Tuesday, February 27, 2007

These past two days has been pretty. Yesterday , we had a high of 60 and today it reached 67. Tomorrow is suppose to be another pretty day but later in the night we are suppose to have thunderstorms with a possibilty of it getting bad. Thursday it is suppose to be the same with hail and possible tornados. Well, as the saying goes, March comes in like a lion. Maybe the roar won't be to bad.
I did clean house for a little while last night but could still use some more scrubbing. As my dear friend Tracey would say, I don't scrub toliets , I just pour bleach in them and let them sit for a while.
The news was out today, Toyota is putting a factory here in our little town. Should be up and going by 2009 with a total of 2,000 employees. I haven't really decided if I want to put in for a job or not. Money would be good and would have benefits but the hours is another thing. I enjoy my time at home and on the rodeo circuit. Afraid that would come to a stop if I got a job there. Working for family doesn't pay very much but the rewards sometimes are great. Can take off when I need to , to do my barrel racing or when I have goat shows or just wanting time at home.
I have a livestock meeting tonight at 6. We are going to try and get it where there isn't a weight limit like there is now. It's getting where it's more for the adults than for the kids. Hope everything turns out good.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This who I'm named after. She was my great great grandmother. Some of the family say I look like her. What do you think? I would have really liked to known her. I wish I knew more about her life . I don't know where her family was from but the man she married was Irish, that I know. My Mom and her two sisters really show their Irish blood. I think we have the same eyes and dark hair .

I want to show you something. See how I'm standing in the saddle. I'm coming off the first barrel, Dass is so powerful when she comes off barrels it throws me up in the saddle. You can see all the headware I have own her for she is something to stop. And yes, I do own more western shirts than that one but it's my favorite. I call it my lucky shirt. So when I know the competition is going to be tuff, I wear that one for I feel better knowing I have on my lucky shirt.
Well, we made it through the night. It did get pretty rough but we only went to the storm house once last night for only 30 minutes. The really bad stuff went above us and below us. For awhile , the radar was showing that it was headed right toward us and we hauled butts to the storm house and when we came back, the radar was showing that it split right when it got to us. Thank you God. I know there was a lot of praying going on during that time. And God answered prayers.
Went to church this morning and the message was out of the book of Revelation. I am a Christian but I'm not prefect for I stay on my knees asking the Lord to forgive me all the time. But the book of Revelation just scares the poop out of me. My mom says that my heart is not right, huh? I don't believe that. She also told me last night that if I was living right I wouldn't been scared. Now, that's funny for 'Sister Sadie' beat all of us to the storm house. My sisters and I call her that name. It's long story but she will preach to us until she turns blue in the face and then get mad and cuss a blue streak. It's the Irish in her blood. She deserves a big jewel crown in heaven for raising us girls. She will tell you that raising us girls was harder than raising boys. The things that we put her through and tore up. When we was living at home and going through our teenage years, yeah, we would go to bars and come Sunday morning, she would drag us out of bed and have us at church. The things we do when we are young and stupid.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I had my interview yesterday. It took a little over hour. It was really fun. The girl that done the interviewing is a good friend of mine and we keeped getting side tracked during it. Regina, who done the interview, is soooo talented. I just love reading her articles in our local newspaper. I have been begging her to write a book with all of her articles and she says one day. Ok, Regina, one day is here, get busy writting. When I told hubby about the interview and me being chosen for the cook of the month , he just laughed. I don't know what his problem is but I can solve it. Haven't cooked in two nights. ha Bet that will get his attention.
6 yrs ago to this date and day, Pontotoc had a F4 tornado to come through and left a 23 miles of destruciton. There were 6 people who lost their lives in this tornado with several being injuryed. 4 of those people who lost their lives lived just one street up from me. Our house was in its path. My sister Jennifer, lost her house and my parents lost theirs too. When I got the called that they had been hit, I left going over there. What normally would have taken me 10 minutes to get there took me 2 hours. The whole time trying to get there, I kept wanting to be a kid again, to be small and in the comfort of my Mother's arms. Ever felt like that? It was so sad to see everything gone. Today when you drive where the tornado took its path, everything just looks so different.
