Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday night I get this text from Jon Brandon. It was a picture of an egagement ring on a finger and underneath it read,"SHE SAID YES". I then called him and when he answered, I don't know which one of us was crying the most, me or him. I'm so happy not only for him but for Abbie too. They have been together for over a year now and really, she is already a part of the family. I'm so thankful that JB has found someone like Abbie. And I'm also thankful that Abbie has found someone like JB. They haven't really set a date yet for right now they said it would be before he leaves out for Irag which is like this summer or the first of fall. YIKES, do these kids not know that I need a date, I need to start getting things together, find a dress(OMG me in a dress, now that's funny, can I wear my boots and apron, PLEASE) , lose some weight, start working of a wedding quilt, please just give me a date. I have often wondered what kind of man he would turn out to be. God answered my prayers and took my sweet loving little rugrat and in return gave me this handsome gentle caring responsible loving man.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have had request for the instructions on how to do the rugs. This is how I do mine, I take old sheets and tear them into strips about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide. I join all my strips by tying a knot in them. Then roll them up into a ball. I use either a J or M crochet hook. I just do a chain the length that I want. Then turn and just single crochet to the other end. I add a stitch at each end of the round when I turn. I just keep doing that until I get the width that I like. I have cut strips and then put them into the sides to make them look like fringe. The sheets are very forgiving. I have tried to make round rugs but I prefer the square rugs for to me they are the easiest to do. I hope this will help you in making your rug. You can also check out Mary Jane's website for more advice or even great ideas on rugs

Monday, April 28, 2008


This week blog-a thon theme is getting crafty. I enjoy taking old sheets and tearing them up into stips and then crocheting them into rugs. I found out how to do this from reading Mary Jane Butters' book. I made alot of rugs for gifts and have also sold them. This is such an easy craft to do. I just crochet a straight line until I get the length that I like then turn and just single crochet back across until I get the width that I like. If you are interested in connecting with other farmgirls check out Mary Jane's website. You will find some very interesting ladies there. Just give it a try, you won't be sorry.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I wasn't finish with my other post but I hit something and BAM it was posted. Okay, back to my story. I promised I would share the recipe so there it is. Here is the picture from the rodeo the other weekend in Walnut. I'm telling ya, when she comes off the barrels, she blows hard.
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I always have a garden every year. I enjoy planting tomatos, all kinds of peppers, squash, eggplant, corn, orka, and purple hull peas. I do alot of canning and freezing the vegetables. I had posted pictures earlier of my garden and of some of the canned goods, mainly squash pickles.8cups of sliced squash
2cups diced onions
2cups diced bell peppers
1 40z jar pimentos
4 cups of vinegar
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup salt
2 TB mustard seed and celery seed
Put the squash, onions, bell pepper, pimentos into a bowl, pour 1/4 cup salt on them and cover with ice water. Let sit for 2 hours, then drain. Put vinegar, sugar, mustard seed and celery seed and let come to boil. Add squash mixture and return to a boil. Let boil for 3 minutes. Then put into hot jars. After I put my into the jars I then turn the jars upside down for atleast 10 minutes after that I return to the upright position. These are good on vegetables or just to eat with crackersated that I would share the recipe with all of you and well, here it

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We have had another busy weekend and this week has started off busy too. Saturday found us getting ready for the rodeo in Walnut. It ended up taking me 1 1/2 hours to get there. Ok, I don't drive fast pulling a trailer. We knew it was going to be an outside arena. Man, it was huge. The fastest time ran in barrels was a 17.5 and I ran a 17.7. I ended up in 5th place but with no money but did get points. Brian rode a bull that the stockhandler had just purchased and noone knew anything about the bull. He did ride for the full 8 seconds but when he came off he landed right in front of the bull. The bull just trampled him, tore his pants nearly off and just ripped his chaps. I was freaking out. Thank Goodness there was some excellent bull fighters for they were able to get him out of the way. I finally made it over there to him and he looked up just a smiling and said that he was okay. That's when my knees went weak, my stomach stared churring, and i felt sick. He did get 2nd place. If you are interested in seeing some of the action photos you can go to click on rodeo then click on where it says to order rodeo photos. Then click on Walnut, hit barrel racing, go to page 2 and I'm number 6803 and 6804. The first picture is of my coming off the first barrel and the second is the second barrel. They caught us coming off on Dass's back legs. She is nearly in mid air. I really liked the second picture and I ended up ordering it. Still waiting of them to get the bull riding downloaded so I can view and order Brian's picture. This weekend will find us at Holly Springs at a benefit rodeo, this rodeo was to help a little boy that was in the 6 th grade and he was in my step-daughters class. He had cancer, and this Sunday he passed away. They are still going ahead with the rodeo and I know that some of the money will go to St.Jude and the rest will go to remember him. I ask that each and every one of you please remember Austin McDonald's family in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It wasn't until just a year ago, I realize that canning was a dying art. I thought that everyone knew how to can. As far back as a I can remember I have always helped in some way with the canning that my family done every year. When I got married the first time, I started canning for my own family and have contiuned every year. I can everything from tomatos, green beans, sauces, soups, jelly, salsa, to even canning cakes in a jar. I also give some of my canning away for Christmas presents and even enter some in our local fair during the summer. I trully enjoy putting up my fruits-of-labor and then watching others enjoy it later on in the year. Pictured here is squash pickles. I will be posting the recipe later on in the week for this.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

