Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This cowboy's hat is hung up with care and waiting till the return on his owner. It will hang on the wall until this cowboy/soldier returns back to swap his combat boots for his cowboy boots with the spurs. This cowboys hat will hang and think about all the times it and his cowboy/soldier has had and think about the fun times they will have when he returns. Sometimes this hat has to sit and hang out by itself while all the other cowboy hats get to go out to hit the rodeo circuits but there is something special about this cowboy hat., it's not like all the other cowboy hats, his owner is out there protecting and defending this great nation so other cowboy hats can ride the open range, chase them lil doogies, ride them wild bulls, but he knows his owner will return home one day. His owner will slap him on his head, and out the door they will go. So see, this cowboy's hat knows he is different then all the others, for his owner is not only a cowboy but also a UNITED STATES SOLDIER. So until the day his owner returns this Cowboy's hat will hang there on the wall with pride and honor.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Wednesday July 22 at 5:25pm ....we welcomed Kaleb Micheal into this family...He weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 19in. Lamar is holding him in the picture and I just love this photo of grandson and granddad. So it's official now I have joined the ranks with alot of you gals on Grandmother hood...Man, i'm loving it...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

DO WHAT????????????????

Last night started our rodeo weekend here in Pontotoc. As you know I am on the drill-flag team. For the past couple of years us gals has always carryed the different flags of the military branches. Last night when we got there , got all dolled up, got our horses saddled and ready to groom, we got informed that this year we all would be carrying the flags to the different events in rodeo. WHOA NELLY!!!! DO WHAT?????????? You mean to tell me that now the Pontotoc Unit is deployed out and these guys need to know that the county is behind them and supporting them, We Are Not Carrying The Military Flags?????? Man, that's is just wrong, bad wrong! Then we get told about 30 minutes before our preformance that our routine has changed. Some of us gals was wondering just exactly what Robbie had been smoking? There are 3 of us who is the ones who is one the team every year...our position never changes then we have 3 different ones every year...let me explain...there are us 3 who is on the team and we stay..then every year the new ones who have been crowned the rodeo queens like MRS. RODEO, MISS RODEO, and TEEN MISS RODEO(only if the winner is an excellent rider and capable of handling her horse). Us older ones(the ones who never changes) knew we could hit our marks without praticing but we knew the new ones wouldn't. I'm the first one in so I had chatted with my sisters and we decided we would keep our old routine and between us old gals we would put the news ones in between us. So when those gates opened last night...we done our old routine. Every one hit their marks. Tonight we ride again. I'm not running this weekend...just didn't have the desire to.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Like I stated in the earlier computer died and now I'm on a borrowed one. Still trying to figure out how to use a laptop. thinking the next one I buy may just be one of these. I chatted with JB this moring. It wasn't a long chat but just hearing something from him makes my day so much better and sweeter. He is doing good.
My garden is coming along. Or rather everything but my tomatoes. I have been buying them from the amish. I have not really had time to ride. I started a new job about 3 weeks ago and I have been putting in some hours. I work anywhere from 7 to 11 hours Mon thru Thru and all day on Fridays. It has really helped not only the paycheck but keeping my mind busy.
I may not get to visit each and everyone of you. It's because I had saved your blogs on my old computer but now with this one....I can't remember where you all are at....Could I have some help over here

Thursday, July 9, 2009


my computer had crashed...then i forgot my email and password to this.....I know...Just have had a lot on my mind. JB is in Iraq. He is doing ok. The days are long and lonesome here. I have my moments where all I do is cry..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the day he left....I didn't want to let go

the day he left.....

