Saturday, July 18, 2009

DO WHAT????????????????

Last night started our rodeo weekend here in Pontotoc. As you know I am on the drill-flag team. For the past couple of years us gals has always carryed the different flags of the military branches. Last night when we got there , got all dolled up, got our horses saddled and ready to groom, we got informed that this year we all would be carrying the flags to the different events in rodeo. WHOA NELLY!!!! DO WHAT?????????? You mean to tell me that now the Pontotoc Unit is deployed out and these guys need to know that the county is behind them and supporting them, We Are Not Carrying The Military Flags?????? Man, that's is just wrong, bad wrong! Then we get told about 30 minutes before our preformance that our routine has changed. Some of us gals was wondering just exactly what Robbie had been smoking? There are 3 of us who is the ones who is one the team every year...our position never changes then we have 3 different ones every year...let me explain...there are us 3 who is on the team and we stay..then every year the new ones who have been crowned the rodeo queens like MRS. RODEO, MISS RODEO, and TEEN MISS RODEO(only if the winner is an excellent rider and capable of handling her horse). Us older ones(the ones who never changes) knew we could hit our marks without praticing but we knew the new ones wouldn't. I'm the first one in so I had chatted with my sisters and we decided we would keep our old routine and between us old gals we would put the news ones in between us. So when those gates opened last night...we done our old routine. Every one hit their marks. Tonight we ride again. I'm not running this weekend...just didn't have the desire to.

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Carol............. said...

What?? I don't understand..who made the decision about not carrying the military flags?

The military are the protectors of our country and we should be proud and thankful each and every day for their past and present service!

Good for you that you followed your old routine!