The weather is saying that this afternoon and tonight we could be in for some ugly weather. It's doing just like it did that ill fated night 6 years ago. If you are reading this , PLEASE say a little prayer for all that is in the path of these storms. Not only for us here in Pontotoc, but in other states that is getting hit either by snow or serve storms. Thanks

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have decided to turn over a new leaf. The other night when getting into bed, my hubby asked me how much weight had I gained since we have been married. Remember, we have only been married 3 1/2 yrs. I sleep in my birthday suit, ( i know if the house catches on fire, I 'm going to look really pretty standing outside buck naked), it really hurt. I didn't think i had gained that much weight. I weighed 90 lbs when I got married. Now, I weigh close to 130 and it's in my tummy. It's sad when your stomach sticks out farther than your boobs. I told hubby probably just as much as you have. I looked in the full length mirror and was shocked. Where in the world did all THAT come from? So.... I go out and buy an ab doer. You know, the bench that you sit on and work your abs? Well, got the thing put together and put in the dvd and was ready for those fat abs. Guess what happens? The crappy thing folded up with me and throwed me across the floor. Yup, sure did. It was funny. I forgot to put a pin in and that was the reason it folded up. Did do the work out for about 6 min. I am going to watch what I eat and leave off the mountain dews. I'm going to be so ready for the summer. haha
I have to do an article in the local newspaper tomorrow about food. Now, just when I decided to watch what I eat, here I have to do this. I was chosen for cook of the month. I have to have some Irish recipies and wear green. Wish me luck

Monday, February 19, 2007

I fear this is going to be short and sweet. I worked all day yesterday getting things together to go to the tax office. Still have a lot more to get together. Went to work. Was chilly this morning a 23 with the highs today getting to 60. The sun is so bright but it is very windy. Don't know how much longer Jon Brandon will be with us. There are alot of units here around us that is getting called back to duty. Was told today that Jon Brandon said he would leave in about 3wks but he hasn't told me that. You got to remember this is the kid that went missing and noone knew where he was at and he had joined the Marines. He won't tell me anything until the last minute. I could strangle that kid sometimes. I don't know what is worse, him riding bulls or over in Irag.
Thinking fried pork chops , butter beans, cream potatoes , corn bread and sweet tea for supper. Gosh, I'm starving.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, another weekend where Jon Brandon survived, I survived and the bull survived. He looked better this time than last time and lasted longer too. I am very proud of myself for I didn't get to upset and didn't climb the fence . Two of the guys that I grew up with and they rodeo were down in the chutes with him and pulled his rope so I felt better when they were with him. I knew they wouldn't let anything happen to him. He rode for a little of 5 seconds, I know , that's 3 seconds to short but man, do you actually know how long 5 seconds feel when your child is on the back of a 1300lb bull that is slinging snot everywhere and has the look of kill in their eyes?!!!
It was nearly a 2 hour drive. It took longer to get there than it did watching the rodeo. I got home around 12 last night or this morning just however you want to look at it.
I need to be cleaning house but took a break. Hey, I deserve it. Dust, take a break, put clothes in washer, take a break, put clothes in dryer, take a break, sweep, take a break, vacum, take a break. Get the picture. I HATE HOUSEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It was cold again this morning when I got up. Knew it was going to be a bad morning for I had run out of coffee. Tried to drink some hot chocolate but after two swallows ended up pouring it down the sink. Went to work and didn't have crap to do. Doesn't do to well when you get paid by what you put through your machine. Would have been better just to stay at home. See, if you don't have coffee in the morning, then your day is ruined.
My aunt got some test results back and so far everything looks good. They are still going to do some more test , I believe.
I'm getting nervous about tomorrow night. I am going have to drive nearly 2 hours just to see Jon Brandon ride the bull. Gosh, that means 2 more hours coming back home. The things that we do for the kids.
Have started supper, b-b-q chicken, slaw, lima beans, mac-n-cheese, corn bread, apple crisp and SWEET TEA. My hubby is going to be so proud of me for cooking his supper.
I need to finish getting things all together so I can go and get my taxes done. I also need to wash clothes, iron, clean house, make out grocery list, household list, budget my checkbook, get goat records in order along with the horses records. Now, exactly how many hours are in a day? Aw, it will be alright. Won't hurt for us to wear wrinkled clothes, kick things out of our way in the house and leave the records for this time next year. I do it every year. Wait till the last minute. Got better things to do.