Guess you can tell that I'm very proud of Jon Brandon and I love him


The other day when it was time for JB to leave out he called and told me to meet him in town for he had left his cap and wanted me to bring it to him. I only had about 2 miles to go to where I was meeting him. All the way there, Yes, I did do it, I smelled his cap.
You remember when you had your child and the moment the nurses laid that sweet bundle of joy in your arms and you lean down and that child has this sweet aroma? You just lay there and inhale that aroma like you are memorizing it. And as that child grows, they still have their own sweet smell. It doesn't matter if they have just had a bath or been outside and grubby and nasty, that smell their own smell is there. And as that child grows up and into adulthood that aroma is still there.
So see that day I was taken back to the first time I held my child and inhaled that sweet aroma. It brought back memories of when he was growing up and me just holding him to get a whiff of his smell.
It was like I was trying to get all his smell to last me through this next year till he returns. You know what? Sitting here, I can still remember his smell.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I guess time just zips past us when we are busy and unaware of the outside world. Excatly one week from today JB leaves out and yes, it's killing me. I just try to stay strong and not let anyone mainly JB see the effects it's having on me. Here is the family thinks I have to be the strong one while they fall apart. I only fall apart in the privacy of myself.
Things around here are still just as hetic. I have been trying to get my garden plowed and ready to plant. I moved it this year to a different spot. The place where I have always had it just really wasn't the best growing spot. I hope this year with me planting in a different place I will actually have a great harvest.
I have been getting in alot of riding. Went to the rodeo last weekend. Had a great run but wasn't fast enough for any money. I have a NBHA barrel race this Saturday so maybe I have a chance at either getting points or atleast a lil money.
I broke my right thumb last weekend at the rodeo. My mare blows so hard sometimes coming off barrels that when we came off the 3rd she jerked me up and somehow I hit the saddle horn and broke my thumb. I still rode the crap out of her coming out and when I got her stopped I told Chris that I had done something to my thumb. It's not as painful now as it first was.
I'm gonna try and get to everyones blogs today and check on ya.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Below are some pictures that was made the other day for the Send off for the Troops. Also is a letter I wrote to JB that I'm giving him the day he gets on that plane to head out to unknown land. Please keep the 1-98th Calvary in your prayers along with their families. A lot of these guys are very young and some have families they are leaving behind. These young men and women are taking the stand to go into something that we probably wouldn't do. They are going to experience things and see things that would make us grown folks run and hide. I also ask that you dig out your American flag and fly that flag with pride and honor. The American flag isn't just to flown on special days, it is to be flown every day. I know that every day I'm very proud and honored to live in this great America. So, if you would, get that flag out, knock off the dust and proudly hang it so evrybody else will see that you are proud to be an American.

TO YOU SPC.WILLIAMS.................

You will never know the love that is in my heart and soul that I have for you. As I watched you take that step under that Great American flag was like watching you take that step from a little boy into manhood. Oh what joy and pride I had. You have a job to do now and don't worry about the home fires for I will be fine and take care things here at home. You just worry about what you have to do. I just thought the sacrafices that I done for you was big but it's nothing for the sacrafices that you are doing. You don't know the pride and love I have for you for doing this not only for me and your family but for the people of America. I honored to have you for my son and to stand up and be a Mom to a soldier. Words cannot express my gratitude. Go in God's speed and grace, you are in my heart and prayers.
I love you,

TO YOU SPC.WILLIAMS.................

You will never know the love that is in my heart and soul that I have for you. As I watched you take that step under that Great American flag was like watching you take that step from a little boy into manhood. Oh what joy and pride I had. You have a job to do now and don't worry about the home fires for I will be fine and take care things here at home. You just worry about what you have to do. I just thought the sacrafices that I done for you was big but it's nothing for the sacrafices that you are doing. You don't know the pride and love I have for you for doing this not only for me and your family but for the people of America. I honored to have you for my son and to stand up and be a Mom to a soldier. Words cannot express my gratitude. Go in God's speed and grace, you are in my heart and prayers.
I love you,


This is me and Tyler Baby along with the 2 Captains in the background. They honestly just wanted their picture taking with me and this was the only way they could get in the picture. lol

here is a picture of Jb and his little bro David and then a real close friend of ours Tyler a.k.a Tyler Baby. Then here is Jb and the Baby of the family Emily. Emily is having a hard time dealing with Jb leaving along with the rest of us.

THE DOUBLE B'S............

Here is Jon Brandon and Brian. I love this photo of them. You can just see the closeness those two have and one can also see the trouble that those two can get into when they are together. Tell me that I don't know how to raise two good looking cowboys.


Here is my Hero. He is the only carrying the 98th flag with his troop. They hung a huge flag up and when each soldier walked under neath it they were considered in the Battle Zone. What a bittersweet time for me watching JB walk under it. It was like watching him go from a little boy to a man. I had so much joy and pride that day but also alot of heartache and tears. Don't my Hero look handsome



Thursday, April 2, 2009

oK, it's page 68 not 67 that has Brian's photos on it. Sorry
Sam is on page 53 and then Brian is on page 67 the first and 2 photos. One photo is him riding on the side of the bull and believe it or not, he rode like that for the full 8 seconds. He did end up in 5th place, he was sitting in 2nd until Saturday night then he got knocked down to 5th. Hey, he still brought home a


