Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last weekend was a full for me. My sister Jen went to the hospital Saturday morning. She had a kidney infection plus was having labor pains. Her due date wasn't until the last of March but the Dr had told us that we would have a Feb. baby. After sitting at the hospital all that day, Sam(my neice) and I decided to go on to the rodeo. We was only going to be about 20 minutes from the hospital. Jen and I talked about it and she figured it would help Sam to go run. to the rodeo we go. I ran before Sam and had a good run going until I came upon the 3rd barrel. Yup, we busted it. I knew the moment I dropped my hand we had it hit it. I was trying to pick her shoulder up and push her off it but no good. I knew then that we had a 5 second penality added to our time. I ended up running a 15.5 plus 5. Sam ran a couple of runners behind me. Let me tell ya, that lil gal smoked my tail. I'm so proud of my neice. For her to be only 13, she can ride the hair off a horse. Sam and I kept a check on Jen while we was at the rodeo. Sunday morning rolled around and still no baby. The Dr. told us he wasn't going to stop her labor but he wasn't going to hurry it up either. Then the results came back from her urine test. She had protein in it. The Dr. then told us we would have a baby Monday. We all done alot of praying for Jen and the lil one. We knew that she was going to be a premie. At 5 am Monday morning Jen's labor got started real good. I got to the hospital about 7:30. And then we sat and waited. Waited some more...... and we waited some more...........and then there was some more waiting.................

Saturday, February 14, 2009

JUST AN UPDATE...........

As some of you know, my sister Jennifer, is expected her second child just any day now. She is the mother of my neice Sam, that is 13 and rodeos with me. Jennifer has been having some problems and believe me, we all have been taking good care of her and lil Karley Jo(I sure was wanting Coraline). Jen went to the doctor the other day and JoJo(gota have a nickname) is already weighing close to 8 lbs, she had gain 2 lbs in one week. I swear that child is gonna come out in a pair of overalls, with a set of lines in her hand, and a hunk of cornbread in the other. It's only fit that she does for her Dad pulls mules and wears overalls all the time. Just picture Larry the Cable Guy in a pair of overalls and you have my brother-in-law. He gets told all the time that he looks like We have the nursery all ready and bags are packed for JoJo to make her entrance. Everyone knows that when she arrives, I get her and say a prayer in her ear just for her and God to hear and then I sing Happy Birthday to her. Just been something I do with all the little ones that enter in this world. I also write a note to the lil ones and the letter is put up until they turn 18 and that's when they can open the letter and see what it reads.
I want all you to know how much you mean to me. I love you all dearly and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Things are still rocky for me I have my good days and my bad days. I wish I could say the good out weigh the bad but I can't. I have felt the prayers and the hugs coming from each and every one of you. Words can not explain how much that means to me. I have started a journal where I write everything I'm going thru. I'm keeping that private for I don't want anyone to know the pain I have.
Aunt Jenny, at first I just cried and cried when I cut my hair but I love it now. Go far it!!!! Hey, the only difference between a good hair cut and a bad is a couple of weeks of My head actually feels lighter and it looks so much healthier and thicker, like it needed to look thicker. I knew my hair was curly but now, it's beyond curly, it's