Crap, looked up at David has let the goat in the house. Gotta go.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Talk about it being cold. This morning it was 20 and the wind chill was 15. Brr.....
Had a wonderful time last night. Only lost that shaker of salt twice. Hey, that's good. Naw, really enjoyed the time with Lamar , just me and him. Ah, how sweet.
Went to work today and Lamar had some flowers delivered to me. My favorite, yellow roses. They were so pretty. He is the only man in my life to ever send me flowers. I complain about him but really, he is the love of my life. It's funny, for the first time in my life , I can honestly say that I love my husband.
I need to get off here and go and feed. Man, I just hate going out in the cold.
The time that I spend on here I could have a spotless house and a nice dinner cooked. Look, the good book says, from dust a man was made and man shall return to dust. Well, I can decide if someone is coming or going here at my house with all the dust that is here. haha
Talk about it being cold. This morning it was 20 and the wind chill was 15. Brr.....
Had a wonderful time last night. Only lost that shaker of salt twice. Hey, that's good. Naw, really enjoyed the time with Lamar , just me and him. Ah, how sweet.
Went to work today and Lamar had some flowers delivered to me. My favorite, yellow roses. They were so pretty. He is the only man in my life to ever send me flowers. I complain about him but really, he is the love of my life. It's funny, for the first time in my life , I can honestly say that I love my husband.
I need to get off here and go and feed. Man, I just hate going out in the cold.
The time that I spend on here I could have a spotless house and a nice dinner cooked. Look, the good book says, from dust a man was made and man shall return to dust. Well, I can decide if someone is coming or going here at my house with all the dust that is here. haha

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Woke up to thunderstorms this morning with a high of 51 but as the day has gone on thetemp has started dropping. The lows tonight is going to be 20. Gosh, can the weather not make up its mind? HELLO SPRING, where are you?!!!
Lamar is taking me out to eat tonight for Valentines Day. Yeah, I know he is a day early. I have plans for tomorrow night so that is why we are going a day early. Every year I take him somewhere he hasn't been before. We try to keep it local. One year , I took him to Graceland. Can you believe that as old as he is , that he had never seen Graceland? Much less, Elvis's birthplace and we only live 15 minutes away from that. Last year I took him to the Pink Palace in Memphis. This year , I'm taking him to Tupelo to the auto museum. He loves old cars and here is this place that is right here at our door and he never has been. Lamar has a 65 chevelle and then I have a 71 chevelle. His is white and mine is black with white strips on the hood and back. He will not even consider selling his but Hey, mine is for sale. It is a one car body with a 454 big block engine. That sucker will fly. It is too powerful for me. I rather have the horsepower of 4 legs underneath me that 4 wheels.
Gotta go and get powdered up for my hubby!!!!! Two for one tonight at the place where we are going. Believe I might be looking for that lost shaker of salt. Or I might just blow out my flip flop. Who knows??!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Was a little cold when I got up this morning. Today has turned out very pretty. It has started clouding over. We are in for some rain noticed that the front that is coming through has some bad weather in it.
Jon Brandon told me today that he was riding Friday night at the rodeo and I had better stay in my seat and not come over the fence again. Yeah, right. I remember when he tried to play football in the 7th grade and got tackled and had his bell rung real good. I was done on the field faster than the coaches and when he came to and seen me , he told me to never come back to the game again. Think I embarrassed him. He will get over it. I can't wait till the day he has kids. Pay back!!!!!!
Had to go and buy feed today. Did notice that feed is still going up. I honestly feel like I only work outside the home to buy groceries and animal feed. There is nothing left to save. Well, if only my kids wouldn't stand with their hands stuck out all the time I might have a little to save. But, hey, that is what kids are for. I sure can't take it with me when I'm gone. Think I will leave a little for them to fight over. Naw, going to blow it all so they are left with nothing but precious memories.
Need to find something to fix for supper.I get tired of fixing the same thing over and over. You can only do so much with vegetables. Lamar thinks he has to have meat and potatoes with every meal.
The things we do for love....................................