I thought some of ya'll might want to see the photos from the rodeo that was here in my home town last weekend. It was our annual PCA rodeo. Here is the site Then click on Pontotoc rotary club rodeo 2009 Friday night. If you will go to page 40 I'm the 3rd and 4th photo. You can see where I knocked over the 3rd barrel and I'm trying to find my over-n-under. The next photo is funny. I have this funny look on my face, the front of my hat is turned straight up and I still didn't get ahold of my over-n-under so I had to use my There is also some pictures of my neice on a page or two after me, the little girl on a gray mare with a black shirt on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

another clip

If you will watch real closely when I am trying to come in the gate, you can see Dass dancing. Gosh, I love that. That is the point where you know the action is fixing to start and both of your hearts just start pumping. We did go wide on the 3rd but had a clean run. Also watch us going out the gate, you can see what I'm talking about her not having brakes. This was made in January at Houston. We have a rodeo at Houston once a month during the winter time.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

last night.....

Last night was our annual rotary rodeo here in our home town. I was runner #7 in the barrel racing. I usually don't watch the other runners for I'm so nervous before I compete. My neice was 3 runners ahead of me and I do watch her. She had a nice run going until she got to the second barrel, her mare decided to duck on that second but Sam stopped her and got her going in the right direction and whipped all the way thru the pattern, she ended up with a no-time for breaking the pattern. I have been having trouble with Dass running up the wall with me on the first so when I got to the first barrel, I sat down on her and jerked and jerked way too much for we knocked it over. I then knew I really had to make up some time for I just got a 5 second penality, the second barrel was good, then the 3rd, yup I got it too. So...I had another 5 second penality added. I would have had a time of 14,8 but after my penalities it was 24.8. I got told that if I hadn't hit those barrels I would have been in the money. GEE, thanks, that was just what I wanted to hear after running in front of my home town and knocking 2 barrels over. But you know, it happens, it doesn't matter who you are or what you are running , hitting barrels is something that happens. I do know that out of 13 runners last night there was more that hit barrels than those who left them standing. The times of those runners who left them standing was a good 2 seconds or more than what mine would have been. Right now, Brian is sitting in 2nd in bull riding. He scored a 73 only 3 bull riders was able to make it to the whistle. There was some good bulls there. I guess tonight will tell the score on whether Brian is still in the money. They will combine last night and tonight to see who places. I really dislike the 2 night rodeos. For you can only ride one night out of the two. Oh well.....I had fun and my mare was running for me last night, I was the problem.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Houston, Mississippi rodeo Feb.09

If you will notice how the horses tied up at gate start acting up, it's cause me and Dass was tearing up some things trying to get in gate. these speed horses have trouble getting in the gate and it usually takes other people on horses poning me in. The announcer sometimes have to tell people to clear the gate when I'm coming in and to have the gate and alleyway cleared when coming out. We don't have any

I'm still alive or so I think I am.........

This is a photo of me, my neice Sam, and her Dad Chris(who is my ex brother-in-law). This was taken the other night at the rodeo at Ashland. Sam rodeos with me and let me tell ya, that lil gal can Chris trains horses and has helped me a great deal with Dass and is working now with my bay mare Jazz.
I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and well-wishes. I'm finally getting back on track. Jon Brandon came home Saturday for 30 days and then it's back to where he will be protecting our freedom. He went the other day and got his 'meat tags'. It's his dog tags with all his info tattooed on his rib cage. I'm fixing to get me another one. It's gonna be a cross and I'm having it put on my shoulder. Now don't worry it's not going to be huge, probably more like 2 inches or smaller. I have been wanting something done before JB left out. Jb and me talked about different things for me to get, I wanted his calvary swords but he said what if he changed to something else and there I would be with the swords. So....we decided to do the cross. Faith is what has gotten me this far and faith will continue on carrying me and JB thru this time. There is one thing about my tattoos, they are covered up, and what I wear no one can see them. It's just something personal for me. I was without internet for awhile. I changed from dail-up to DSL. Man, I am loving this new DSL. It doesn't take 30 minutes to download just one I'm going to try today to get to your blogs but if time doesn't allow me, I will be there in the morning. I have a rodeo tonight here in my home town. It's our annual PCA rodeo. I'm running that crazy app, and just hoping that she doesn't run up the wall with me on that first barrel. We have been having trouble with her doing that here lately. JB is going to be there to help support me and I'm excited to just be able to hear him hollar when I come thru the gate. When I come thru that gate, alot of times the world just shuts down for me. The only thing I can hear is the beating of my heart and the beating of Dass's heart as they become one. There is only two people that I can hear during that time, It's Chris hollaring kick, kick, kick,......and JB hollaring for his Mama to go. will find me doing some housework, getting our clothes ready for tonight, getting Dass her bath, loading up and heading to the rodeo. Sam and I will be doing barrels, afterwards it will be time for the bull riding. I won't be able to see my 2 cowboys ride, but I will watch my soldier-cowboy pull the rope and help his brother-cowboy(Brian) get down on his bull and maybe hopefully ride for 8 seconds and bring home a check. Once again, my family is complete, each and everyone of us back at the rodeo, P-town better look out for 'the rodeo beaners' are back in town.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Introducing.........MONKEY TOES......