This morning I had an appointment with the IRS about someone using my social security number. I carried all my paperwork, all the names of the ones that I had talked to, and a copy of the police report. The lady at the IRS pulled up my info on the computer and there it was, the name of who used my social security number. I asked if I could get the name and she said no, she wasn't allowed to do that. Something about privacy. SCREW THE DAMN PRIVACY. She did notify the authorities of what was going on. It seems that this person lives here in Mississippi, and just used my number so he could get a paycheck. Yup, another f%$#&^# mexican. I signed some more papers stating that I wanted to press charges against the guy. Not only is the IRS going to get him but also the state of MS for he filled out a state tax return. I do know that they said that in about 60 days this matter should be cleared up and he would be in custody. I know that just as soon as he gets sent back to Mexico he will be back across the border before anyone knows it. The only way we are going to stop this if we stop giving them jobs, stop giving them housing, and shut our borders down. Part of this problem lies with the employer , they should have checked to see if the social security number was good. I do know that his employer is going to be fined also. Am I being too harsh? Am I being too judgemental? Yes, I am but let's see how you would react if this had happen to you. So, this is to you Mr. Illegal Wet-Back, I told you I would hunt you down like the dog you were and I would find you. Do you feel me breathing down you neck? Beware, be very careful, for now on, I will keep my eyes on everything you do.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The other day I went and had my taxes filed, no problem. Then the next day my CPA called and said there was a problem with my taxes, the irs wouldn't accept it. Come to find out someone else has already used my social security number to file their tax return. So I get on the phone and called the irs and guess what , they told me they couldn't give me the information on who had done this but they wanted me to send in my federal taxes that I owed them for 2007. I told the lady that they couldn't help me but they wanted their damn money, well, sister, I'm sorry, you aren't getting your money right now. I want to know who this person is and I want to press charges against them. Well, she told me I would be pentialized if I didn't. Nope, not going to happen. I went through 5 different people trying to get this matter solved. They kept saying something that it was a privacy act the reason they couldn't give out that info. Privacy my ass!!!! Hello, they invaded my privacy when they took my s.s.n. I stayed on the phone all morning calling every head honcho I knew. I even talked to the Governor of Mississippi. He put me in touch with the head investigator who told me the answers I was looking for. He told me who to contact, what forms I needed to fill out. And he told me I could get a copy of that return and then we would have the person who used my s.s.n for their taxes. I have filled out a police report on this, contacted every body that needed to be contacted and in the morning I have an appointment with the IRS to get a copy of the return. So this is to the person who stole my identity, I am going to hunt you down like the dog you are and believe me I will find you. You are going to pay for this, I'm going to push every damn button I know to make sure you are put away. You have messed with the wrong little southern, redneck, hillbilly white gal!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

This past weekend had us running for our winter coats. Saturday night we went to Somerville, TN for a rodeo. It was an outside pen. We didn't know that the temps would be dropping, we thought that spring was here so off we go without any coats. Yup, we froze. Sunday the temps never did get above 50 and today, well, it has been cold. They are calling for a freeze warning for tonight and then tomorrow and the rest of the week the temps are to pick back up. No wonder we are all sick.Maybe this is what my Grandmother use to call blackberry winter. Early this morning it was sleeting and a few snow flakes fell. Gesh, I wish it would make up it's mind. One day I'm wearing capris and flip-flops the next wearing long handles and boots. This coming Saturday night will find us at Walnut,MS at a rodeo. Yes, another outside pen. I bet this time, I put a blanket and extra coat in the truck. Don't want to take any more chances.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


