on them while Lamar runs trout lines and fish. On the menu tonight is: hobo dinners, potato salad, and bread. In the morning we will have honey buns and for lunch will be sandwiches.
Jon Brandon is riding bulls tonight in Sentatobi, MS. I would have liked to go and watched him but money is a big issue tonight. Also, I would have liked to had the money to run barrels. Just say a prayer that he will have a safe and winning ride.
I worry about him when I'm not there but the guys he runs with know to call when something has happened. They are scared of me. Now, that's funny for I'm 5'3" and weigh in at 115. They say that I'm meanier than one of them. They just like to give me a hard time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have trouble with this computer. I know very little about working in cyper space. I think it's time for some classes. I get things done and click on what I think is the right one and BAM I loose everything I have typed. Ever happened to you? Didn't think so. Seems everyone knows how to work a computer but me. Even my great nephew knows more than I do. Now, that's sad. Whenever someone ask me a question about the computer , I tell them that they need to ask me something that I know about, like, men and helicopters. I know that they both give me awhirl. haha
I have been checking out other people's blog. Man, they are very talented. I often wonder exactly who are these people. Are they professional writers? Have I read one of their books under a different pen name?
My poor ole blog is very dull. How can I freshen it up some? Hum, too much thinking for this brain. It seems that all I write about it , is things that are going on here at home and about rodeoing. Does anybody really care? Are they not anybody who is interested in the rodeoing life? Does anyone know how much time, and money that one puts into rodeoing?
If I had every penny that I have spent on fuel, clothes, maintence, tires, entry fees, lodging, and eats, I would be VERY RICH. I have put alot of miles on a vechile going here and there. No, I am not a professional barrel racer, no, I don't have sponsers, I do it for I love it.
It takes a lot of money just for everything I have mention above but that doesn't compare with the money that is spent on the horses. I have one horse that I paid alot of money for. I could have had a new car for what I paid for her. She has earned her keep here at 2lmz farms. She will live out her days here and I will see to it that she will have a nice resting place when that times come.
Enough said, I mainly want to know what I can do to spice up this space. Any ideas? No, I didn't think so for no one bothers to read.
Have a good one