After we sat and waited all day at the hospital, finally at 4:15 Jen was ready to push. Our younger sister Teisha was going to be in there with Jen but when it got time for the action to start, she changed her mind. I was standing out in the hallway, Jen's door open, and out came Teisha with her coat in one hand and her purse in the other hauling tail out of there. She didn't slack up when she passed me and told me to get in there she couldn't handle it. Weell......I didn't let any grass grow under my feet, I went! AFter 3 pushes the nurses was looking for the doctor. When the doctor came in the room he told Jen to breath thru it and in just a min we would have a baby. I looked up at the t.v. and yup, Cowgirls don't cry was on. Where was I standing, you ask? Now, that's a dumb question, just where do you think I was? Your right, I was down there with all the action. When she came into this world Jen asked me was she okay, I looked at Jen and told her yes and it was Monkey Toes!!!!! I wanted to put my hands on her soo bad but Sam( the big sister) wanted to be the first so Aunie just had to wait. After they got her cleaned up and Jen tended to, I went to the door and got Barry(Jen's hubby(he passes out at the sigh of blood) and Sam. The nurse laid the baby in Sam's arms and that's when my heart busted. I finally got my hands on her and yes, I did whisper in her ear for only her and God to hear. Then I sang Happy Birthday. Why even Jon Brandon was there and he was the next in line to hold her. My lil soldier boy broke down crying for he was soo scared he was going to miss seeing this lil one for he was leaving out two days later.
Oh, you want to know her name and all that other stuff?. Sorry, I have done dubbed her as Monkey Toes but I will tell ya what's on her birth certificate. Let's see....... what is her name............ Oh, Karley Jo a.k.a MONKEY TOES. She weighed in a 7lb 3 oz. Just think how big she would have been if she had made it to the end of March.
Monkey Toes and Mom is doing just great, they came home late Wednesday night and so far making it just fine. I haven't been over to see Monkey Toes for I have had the crud but just as soon as I'm over this, I'm going to get in some rocking time. Yea, I'm anxious to get in some bonding time with Monkey Toes.
OH Monkey Toes, Oh Monkey toes, how I love thee soo..............

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last weekend was a full for me. My sister Jen went to the hospital Saturday morning. She had a kidney infection plus was having labor pains. Her due date wasn't until the last of March but the Dr had told us that we would have a Feb. baby. After sitting at the hospital all that day, Sam(my neice) and I decided to go on to the rodeo. We was only going to be about 20 minutes from the hospital. Jen and I talked about it and she figured it would help Sam to go run. to the rodeo we go. I ran before Sam and had a good run going until I came upon the 3rd barrel. Yup, we busted it. I knew the moment I dropped my hand we had it hit it. I was trying to pick her shoulder up and push her off it but no good. I knew then that we had a 5 second penality added to our time. I ended up running a 15.5 plus 5. Sam ran a couple of runners behind me. Let me tell ya, that lil gal smoked my tail. I'm so proud of my neice. For her to be only 13, she can ride the hair off a horse. Sam and I kept a check on Jen while we was at the rodeo. Sunday morning rolled around and still no baby. The Dr. told us he wasn't going to stop her labor but he wasn't going to hurry it up either. Then the results came back from her urine test. She had protein in it. The Dr. then told us we would have a baby Monday. We all done alot of praying for Jen and the lil one. We knew that she was going to be a premie. At 5 am Monday morning Jen's labor got started real good. I got to the hospital about 7:30. And then we sat and waited. Waited some more...... and we waited some more...........and then there was some more waiting.................

Saturday, February 14, 2009

JUST AN UPDATE...........