In the blog-a-thon that Tina over at is hosting for the next few weeks, has named this week FARMGIRL MEANING. Or what does a farmgirl mean to you. It means something different to each and everyone of us. The meaning for me is that I get to live the way I think God intended us to live. I am not the owner of this 40 acres, I am just the person God choose to tend to it and also the person that gets to be the care-taker of several animals. To have to chance to go back to the simpler way of life. It's planting a tiny seed in the ground, and watch it grow. It's the feel of freshly tilled dirt in between my toes. It's the warm breath of a horse in a cold morning when one goes out to the stall to feed. It's the smell of fresh mowed hay in the afternoon. It's the taste of my labors in the winter when I have food canned and in the freezer from the summer garden. It's have the chance to raise my kids where they learn responsibilty and hard work. It's stopping after a long hard day and looking around and seeing the fruits-of-my-labor. In the bible, it tells us that man shall live by the sweat on his brow. Yes, I am lucky and blessed to be able to live my dream.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I believe there is a farmgirl in each and everyone of us. Regardless if we live out in the country or right in the middle of a city. When one hears the word of farmgirl, it might take one back to wonderful memories of our grandparents as it does me. My Grandmother, Mama Jack, always wore an apron. This was her apron. It is made from flour sacks that she sewed together. Out of all my aprons this one is my favorite. It seemed everytime I wore that apron I would recieve a letter from my son when we was gone in the military. This apron wiped the tears from my face when I would read his letters. I often wondered when Mama Jack wore it, if it wiped the tears off her face reading letters from my Dad when he was in the military, or wiped the sweat off her face when she was doing outside chores, or held eggs when she gathered, or held clothes pin when she would hang out clothes. This apron is old and ragged but holds alot of wonderful memories for me. Yes, I'm going to pass this on to my daughter one day. Wonder what wonderful memories it will hold for her and what wonderful memories it will gather from her.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yesterday was another day here at 2LMZ Farms. The morning found me cleaning stalls and the goats pens. I did take my older goats and turned them out in the pasture. Afterwards I started just picking up in the house. I did get some clothes washed but with all the kids around here I never get to see the bottom of the laundry room. I did make a BIG dent in the pile but still have lots to go. Then it was time to start getting ready for the rodeo. We have to start early getting showers, we only have two bathrooms and with all of us that takes awhile. Thank goodness only 5 of us needed showers yesterday. Before we knew it, it was time for us to start loading up. I went in our truck pulling the trailer with Kyle and Maggie riding with me. I also had to stop along the way and pick up a friend of mine to haul with us. Brian took is truck and riding with him was, David, Kasey, Emily and Tessa. We usually have a convoy when we head out . Jon Brandon was suppose to come and pull Brian's rope but he had pulled a double shift and said if it was okay he was going to bed. Kasey did spot Brian and I couldn't tell who was pulling his rope. He drew a good bull but was bucked off and stepped on. He is okay but his chaps did get stomped off of him and his leg has the perfect hoof mark. There was 22 barrel racers there last night and I was number 10. I looked over at my friend Lessel that had rode with me there and told her let's rock-n-roll. Now, when I'm running I'm talking to my mare, Ok, I'm hollaring at her. Usually the music is turned up loud and people can't hear me but last night, yup, my voice carried over everything. Dass was on fire last night. We wrapped those barrels that one would have thought we was professional or I never heard my time but everyone was telling me it was in the low 14's. Lessel had a real good run and her time was 14.478. Come to find out I had ran a 14.3 and place 4th and won some money. WOO-HOO My neice Sam was suppose to ride last night but has come down with strep-throat. She was upset because she was missing the rodeo but I told her not to worry for there was a rodeo every weekend somewhere.

Friday, April 4, 2008

These past couple of weeks I didn't know whether to wind my tail or scratch my watch. lol Last Friday night was our PCA rodeo here in my home town. I entered up in the barrel racing and my neice Sam entered up too. I honestly don't know which one of us was more nervous her or me. As my time came up to run, Sam looked at me and said Aunie rode her like you stoled her. As I went in the first barrel is always me best. As I rounded the first barrel I just prayed I would leave the second one standing. I dropped my hand and spurred her toward the third. The third is always my test as we rounded the third I knew it would stand so I started spurring and popping with my quirt. We ended up with a time of 14.7 which was good but could have been better. Then it was Sam's time to run. I could tell she ws scared so I told her to ride her mare and beat my time. I ran inside to watch as she rounded the first barrel, I knew the race was on. That little hussy turned the heat on as she came out I ran outside to meet her. She got her mare stopped and just jumped into my arms a crying. I asked her why she was crying and she said cause she outran me. I laughed and told her not to cry for Aunie was not mad but very proud of her. She then looked up at me with those big ole tears running down and said when and where was the next rodeo. I believe I have created another rodeo monster. Tomorrow night will find Sam, Brian and me riding at the rodeo in Houston. Looks like Aunie is going have to put her game face on for Sam is out to get me.