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Okay, I survived, Jon Brandon survived, and the bull survived. I was a wreck all night long. I did feel better when I noticed he was wearing a vest and helmet. I did okay until I seen him go over the chute. Then it hit me, he was going through with it. All I can remember is when the chute opened I went over the gate. Yeah, like i could stop that 1300 lb bull. I honestly think if he had got hurt I would have to. That was the longest 3 seconds of my life. He says that he is going to ride again next weekend. Gesh, my nerves are shoot. I did give him my buckeye that was my grandfathers and told him that Daddy Jack will be with you all the way . Thank you Lord, and Daddy Jack for taking care of him.
Woke up this morning to a beautiful morning but cold. Went to church and then came home . Lamar has been making hay trips . He bought some round bales of hay and moving them home. Today has turned out to be bright and sunny with a high of 50. Think I hear spring tiptoeing .

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Talking about being cold, it was cold this morning when I got up and went and feed. I do know that itwas in the 20s. Today hasn't warmed up that much either. Took 2 of the wethers to the sale today. I ended up staying for I has spotted a nice little boer nanny. She was bred but not to far along. I was bidding on her and thought I had her bought when someone else was bidding against me. Don't know the peoples name but they knew I raised goats and was tryning to get her. Let's just say I made that hussy pay for that goat. What they paid for that one I can buy 2 reg. nannies. But that is the way the game goes. Wonder if she is pleased with her goat. Serves her right.
Tonight is the night. Jon Brandon is riding . I woke up this morning shaking and still shaking. Wonder how he feels.? I have the cameras ready , lets just hope I can keep my senses and recorde the event. If that bull hurts my baby welllll, I will be eating mountain oysters tonight. I just pray that God will keep him safe and sound. I am going to ask my grandfather to ride with him tonight for every time I run my grandfather is right there with me. I know Daddy Jack will do everything possible to keep him safe. With the Lord's help. I just believe my Grand father is right there with the Lord, and everytime I pray I know it's Daddy Jack that goes to the Lord with my request.
Gotta go and get things done so I can go tonight.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Woke up this morning to a cold morning. A whooping 30. I know, that doesn't sound really cold but where I live here in the south , yes, that is cold. They are saying tonight it will be in the teens. BRRRRR...... Monday will be a high of 60 with showers. No wonder everyone is getting sick. I thought the ground hog didn't see his shadow and we would be in for an early spring. Well,, where is spring????
It was cold when I went out to feed this morning. Didn't dally around just got the job done and headed off to work. I got off at 11 and now I"M FREE UNTIL MONDAY!!! yippee
Called to see if I could still sign up for the rodeo this weekend to run barrels but the books were already closed but did find out something. My son , Jon Brandon, the one who is in the military, is going to ride bulls Saturday night. HMMMM. I just don't know about that. I asked him and he just looked at me and said yeah,. He asked me how did I found out and I told him that a Mother knew everything. Now, I have been a nervous wreck . So, tomorrow night I will be in Houston watching my baby get tossed around by a 1300 lb bull and pooping all over myself knowing there is nothing I can do until it's over then I'm going to hug him and choke him until his eyeballs pop out. You would think I'm use to this , coming from a "rodeo"family but hey, that's my child .
I am taking two of my goats to the sale tomorrow morning. Been looking for a reg, Nubian nanny . Haven't had any luck .
Gotta go and start trying to find my house for I haven't done any housework this week, and need to get the wranglers starched . Gonna put extra starch in them so I won't hurt that child to bad.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Gosh, it felt good. Dass is doing great. I didn't push her just walked , trotted, and loped a little bit. She was wanting to run. She is what people call a hot horse. Need to go ride tonight but it is so cold. Yesterday , we had a high of 58 and today a high of 30 with a chance of mixed stuff tonight. Isn't that just great.?! I could have sworn that I seen Spring peeking her head out yesterday. Now, she has disappeared. Hope we can find her again and real soon.
I have done got my feeding done. Have started supper, lima beans, mac-n-cheese, stewed potatoes, pork tenderloin, and corn bread with sweet tea . Just don't have time for anything sweet. I plan on cooking something sweet this weekend, so that will get us through a couple of days next week, maybe.