As some of you know, my sister Jennifer, is expected her second child just any day now. She is the mother of my neice Sam, that is 13 and rodeos with me. Jennifer has been having some problems and believe me, we all have been taking good care of her and lil Karley Jo(I sure was wanting Coraline). Jen went to the doctor the other day and JoJo(gota have a nickname) is already weighing close to 8 lbs, she had gain 2 lbs in one week. I swear that child is gonna come out in a pair of overalls, with a set of lines in her hand, and a hunk of cornbread in the other. It's only fit that she does for her Dad pulls mules and wears overalls all the time. Just picture Larry the Cable Guy in a pair of overalls and you have my brother-in-law. He gets told all the time that he looks like We have the nursery all ready and bags are packed for JoJo to make her entrance. Everyone knows that when she arrives, I get her and say a prayer in her ear just for her and God to hear and then I sing Happy Birthday to her. Just been something I do with all the little ones that enter in this world. I also write a note to the lil ones and the letter is put up until they turn 18 and that's when they can open the letter and see what it reads.
I want all you to know how much you mean to me. I love you all dearly and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Things are still rocky for me I have my good days and my bad days. I wish I could say the good out weigh the bad but I can't. I have felt the prayers and the hugs coming from each and every one of you. Words can not explain how much that means to me. I have started a journal where I write everything I'm going thru. I'm keeping that private for I don't want anyone to know the pain I have.
Aunt Jenny, at first I just cried and cried when I cut my hair but I love it now. Go far it!!!! Hey, the only difference between a good hair cut and a bad is a couple of weeks of My head actually feels lighter and it looks so much healthier and thicker, like it needed to look thicker. I knew my hair was curly but now, it's beyond curly, it's

Saturday, January 31, 2009

IT FINALLY HAPPENED................

Yup, it finally happened. I knew it would sooner or later, just that I was hoping for later. I could feel it coming on but there was nothing I could do but just go with it. Believe me, I fought it and fought it. I had a melt down. Nothing to be ashamed of. As you all know, my life has been in a uproar for the past couple of months. First with Jb fixing to be deployed out, then with the news of a grandbaby, then Christmas, then getting ready for a wedding.
First things first, Jb is being shipped in a few weeks. I have tried and tried to be strong for him. I didn't want him to see how upset I was. So, I put on this act and didn't let anyone see how this was affecting me. Then we get some news. A GRANDBABY!!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited. Very excited but also the reality of getting older. Then Christmas, again, it goes with the stress of being the last one with JB until he returns home 18 months later. Then we was trying to get a wedding together for January 24. Talk about some stress!!!! Not to mention more wrinkles, and more gray hair. Not to even mention trying to get a house built for Kasey and get everything done so they can move in. All this within a 7 week time frame. We survived Christmas, we survived the house building, I survived the wrinkles, but hey, my horses don't care about the wrinkles or the gray hair, they know who I am, anyway. And just when we are trying to put the finish touches on the wedding. BAM, no wedding. Or won't be one until October.
I could feel something going on with my body but I just decided to ignore it. I kept going full speed, hitting the rodeos, and trying to be everywhere at one time. WRONG!!!! The next thing I remember is hitting rock bottom. Just crying, and crying and couldn't stop. I couldn't think and I couldn't eat. WHOA!!!! You know things are bad when this bad mamajomba doesn't eat. I had been 3 days without eating. My body shut down on me. You are probably wondering why I didn't go to a doctor. And here I am with a neice who is a doctor. I have come to conculsion that I'm a real good actress. No one could see the signs. The only one who picked up on something was my mare, Dass, we was turning horrible times at the rodeos. It wasn't because I wasn't pushing her or riding her. She knew I wasn't on the same page as her.
I'm still not back yet, I'm having a real hard time letting go of JB. I don't know how to deal with it. My nerves are shot. But somehow, I will get thru this. I did turn over a new leaf. As you know, my hair reached down to my butty, well, it barely touches my shoulders now. Talk about some curls now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

YOU MAY LIVE IN MISSISSIPPI......................

***If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you may live in Mississippi.
***If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you may live in Mississippi.
***If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you may live in Mississippi.
***If 'Vacation' means going anywhere south of Tupelo for the weekend, you may live in Mississippi.
***If you measure distance in hours, you may live inMississippi.
***If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Mississippi.
***If you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both unlocked, you may live in Mississippi.
***If you carry jumper cables in your car and your wife knows how to use them, you may live in Mississippi.
***If the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph --you're going 80 and everybody is passing you, you may live in Mississippi.
***If you find 60 degrees 'a little chilly', you may live in Mississippi.