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got the picture downloaded but forgot to post. Duh, having a terrible day. My mom called and told me that her neighbor's son was killed in Irag. Don't know the details other than it could take 7 to 10 days for his body to get back here. It is so sad, for this little one horse town has done lost 3 young guys over there within 2 years.It scarys me for JB will be leaving July 17. I'm honored that he is going to defend our country but enough is enough. Remember the ole saying, " either shit or get off the pot." well, that is the way I feel about this war.
I had a wedding this past weekend that I had to do. It was outside and was very beautiful. Saturday night after the wedding, DH and I went to the dirt drag strip. YUP, you heard me right. It's where 4 wheel drive trucks race on a dirt drag strip. We got home about 1a.m. Then Sunday , got up and went to church. Everyone went over to Mother's that afternoon for a cookout. Went to work yesterday, after work, we worked in the yard. I decided to make some bread for a lady that gave me a bag full of fabric. So, I was up till 11:30 waiting on the bread to get done. This afternoon we are going to get the pool up and going.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have been trying to put the picture of JB riding bulls on my blog and I can not get the photo downloaded. Help!!!!! Like I've told you all before this is the high tech redneck here in blog land. Don't exactly know about this new computer. I feel like singing that ole song, " why oh why did you have to leave me,". I was very happy with my old one. This new one really makes me forget my relgion. I have said some very nasty words using this thing.
when I start trying to download the picture , it is just like the damn thing freezes up.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today has started off pretty d@#$ bad way. Over slept for one, was late feeding the critters. Flossie Mae was cutting up waiting on her bottle, Dass and D.J., the barrel horses, was stomping in their stalls waiting, and I was still trying to have that first cup of coffee when I headed to the barn. Then my cuz called and was going out of town to pick up parts for her husband , so I rode with her so she wouldn't go by herself. Made it fine going, but coming back, ha, that was a totally different story. We was 100 miles from home, and ran into not one but two bad storms. When we got about 40 miles from home, we ran into a horrible storm. It was hailing , wind blowing, rain was coming down so hard we couldn't see where we was at. Then the sky looked very funny. We looked out the window to our left and lord, there was clouds in rotation. I yelled for Audra to just go. I was scared out of my pants. Now remember, I have done rode one tornado in 2001 and didn't care about riding another. Audra was pretty shaken up too. We made it back home and seeing all those mad, hungry critters made me smile. We are having heavy rain right now with some thunder, which is going to make feeding time pretty interesting. Oh well, guess it's time to pull out those ugly rubber boots. They are green and looks like big frogs on them. They are my daughter's but I took them over for she isn't here long enough to do the dirty work. She thinks all she has to do is show and that is that. So, I get stuck, mucking out stalls, cleaning the tack room and all the tack, doing all the riding, or breaking the goats to lead, clipping the animals for showing, and she gets to look like a queen. Not complaining, for its my fault , I have made her that way for she is the baby. So, I guess it's off to the barn, and to see how much mud I can get on me. Thank God, I'm a Country Girl.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I am off this week. Don't know if that is good or bad. I have been real busy with the rodeos and NBHA. My lil nanny had 2 babies , and they are doing great. Shelby is the loveable one while Wheezer is the drama queen. I also have a calf, that I'm bottle feeding, her name is Flossie Mae. She is just adorable, until she butts you wanting her bottle.
I will be able to stay at home this weekend, last weekend, I was at Pontotoc, then left after that race and went to Bolivar, TN to a rodeo. Jon Brandon drew a bad bull , he only lasted for about 3 seconds. Was glad when his ride was over with. Next weekend, we both are going to Athens, AL. It seems that we are always rushing around and when the weekend is up, we need a couple of days to regroup.
I had surgery the other week on my ear. I had some skin cancer but the doctor told me that he got everything. I have about 2cm missing off my ear. Was afraid that there was going to be more than that. DH says it looks like I was shot with a 22. You can better believe that I will be wearing a huge hat from now on. I was really shook up for a while. It wasn't that it was skin cancer but I didn't know how much of my ear I was going to lose.
David, my 18 yr old, got kicked in the head by a cow, and now he is doing fine. Was really worried about him for awhile. His eyes was closed shut for a couple of days. Then JB busted his chin when he went face down on the bull. I think I said some BAD words on the tape. It has been like a 3 ring circus around here.

Friday, May 4, 2007

I still haven't got my computer fixed. I'm at Mother's on her pc. I have been so busy that I haven't really had time to get it fixed. I have had a rodeo or NBHA show nearly every weekend. I have been doing good or rather Dass has. We have had some real good times. We have been running up there with the big dogs. Jon Brandon has been doing good with his bull riding. We both rode at Pontotoc, He ended up with a busted chin where he kissed the bull head . I ran a 14.8 and even got some extra points for I ran over a girl when I came out the gate. She was standing there in the middle of the alleyway talking on her cell phone , everyone was yelling for her to move and she just keep standing there. Sooo... I ran over her . She rolled twice in the gravel then she wanted to jump on me for it. Like I can stop a horse running 30mph on a dime. I imagine that left a couple of marks on her.
I'm trying to get the picture of JB downloaded on the site for you all to see. Guess what??!!! He has meet a girl and feel in love. She is a really nice and pretty red-headed thing. She has a good job and seems like she is just what he needs.
I ran last saturday, I ended up with 3rd in the 2d times. So, that made me happy for we have moved up a class and won some money. YIPPEE!!!!
I have missed talking with the girls on the Mary Jane site and have really missed talking with Tracey. It's going to take me forever just to get caught up on her site.
Gotta go and get home and feed the critters.