I need to work on my taxes so I can get them to my cpa and hopefully will get some back. What makes me so mad , is this girl I work with lies on her taxes. She states that her and her husband is seperated and fills head of household when her and her husband is still together and gets nearly $6,000.00 back. That is right , you heard me, $6,000.00. And to top it all off, she tells everyone about it. Sometimes, I would just love to turn her in. Personally, this person is a sorry person, a drug head, liar, cheater, and the list goes on..
Gotta go and iron a few clothes for tomorrow and then work on taxes. Gosh, I don't know if it helps being honest or not sometimes.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I have been told that I'm "old-fashioned". Not, me. I thought I was cool. So, I got the BOOK out and looked up the word 'old-fashioned' and this is what I found: old(1) ancient. Hey, I'm only a '67 model .(2) having existed for a specified period of time. Only for 39 years , that's all. (4) advanced in years. Look, like I said only for 39 years. (5) showing the effects of age or use. Ok, so I have a few gray hairs and a couple of lines that use not to be there . Things that was going north is now going south.(6) no longer in use. I wouldn't go that far. Can still get my groove on.
Here is what I found out about old-fashioned. (1) out-of-date. Just because I can still wear previous years clothing I wouldn't call that out-of-date. (2) conservative. Ok, you got me there, I'm stingy with things. Was always taught to never throw anything away for things had other uses.
(3) cocktail usu. made with whiskey, bitters, sugar and a twist of lemon peel. Now, that I am. I'm strong like whiskey, I can be bitter and then I can be sweet like sugar. And most of all I can be zesty like a lemon peel. So maybe , in a way , I am old fashioned. I guess being called old fashioned isn't all that bad. Hey, who doesn't like a hotty toddy every once in awhile.
Well, Dad doesn't have anything wrong. Just that he is going have to do breathing treatments for a while. He has been sick for a couple of weeks with whatever is going around. Thank God!!!!
Talked to a friend of mine today and she said that we was all riding at the ag center Wed. and Thurs. night. I am going to take Dass and just ride her around for awhile but mainly work with the new horse. I hope he is going to take to barrels , or I'm going have to be out on the hunt for another horse. I will keep him though for he is a good babysitter and having one like that is priceless.
Had a rough day at work but glad it's over. I dread tomorrow. Looking forwarded to the next two nights. I GET TO RIDE!!!!!
It's sad when all you can think about is getting in the saddle.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Woke up to a cold morning. It was 22 and the highs only got to 30 but it was sunny and the wind would cut right through you. I know to some that isn't cold but here in the south , that is cold. Just looking outside one would think that it was warm , NOT.
My dad is going tomorrow for some test. They found something of his chest x-ray. It's hard to accept that he is getting older. He will be 68 his birthday. He has always been the strong type. We never did have a good relationship but when I got divorced it was like something changed and now we have a father and daughter relationship.
When we was growing up , he never was really around. He drove a truck and farmed. Well, us girls did the farming. He never came and supported us in anything that we done. Now that the grandkids are showing , he is at the shows and even makes sure they have the animals to show. I guess that's what grandkids are for, making up where you left off when your kids were growing up.
I got a seed catalog in the mail. It just make the itching that much more worse. I am going to order a couple of things. I really want to fix up a place for us to sit and eat by the pool. I can't have a deck but I have something in mind that would be just as good.
I don't mind getting the pool ready but hate closing it up.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Well, I survived the trip to Dixie Nationals. Got up Friday morning and had a light dusting of snow but it was gone by noon. It was cold at the show. Good thing that t.v. show wasn't there , you know the one that's called, "What not to wear". I would have surely made it. I had a fashion statement going on. Did go and check out the Paint show. Just seen the halter classes that was all.
Had a good time even if it was cold and I froze my rear end off.
I am feeling better , i still have a bad cough but I think I'm going to live now.
My aunt who is only 2 years older than me has the flu and the doctor thinks that she might have thyorid cancer. They are trying to get her over the flu so they can run more test and find out. It has really bothered me when Mom called and told me. I'm hoping and praying that the test will be wrong. She just had a grandbaby born in September and one of her daughters just turned 13. It is really sad.
I need to get off and start getting things ready for the week.
Has anyone seen spring yet,? I'm soooooo ready.